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This is super cute and clever

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Thanks for saying so! Schu and I were talking about interpretations of the objective. I think a lot of people, myself included, interpreted it as "your core mechanic can have multiple outcomes," when it might actually be, "your core mechanic can DO multiple things." The difference is that the latter allows you to make informed decisions about how you choose to incorporate potential penalties into your play style, while the former... doesn't really involve choice at all, because you have to do to what you have to do no matter what. I envisioned screeching originally to have multiple effects on the environment (manipulating enemies to break obstacles, for example), but it ended up seeming too busy, so I stripped it to its essentials, which, admittedly, may have missed the point of the challenge.

Great damn look and idea. I have to see, considering how fluid movement is, waiting for each color to take effect is excruciating – it feels like it should be instant.

I dig the aesthetic. And good point about the Invisible tutorial thing.

Love the look, love the idea, but I feel like controlling the path instead of the character could have gone somewhere more interesting

It's hard!! I couldn't finish it!

Love the transition from the intro to the playtime.  Feels good! I wish there were more to, like, look for and do.

I think this is my favorite game I've played yet for this Jam.

Realllly clever idea.

Came here from the hashtag. This is one's so clever.

That's cool, man!! 🤝  Thanks for saying so.

Even though I completely exploded some boxes out of existence, I think this is my favorite one from this Jam yet?

Damn Billy, you crazy.

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I found that out totally by accident.

Really clever. I the idea and the aesthetic really go together.

I like how you're encouraging to move so you can see more. That forward momentum is very Downwell.

Oh dang, we had the same idea about darkness for this jam

I'm not sure I get it, but I... love it?

This is very funny. I'd be mad at the controls except that they perfectly capture the disorientation of the situation.