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A jam entry

Agami - A Colorful AdventureView game page »

A puzzle game based around colors.
Submitted by karntaka with 8 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline

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This game's main dual purpose entity - color palette swap, which let's colors not only make a level look a different way, but also change the level's core geometry while being the foreground for a lot of in-game puzzles. Colors coupled with other game entities make the game beautiful and calming to play.

Third-party resources
Music & Sound - FL Studio 11

Game Engine - Unity 2017.01

Textures & Sprites - Photoshop CC

Models - Blender & MagicaVoxel

Karntaka (Tadas Knieza)

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Great damn look and idea. I have to see, considering how fluid movement is, waiting for each color to take effect is excruciating – it feels like it should be instant.

Nice little game with a cool art style, but keyboard controls for an isometric view puzzle game is not the best fit I will say. A controller will be more intuitive I think. It was hard for me to navigate safely.

Splendid visuals, with really great use of colors! I love the look and atmosphere of this game.

And cool to see some puzzles. The main mechanic gives some enjoyable moments, and is a great way to explore the world. It could have been used a bit more during the second half though.

My main concern would be some platform sections, a bit hard to manage with the isometric view. But falling is fortunately no too much punitive.