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Thanks so much for the help, it's working now!

Honestly amazing, love the humor, mechanics, and visuals!

I agree that the connection to the theme is a stretch, but I'm all for alternate interpretations of the theme. The game itself is a really clever take on chess mechanics, and has impressive matching visuals.

Loved the music and visuals, and the rewind mechanic was used in several interesting ways. 

The premise was fun and I really enjoyed the voice acting and story! The controls for platforming were floaty but that didn't really the platforming too difficult. Great job!

Easily one of the best games I've played so far, it's so polished and fun and makes great use of the recall mechanic. Movement seems a little finicky at times, and I wish aiming didn't use up energy so I didn't feel like I'm always rushing my shots. Otherwise a great experience!

Enjoyed my playthrough, lots of clever level design utilizing the rewind mechanic. The instructions on how to play were straight-forward as well!

The game is pretty fun as a speedrunning game, and I really enjoyed it once I found the best route to the store. From my playthrough there wasn't much incentive to fight enemies or rewind their movements, since doing those things would just take time and probably get you killed. The visuals and music were both really good!

Good game with really fluid animations! The player character feels really good to control too. One thing to be aware of is that enemies can spawn really close to the sides of the screen and then walk off, guaranteeing you take damage. Maybe allow them to only spawn in the middle third of the stage, or always walk towards the middle first?

Really love the visual style! Player movement was a little confusing until I realized I could just click where I wanted the ball to go rather than guide it there, the pathfinding is actually really good. Can't think of anything I'd change, just would like to play more of the game!

Cool game with great visuals, one of the best uses of rewinding in puzzles! Also liked the story, although it was pretty separate from the gameplay. Really enjoyed this one!

Really liked your game, about to leave a rating

Here's my game:

Really liked the use of color in the environments and menus, the humor was also a plus. Had some issues with hit detection when fighting the thugs, and once you walk past them they don't seem to want to follow you.

(Also don't think I didn't see the hidden poster!)

Really fun and intuitive, especially liked the names of the movies! It was a little annoying when customers would come in asking for tapes that hadn't been returned yet, since once you're out of candy there's no way to calm them down. Still managed to finish the game, and enjoyed playing!

Just tested it out, but couldn't replicate the bug. I know under the hood the VHS handling is still buggy, so it's probably just an edge case I missed. I'll have to test it more to see if I can fix the issue. Thanks for your feedback!

Just tested it out, but couldn't replicate the bug. I know under the hood the VHS handling is still buggy, so it's probably just an edge case I missed. I'll have to test it more to see if I can fix the issue. Thanks for your feedback!

I understand, sounds are my weak point as well, good sound designers are honestly underrated in game jams. Great job again!

Surprisingly existential, really liked the writing and atmosphere of this game. The web version was a little harder to work with, but the downloadable worked great for me. 

Great job on your jam submission! I really liked the theming of this game and the designs of the millennials. The platforming was a little to punishing at times, and having ladders be invisible made the platforming harder than needed at times. The music was great too. Hope you enjoyed the jam!

Cool remix of Super Hot's mechanics! Was tough but fun, not sure what's past the first level. I'll have to go back when I have a mouse and try it again.

Fun concept and interesting gameplay! I like that there are different endings based on how much patience you earn, but since you can go back to previous rooms it's really easy to get lost of patience, it just takes, well, patience. The visuals and aesthetic were great too, would have liked a backing track  or ambient noise during gameplay.

This game has a great sense of speed with the dash mechanic, really made me want to blast through each level as quickly as possible! Would of liked if the camera was zoomed out a little to make the environment easier to see. Cool use of the rewind as an obstacle rather than a mechanic!

Enjoyed this one a lot, the music and graphics are so relaxing! Using the enemy position to rewind the clock was a cool addition, just wish there were a visible meter to show how much energy you have left.

Cool use of rewinding as a mechanic, and challenging without being too difficult. If anything I'd like if there were more levels, the ones included were that fun!

Really fun use of the theme, and definitely a feeling I can relate to! I still need to find all of the coins, but I did complete the game and had a blast doing it! The checkpoints were appreciated as well.

Short but very sweet! I love how simple and versatile the primary mechanic is, I could easily see this game being expanded  even further. Great job!

Was really tough to play through, I feel that maybe enemies should have been added in later through one of the videos? Plus jumping on single-block platforms is very stressful. But really love the visuals and the concept of rebuilding the game in real time. Great work!

Lol that makes sense, that didn’t occur to me. Thanks for the clarification! 

Interesting idea, the game loop involves a lot of waiting though. It would be nice to be able to fast-forward time as well as rewind. Having a maximum time would also help, since I don't know if something will change if I wait long enough.

Really cool platformer, really made me think about how to complete each puzzle. I really wish the time-control meter was full at the start of the stage, you end up just having to wait for it to fill before starting. Combat wasn't necessary in my opinion, but it was implemented well. Great job!

The puzzles in this game were pretty cool, made me stop and think for a while and I felt great after solving them! Great job on your first jam submission!

Had lot's of fun playing this game, cool take on the theme as well!

I liked the use of the time rewind mechanic! The story behind the time travel was fun as well. Only having access to a melee attack makes dealing with enemies tough, so just rushing past them was the best strategy for me. Great job!

Wasn't expecting to see a speedrunning game in this jam, but it works so well with the theme! I'd enjoy optimizing the best path through each stage. One thing that would improve the game is making level objects easier to see, there were several times were I didn't notice the floor had spikes on them because they were so small and dark colored. This was especially annoying in the final level, the blue spikes used near the end were much easier to see though. Great job all around, one of my favorite games so far!

Really liked this game, left a comment on the game page with my feedback. Great job you guys!

Great use of rewinding as a mechanic! The visuals, especially the rewind effect, were all really cool. Liked each of the minigames as well, although the summer one was tough for me since I'm using a trackpad. It would be a nice convenience if the instructions didn't repeat after losing, or if they could be skipped. Great job overall, I'll be sure to rate the game as well!

Really love this game! The artstyle and ambiance go so well together, and the rewind mechanic was a great addition. I couldn't get past the windmill level because my computer is running slowly, but once I get it plugged in I'll be sure to finish. Great job!

The game has great atmosphere and great use of the theme! I didn't get far because of the jumpscare though, I just can't handle that sort of thing. It was difficult to even see the ghost because of the dim lighting, but I'm guessing that was intentional.

This is an interesting take on the theme! The camera felt too zoomed in to see enemies before they rush you down, or see where you will land after jumping over a pit. The boss could use some balancing as well, it hits you the moment the fight starts. Liked the music and artstyle, they go really well together.

Thanks for the feedback! Ace was a later addition because I realized the core mechanics weren’t very intuitive, and I didn’t want to dump a block of instructions on the player. Got to have some fun with the writing too!