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This is a really lovely game! Short, impactful, affecting--and wonderfully poetic.

Perhaps most saliently, it's a game possessed of an interestingly eerie and melancholic atmosphere; a feeling of being adrift and uncertain in a world that seems empty.

Indeed, narratively the story is of an unspecified weight; an unnamed, burdensome sadness.

This narrative is conveyed primarily through poetic descriptions of the things present in the scene--but also through short snippets of interstitial poetry.

One thing that I found neat is that those descriptions change with each stage of the journey through the story, keeping things interesting and adding to the atmosphere.

On the visual side, I love the minimalist art-style, in the vein of hand-drawn illustration. It's a significant contributor to that above-mentioned atmosphere, I feel.

Audio is sparse, in a way that I feel supports that melancholic mood and those minimalistic visuals; that impression of a world that seems empty. The sounds and music that are present are, I feel, well-chosen.

And at the end--a resolution unexpected, but not unwelcome. ^_^

So overall, a short and well-wrought experience, I find! ^_^