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Hey knorkooli,

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix it. I've seen this error with a small number of other people, and I can't find a solution online. It appears to be a Unity error, but I'm not sure what causes it. If you've got a mac you can try running a mac version, which should work. You can also try downloading the game from Steam ( Hopefully one of those will work for you!

Thanks so much Llght. Really nice to hear :)

Haha yah I wasn't trying to be condescending. It's just hard to know the technical proficiency of who I'm talking to. Sounds like you know what you're doing though, especially if you use Blender :)

Awesome that you got it working! So the Steam version worked for you on the same computer without any problems?

But yah, I appreciate you taking the time and I'm glad you got it working!

Haha no problem. Okay, let's see what we can do!

First off, you should update your graphics card drivers. It's possible that will fix it.

Second, let's make sure you extracted the .zip into a new folder, not just double clicked it. It looks like you did that, but just checking for safety :)

Third, let's check if you have permissions to read/write the save folder. Navigate to "C:\Users\(yourUserNameHere)\AppData\LocalLow\the whale husband\Bucket Detective" where youUserNameHere is whatever your username is and try creating an empty .txt, edit it, and save it. If you get an error trying to do that, you don't have permissions to save there.

Fourth, check that your anti-virus program isn't catching it. You might be able to make an exception for Bucket Detective so it doesn't scan it or doesn't keep it from running.

Sorry we're putting you through this! Thanks for being patient and I hope we'll get it working soon.

Nah, not a dumb question. Sorry you're having this issue.

It should be a .zip file, not a rar file. Double check that you downloaded a .zip to make sure you've got the right version.

Also, send me your system specs (operating system, graphics card, memory, CPU) and that'll help me troubleshoot.

In the meantime maybe try running the 32 bit version just to be certain?

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My new game, Bucket Detective, is out!

It's a dark comedy/horror game in which you help a cult complete a ritual in exchange for divine inspiration to finish writing your terrible novel. A story-focused experience where the choices you make determine which of the five endings you receive. It's definitely a spiritual successor to the static speaks my name, so if you like that game, I think you'll really enjoy Bucket Detective. So yah, check it out!

Available for purchase here:

Awesome :)

Got reports of some players having issues with alt-tabbing out of the game while using a second monitor, as well as a bug with the master volume controller. We've made a small update that should fix those bugs, so make sure to grab the latest version. Let us know if you guys find anything else.

We tested on a variety of different machines, but given our limited resources (we're a 2 person team) we couldn't test everywhere. If you run into bugs or performance issues, post them here or email me at and we'll do our best to fix them!

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It doesn't, but the game will work on xbox 360 controller just fine without Steam. Steam Controller may not work (we haven't tested it yet).

I'm definitely interested, but when is it happening? Currently I'm living in Finland, so that's quite far from Maryland, but maybe if it's near the next time I'm in the US we could make it work?

took the words right outta my mouth

I'm super excited to announce my new game - Bucket Detective - coming on February 16th. My programmer and I have been working on it for about a year and a half (between day jobs and school) and it's finally ready! If you like our last game, the static speaks my name, I think you're really gonna love Bucket Detective. It's a similar genre/mood to the static speaks my name, but it's bigger, with more story, and with a lot more polish. It's also weirder and darker and I think it's the best game I've ever made.

The game will cost $3.99 (depending on your country the price may vary slightly). In playtests players have gotten at least 45-60 minutes of solid enjoyment out of it (more if they try to unlock all the endings). We're also gonna have developer audio commentary about the making of the game to reeeaallly give you your money's worth.

the game:


So yah, check out the store page and if it looks like something you wanna play, grab it on feb 16! ;-0

hey, very strange... thanks for letting me know. my programmer suggested trying this:

1. Try re-downloading and re-unzipping the game

2. Restart computer

3. Make sure the path to the game folder doesn't contain special symbols and isn't over or nearly 255 characters long

4. Make sure the data folder next to the game has some files inside and it's named character by character (case sensitive) "Jump To Win_Data" without quotation marks.

if that doesn't work, take a screenshot of the contents of the Jump To Win_Data folder and email it to me at thewhalehusband at gmail and i'll take a look :)

Awesome, thanks.

Is there a way to take screenshots like on Steam? Like that it moves to a screenshot library?