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Fun game concept.

Not sure if this is intentional but text was blurred out for me. Still crafted a bunch of stuff.

He uploaded the soundtrack to youtube, a bit easier that way. Wonderful music: 

The charge and fire is fun as is using mirrors to make the most of the few places you can stand.

This is some top-tier frog-stacking right here. I'd say the pacing was fine.

I played it for the plot.

Uploaded a new bugfix + feature update for all builds, thanks for the heads up Cheeseness

This has a sweet feel to it.

This is cool, it's tough to see what's around you though. Maybe a wider FOV, or a smoother rotation animation? Maybe i'm really bad at it xD

Step 1: Play in street
Step 2: Get hit by cars
Step 3: Proft? ($-74)

Hilarious game. I get square image-particles coming out of the pump in cars sometimes, looks like the pump's texture (it's square)

This was a great little puzzle game, very creative while staying solvable just using logic, surreal while staying within the bounds of reality, was very fun to play.

This game would be excellent to play on google cardboard VR, especially given the 1-button limitation that cardboard currently has. Players could aim with head movement, use and release the button to move, and propelling yourself through the air in first person would be even better in VR. You've proven that this concept on its own is fun enough just in the prototype, and have done it in a style that could easily be rendered on a mobile device. Anyway, should consider it!

Is actually pretty fun, sort-of a first-person clue. Kinda a bummer when every woman you watch likes water and salad xD (hint: use right click)

This game looks and feels amazing, but the gameplay, i feel like I don't have much control over whether or not an enemy is just gonna spawn behind me and kill me before i have a chance. With tweaking this'd be epic.

This is awesome, playing it was awesome. I think I got to a spot that was impossible though, it seemed that the moving platforms were out of sync and never adjacent, so I couldn't progress.

Uploaded another bugfix; web build only, will upload bigger, feature updates to all OS's.

Cool concept, audio doesn't sync and blend together as much as it should, not that I know how to do that xD should develop this idea.


By RH2, Teh_Bucket, Lush and Lindar! (see game page for details)