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Haha no problem. Okay, let's see what we can do!

First off, you should update your graphics card drivers. It's possible that will fix it.

Second, let's make sure you extracted the .zip into a new folder, not just double clicked it. It looks like you did that, but just checking for safety :)

Third, let's check if you have permissions to read/write the save folder. Navigate to "C:\Users\(yourUserNameHere)\AppData\LocalLow\the whale husband\Bucket Detective" where youUserNameHere is whatever your username is and try creating an empty .txt, edit it, and save it. If you get an error trying to do that, you don't have permissions to save there.

Fourth, check that your anti-virus program isn't catching it. You might be able to make an exception for Bucket Detective so it doesn't scan it or doesn't keep it from running.

Sorry we're putting you through this! Thanks for being patient and I hope we'll get it working soon.