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New videos about the making of 'the static speaks my name' and 'Bucket Detective' Sticky

A topic by thewhalehusband created Oct 07, 2019 Views: 15
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For those who are interested, I've just started a YouTube channel. Some of my first videos dive into the creation of the static speaks my name. In one video, I talk about the development and release of the game. In another, I show the prototype for the game that was created as part of a 48 hour game jam. 

 Making and releasing 'static' -

The lost 'static' prototype - 

 The channel will cover my past games (the static speaks my name, Bucket Detective, and more) as well films and stories I've been working on. Since I'm still figuring out what to do with the channel, I'm also open to suggestions. More than anything I'm trying to make it a fun, experimental, engaging place for discussing games, movies, books, and creativity in general. Come join! And if you like what you see, subscribe!