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The puzzles weren't too hard, and I had an enjoyable 5-10 minutes! I think the text is too hard to read though, and I found myself wanting to just skip the dialogue. If the font was more readable, it would make me want to read it more (I still read all of it.)

Thank you so much for this! It looks beautiful, it's perfect for my game, it's well made, and it's free! Thank you!

You did a great job on the art, sound, and concept. I though your take on the theme was really cool, and I liked the time powers you unlock. I wasn't able to finish the game, but it was really cool. Good job!

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Thank you! My dad did the art, and I did the code and stuff. (I didn't make the music the music and sounds)

This was an extremely well made game. Great job. It was a little hard, and a lot to keep track of, but that probably just comes with detective style games. I played for a good 20-30 minutes and then guessed, and I got it right the first time! I loved all of the tapes hidden around the room, and option actually in the desk! Great job and very clever game!

Thank you! Yes, I considered switching the first puzzle with the second to last puzzle, but I didn't.

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Yeah, I knew it was a stretch. Thanks for playing though!

your game had a very unique look on the theme. I liked it. I just wish there was more feedback when you hit the alien at the end and the first major jump was a little lower.

I would have liked the stun time on the player to be a little less, and it not to get so intense so quickly, but I loved the concept and the art.

I liked that the aliens turned into babies, and I liked the art, but the character is a little too fast and slidey. 

The first level was a little hard for the tutorial, but after I got the hang of the game, it was awesome! I really liked getting the vikings caught in choke points and having stuff raining down on them. The menu screen was fantastic. My only other complaint is that the archer was weak, so there wasn't much point in using him, but other than that I really enjoyed the game. I put full stars on everything!

I tried two times to play the game. The first time, I got stuck in the CCTV cameras, and couldn't exit. The second time, I found the janitors broom, but couldn't give it to him. The story sounds interesting, but I couldn't get very far.

I liked the going back on yourself to get another jump mechanic, but it got too hard.

Finding code on the internet is a important skill when your a programmer.

How did you get the webGL to work?  I always have trouble with that.

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Yeah, This game is broken. I didn't add everything into the .rar file, and then deleted the old version because I updated the game post-Jam. Sorry. Thanks for trying to play though!

I really liked the art, and really liked shooting with the gun, but it would have been even better with music and maybe the gun's "tubes" spinning when you shot.

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I really liked the art and what you did with the lights, But I wish the enemy detection ranges were a little bit smaller and there was a health bar or something. I also couldn't finish the game. Also, how did you get the enemies to detect you? I always have trouble with that.

Porcus is an interesting but cool creature. I like him.

Porcus is an interesting but cool creature. I like him.

Every time I thought I was good at the game, I was immediately proven wrong. Good Job!

Every time I thought I was good at the game, I was immediately proven wrong. Good Job!

Every time I thought I was good at the game, I was immediately proven wrong. Good Job!

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This game is not downloadable, I accidentally messed up the file and then deleted the build.  Sorry.

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Please let me know of you are able to download the .rar file. Also, anyone that can defeat the any of the bats is the champion of Demon Fight (because I forgot to change their health, so it's super high). 

Anyone that defeat a flying enemy is the champion of Demon Fight.

Use the .rar file