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Hi community! I wanted to share my first big release called Sprit of the God Kings:

It's multi-genre (walking sim, puzzler & tabletop card) game where players plays as a deceased soldier turned spirit brought back to the world of the living to deal with his loss in order to move on to the afterlife. 

Here's the launch trailer to showcase exactly what the game is about! Enjoy:

I understand better now; thanks for clarifying!

A very nice adventure with lovely visuals and flow to it. A few moments took me out of the experience, for instance, the sound stops abruptly, as well as seeing the game's default blue background if flying too high up with the bird. With a bit more effort, I think this could be a really fun game to jump in and out of. 

Thank-you for your feedback. I didn't have time for polish, which would have included scene transition and text delays and other such things. I had also planned for at least 4 more scenes but time was against me.

I don't agree necessarily with your dedication comment; for the few evenings I had on this project, I felt it was more important on delivering a key message than to have something super polished. My dedication was at maximum whilst I took care of personal and professional commitments during this time, including family, home, financial, work and other such commitments.

The idea is solid; I liked where you were going with this. 

If I had to give feedback, I'd say that there needs to be a clearer differentiation between enemy/friendly objects (they were so small you could mistake a sphere for a cube).

In addition, the camera following the player could have done with some smoothness. At the minute, it feels slightly uneasy.

Overall, I think this idea has some real potential, especially after addressing the above. 

You can extend the idea by implementing things like power-ups or levels. 

Fantastic effort!

I loved this game; it's so refreshing to play a game jam game that doesn't try to do everything great within the first 10 seconds! Instead, it takes a slower, simpler pace and rewards you for your persistence and time playing.

My only gripe was that the frog has an absolutely super high jump! It would have been more realistic (and tense) to have the frog jump only when collecting an item from a certain height and below (say halfway up the screen)

But overall great game!

Looks and sounds stunning. Top marks for also doing code and artwork! My only complaint from a design perspective is that it wasn't 100% obvious that you had to click on the player to move up (I'm assuming it was because you build for mobile in mind? then it might be more obvious). Beyond that, nice game!

Love the idea; the visuals and sound were great as well! Found it very difficult but other than that it was super and fit the theme well :)

Certainly solid; I think it has potential, especially from an enemy perspective. From what I played I liked it, but it would be great to see it fleshed out a bit more. Solid effort!

Thanks for the extensive feedback. The audio and graphical feedback is fair, but it's common to outsource/use existing assets for things that others can do better than myself, such as audio and visual assets, which is why I went down that route.  With regards to the text being difficult to read, that was me running out of time (and not optimizing properly), but I'll take that in mind and try and find more time for that in future jams.

Thank-you so much! If you want to hear more of the music in particular, check out the links in the Attribution section of the game!

What a lovely little game; a simple but addictive core loop and a really awesome 'snake tail' system makes this a brilliant Jam entry. 

Full release on Android, please? :)

What a lovely little game. Can be quite a challenge! but it was fun. Love the visuals.

A great start with lovely visuals; over time I'd love to see this developed into a full game!

What lovely visuals, very relaxing to play and overall just a joy to get stuck into (I could play this for ages!) 

Thanks, Limashi! With the selected theme, it just felt right to tell this story.

Thank you so much Amanuel. I really wanted to do something far more expansive and creative, but I was short on time (and very few players will play a game jam game for more than a few minutes!) so I went for a more direct approach. I'll try your game now :)

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Controls and camera need work. Would have loved to play more there and then; really neat game!

I have no idea why I like it but I do!

Solid effort and novel idea.

Gets quite tough! I enjoyed this. Top work! 

A neat little timewaster. Fantastic effort!

Unique! I enjoyed it. UI icons could be a bit larger. Still a fun game