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The feedback is my pleasure. ^_^

As to your reply, all of that sounds (and in the case of the map, looks) really encouraging! :D I'm glad to read it, and thank you for the response. ^_^


I played the demo last night, and wanted to leave some feedback, if I may:

First of all, the game is fun thus far! The levels are nicely expansive, the environments colourful and varied, and the mechanics for the most part feel pretty good, I think.

I did find myself wanting for a map of some sort--some means of figuring out where I'd been and where I hadn't yet explored. It wasn't a major issue in this demo, I think, but I did find myself wanting it at times, and I imagine that it would be very helpful if the full game is much larger than what we've thus far seen. Unless there was a map-button that I never found, which brings me to my next point...

Currently, the game seems to assume that the player is using a gamepad; there seem to be no mappings shown for keyboard inputs. As someone who prefers to use a keyboard, I found myself stuck just trying keys to figure out which did what.

On the art-side, there were a few wayward pixels, I think--but these I imagine will likely be ironed out as the game progresses. Overall I found the art to be lovely! ^_^

The introductory sequence felt a little bit long to me, given that very little happens until the player reaches the mana-sphere. While it does provide some nice hints at backstory, as well as a bit of intro text, that section overall feels a little uninteresting to me--even given that it's conveying a dead, empty world.

I'm not convinced of the utility of the melee attack--although that may be due to only figuring out how to perform it right at the end of the demo. Still, I never felt pressed to fight at close range against anything that my ranged attack--which starts off with a fairly short range anyway--couldn't deal with. This in turn made that first character-level feel a little empty, I think, since the melee attack seems to be required for all builds.

With all that said, let me reiterate that I had fun with the demo, and think that the game looks promising right now!

Critique done, I have a question, if I may:

I noticed that the enemies respawn. This is something that I'm not a huge fan of, but it's not a major issue. It does, however, prompt me to worry that the game might lean towards grinding, asking the player to respawn enemies repeatedly in order to gain XP with which to level up. I didn't feel so pressed in the demo, but I don't know how the full game will handle this.

So, will the full game call for grinding (or playing while severely under-levelled)?

(To be clear, I'm not saying that grinding would necessarily be something to criticise; I think that there are people who do enjoy it. It's more a question of whether I, specifically, am likely to enjoy the full game, and thus something that I want to ask.)

Thank you very much! Thank you for trying it out, for Let's Playing it, and for leaving a comment--and a detailed comment with critique, at that! I really appreciate it all! And I'm really glad that you seem to have enjoyed it, overall. ^_^

The game wasn't made for a jam, but it was very much a side-project--and sound design is really not my forte, I fear. ^^; I'm sorry that some of the sounds veered into the comical, but glad that it didn't undermine the experience entirely! (I was pretty sure that the "tunnel" section would have been one of those "comical" sections. I very much acknowledge that that wasn't great! ^^;;; )

As to the Styx, I didn't have that river in mind specifically; the concept was a bit more abstract than that. But I do like your interpretation, and I think that it fits well into that abstraction.

A longer version would be interesting, I agree! It's not something that I have in mind right now, but such a response is heartening nevertheless. ^_^

I watched your video, and rather enjoyed it! (Very much including your thoughts and reactions to my game.) Thank you for the link. ^_^

I'm really glad that you so enjoyed it, and thank you for leaving a comment! :D

Thank you very much! I really appreciate that, and I'm really glad that you so liked it! :D