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hello just here to say the jam page lags terribly on my laptop, especially when scrolling (latest stable chrome build)

After a bit of practice I found I could single jump over all the boxes. I didn't realize I could destroy them until later.

We'll be adding easier difficulties. That's a neat idea but I doubt we'll get that fancy

Very fun, challenging, tight

what an experience

This is the hardest game

Mom thought the health bar was a skirt. We explained it to her but she still wanted to believe it was a skirt.

Incredibly unique

Fun and difficult. Instead of winning the score just goes negative and the song ends but I would still play again

  1. Very Cool
  2. It would help to start each run with a set of arrow-taps to get in rhythm
  3. The ghost-mode was frustrating, it seemed to last awhile and run my into obstacles and off a cliff
  4. AudioSource.time syncs pretty well, I'm not sure if that helps

I have wanted to make or see a game like this for so long and never managed. This is a great implementation. I'd like to see more

I thought it was just a neat idea without much fun gameplay at first and then I kept playing through to the end. Would like to see more levels.

Somehow the 10th customer is easier. The rest my brain glazes over automatically as I unconsciously assume I've gathered plenty of information. I only made it to level 13 on my second try.

I'll add audio and more levels after ratings end. I really wanted to do the mouth-sounds challenge but ran out of time.

Wow, I didn't know it was possible

In comparison to traditional art though, 3 undos is still pretty good

3 undos? Are you still running on 95?

The level editor was actually very simple.  Levels are stored as a 2-level array of block id's, by x and y coordinates. The mouse position sets the block of its x/y coordinate. Javascript exports the current levels array as json. Much less time consuming than typing out each block id manually.

Very crazy game. The controls and mechanics were easy. The face was hard to paint accurately. The desk shader was a little nauseating in VR, as it seemed to shift when my head moved.

Lots of fun. It is all solveable and logical.

This is an accurately metaphorical simulator of trying to submit a paint jam entry on time

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Couldn't get it to work with my vive/steamVR

NEVERMIND it was a local issue, it works

I did not find the soup yet enjoyed myself


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EDIT: Nevermind it posted somehow.

I started way late and managed a game in 4 hours, I don't care about the rating i just wanted to share my game, enjoy:

It would be nice on desktop to have keyboard shortcuts for Restart, etc

fun little game

SOLVED: It must be set to Paid or Donation

The upper-download section automatically appears if the following requirements are met:

1. The game publisher's payout settings are set up properly to take payments 

2. The Pricing of the game is set to $0 or donate, or Paid (No payments doesn't end up getting you a download section at the top) 

3. The description is long enough (longer than the screen).

Once I got my height right and enabled the vive setting, it worked great. I'm glad to see motion-based-locomotion progressing, and sonic is the perfect way to use it.

The option to display the download button above the game description already exists

Do you mind sharing the secret technique? I haven't found a trace of this feature in the game editor, theme editor, or the creator FAQ

If there's a lot of text on a game page, the user has to scroll past it all to reach the download buttons. It would be great if we had the option to create sections that are collapsed by default, and users can click on the heading of each section to expand the text for that section.

Alternatively, providing an option to display the downloads above the game description would also be valuable.

fun little game, goes nice with the music. Had to look at the gif to figure it out (click, hold and drag, release, then repeat)

54 seconds is my best. I feel like they spawn on top of you between swings sometimes

Also this is the musician's bandcamp if anyone is looking for it:

Demo feedback: While non-boss combat was fun, i found it too easy to avoid damage. The player can jump high enough and move fast enough to avoid most enemy types indefinitely. It's still fun to play with completion time in mind, but I hope to see more air-threatening enemies or enemy abilities as time goes on, so that dash, wall jump and slide have more use.

Still one of a handful of games I've really enjoyed lately.

Fun game concept.

Not sure if this is intentional but text was blurred out for me. Still crafted a bunch of stuff.

He uploaded the soundtrack to youtube, a bit easier that way. Wonderful music: 

The charge and fire is fun as is using mirrors to make the most of the few places you can stand.

This is some top-tier frog-stacking right here. I'd say the pacing was fine.

I played it for the plot.

Uploaded a new bugfix + feature update for all builds, thanks for the heads up Cheeseness

This has a sweet feel to it.

This is cool, it's tough to see what's around you though. Maybe a wider FOV, or a smoother rotation animation? Maybe i'm really bad at it xD