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Thank you for the feedback! I'm going to make it a little harder after the Jam. Thanks for playing!

This is the best rolling puzzle game I've played so far. Great job!

I loved this game! It was so fun to go faster and faster and do more and more damage! I loved how the level number is shown by the UI and by the large black pillars on the map, and I was not expecting another die to appear at level 7! I had a lot of fun playing, and the leaderboard is a great touch. The music is perfect for this game, and the sound effects never got annoying. My favorite weapon was the AK, because although it had random damage per bullet, it was still consistant.

My only complaints are:

1, the rifle should shoot just a little straighter, but that's just me.

2, the shotgun spread out a little too much.

3, I never used the rocket launcher more than once because of the very inconsistent damage and I didn't know if it did AOE damage or not. Maybe if the damage was 3d4/3d6 it would be better, because you still get high damage, but you can be sure that it will not be low all of the time. 

4, I wish there were more weapons.

5, I wish that there was a way to heal. I don't think healing up all the way with one item/level change would be good, because then the player would get too powerful, but maybe every new level you heal a little, or there is a weapon that heals you, or a potion that heals 25% of your health, or something.

6, If you work on this game some more, the graphics can be improved, but it's fine the way it is.

Great job on your game! 5 stars all around!

I really enjoyed this game! The writing is very fun, the art is great, and the game is fun. I just wish it was longer.

Good job!

Thank you for the feedback!

The turn-based mechanic of the game wasn't originally part of the plan, but it turned out well.

I plan on adding a small story cutscene in the beginning of the game after the Jam ends. I also agree that I need to redo the lighting. I baked before building it, but the shadows disappeared for some reason! I also want to add some extra visual effects.

Thank you for playing my game!

The art was very good, and the music was nice.

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I had so much fun playing this game! I've probably played this 8 times trying to make it to 100 kills. The music is perfect for this game, the sound effects are well chosen and well implemented, the art is funny, the enemies are all unique and fun to play against, there is a great enemy diversity, the movement felt nice, and the whole experience never felt unfair. My only complaint is that it didn't go with the theme very strongly. Five stars all around!

Very cool! The art was good, I liked how all of the enemies acted differently, but were still challenging, I liked the different abilities, I liked the start menu, and I liked the beginning cutscene.

The character did go faster diagonally, which means that you need to normalize the inputs in the movement code. Also, when I pressed the button to go back to the menu after I died, the music played, but the menu didn't load.

Overall a fun game. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the collisions need to be improved and the turns need to be sped up. I will fix that after the Jam. Thank you for playing!

Very interesting! I liked the level design, and the rolling felt nice. The inverted camera was strange to work around, and the sensitivity was a little high, but I still had fun.

Good job!

Great job making a fun, polished game in Scratch! All of the art was nice, and the platforming was fun and felt fair. The only part that I feel can be improved is the dice rolling and equipping. If you could make that a little faster, it would make this game even better.

Good job!

I did it!

Thanks for playing my game! I agree that I should have had a tutorial or a short cutscene describing the goal of the game. I plan to add that after the jam. Thank you!

Thank you! I think my Dad did a good job on the art!

I could have sworn that I had already left a comment! I guess I just forgot!

Anyway, the art and sound effects were nice and clean, and the concept is cool.

I had a hard time reading the instructions because of the font, but it is interesting. Maybe adding a dark background behind it would make it easier to read. Also, I felt like the spikes on the first puzzle moved a little too fast. Also, checkpoints would be welcome.

Good job overall!

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Thank you for playing my game! I will make sure to play your game soon.

The first time I played I didn't know that I could step in the circles to stop the spawn, so after surviving for a minute there were so many guys everywhere that I was overwhelmed and died. The second time I played I figured out how to stop the spawning, and I did much better. I player about 6 more times trying to survive for 3 minutes, and I got to about 2 minutes 30 seconds before I was killed by that sword guy. CURSE YOU SWORD GUY!

The only thing I would add would be a walking animation for the main character.

Very fun game! 

The pixel art was nice, but all of the other attack abilities seemed the same as the slash. (The cross and the blast only hit the one enemy you ran into, and nothing else, despite what the graphic showed.) The different movement mechanics were fun though! Good job!

This was a very unique take on the game! The graphics were great, but sound effects would have made it easier to know when you hit something. I liked the character animations. Many times my character rolled, but it didn't look like it hit anything. Also, if the camera followed the character a little closer, it would have been easier to know what's going on. Good job!

I loved this game! Everything looked great, the sound effects were nice and they never got annoying, I liked that you could customize the health colors, The enemies kept you on your toes, all of the weapons were unique and fun to use, and I loved that you could shoot stuff in the menu!

My only complaints are:

1, If you get caught up against the wall, you get pushed around too much for the game to give you a gun, so you are just trapped.

2, It was a little hard when you are chased to shoot quickly because of the delay between landing and getting your gun. If that delay was shorter, that would fix the problem.

Great job! 5 stars for each catagory!

Thank you! I didn't have a lot of time to balance the enemies before submission time, but I plan on making them a little smarter and more threatening after the Jam. I also should have put a little tutorial in the beginning, so I'll also do that after the jam. Thanks for playing!

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The art style was unique and the ideas were fun, but I wish that there was a way to heal or level up. I'm sure that if you expand the game after the Jam that you could fix that. I also wish that you could put the game into full screen. Great job!

Yeah, I wanted to spend more time balancing the enemies, but we just didn't have time. After the Jam I will be doing some bug fixing and balancing, and I will make the enemies smarter and more threatening then. Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you! We wanted to do something unique, so we decided to have the level on a messy table, and we needed a way for the player to see how much damage they would do, so my Dad came up with the Damage Cam™.

Development only got a little stressful at the end of the Jam, but overall it was a fun experience! Thanks for playing! I've actually already played your game, I just didn't have time to leave a comment until today.

Good job making a pretty polished game in only 48 hours! I didn't run into any bug while I was playing, the art is cool, the UI is understandable and easy to use, the sound effects were nice and well used, and the mechanics were done well.

If this game was expanded to have more enemies and more action options, this would be a good game!

Great job!

The graphics were nice, and the enemy death sound effects were funny, but I couldn't die, and it was slightly annoying when you rolled a one. It might be better if 6s shot faster (like fanning the hammer), ones did more damage, etc., just to make it so that low numbers weren't just bad luck. Good job overall!

I would love to make more levels, but we just didn't have enough time. I'm glad we were able to make a pretty unique game! Thank you so much for downloading our game!

Yeah, we wanted to let people explore and not rush them to the end of the game, but if we had more time we would have put a tutorial/story cutscene in the beginning. We temporarily had some shouts for help coming from the right side of the screen, but it quickly got annoying, so we took it out. Thank you so much for playing!

The controls were pretty nice, and the concept is cool, but it would be nice if there was some kind of healing item or something. If you plan on polishing this game after the jam, I would love to play it!

The art and audio was great, but just clicking the dice and not having any control over the outcome of the game got boring quickly.

Very fun! At first I didn't understand why anyone would choose anything other than "All In", but then when I was running out of time and couldn't find the right number I guessed and chose "1/4", which is probably why it's in there in the first place. Good job!

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You tricked me into doing math, but it was very entertaining! The concept was very unique, and the art and sound effects were great! I couldn't figure out how to use the abilities, because all of the dice were grayed out when I first unlocked them, and clicking them didn't do anything. Good job making a fun and polished game!

Great game! The movement is very fun to control, the animations are great, and the art is very nice! I only wish the game was longer! Good job!

Nice game! The graphics were very nice, and the bullet hit effect was satisfying. I wish there was a place to heal, because I quickly lost health. My record is 4 rooms. Good job!

Very funny game! I wish you could do multiple things before the screen fades, but other than that good job! (My favorites were the dance and the shoot.)

This game has lots of promise. I like the idea of getting a random debuff when you kill an enemy, and a random buff when you take damage. I look forward to playing the more polished game after the Jam. Great job!

This game looked great! The sound effects never got annoying, it was fun to shoot the asteroids, and all the little details like the bullet size depending on the number rolled and the randomizing effect all made for a fun and polished game. Great job!

Very creative! My first playthrough I was figuring out the puzzles and got sent to eternal flames, but my second playthrough I was sent to heaven.

I loved the music and the art, and the mini-games were just challenging enough to be interesting.

Good gob!