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when you're hungry so you go to a surgeon and he looks at you like you're from another planet and charges you $100 for a nutri-bar lol

I wasn't able to figure out all the cures, or if there was any difference between races, but I got some. Seemed like some symptoms were secondary and could be cured by cured by a single treatment. 

Also good music selection but please add enough songs to last through the entire game.

ALSO it's not possible to purchase a $40 treatment when you have only $40 (greater than issue?)


Please consider making a VR or VRChat version

You press 2 to equip the wand: RMB to absorb a flowerbed-spell, LMB to fire it (with a short delay)

Press 1 to equip the spade, and RMB to edit a flowerbed, and RMB again to deselect the flowerbed

Flowerbed-spells are erased on use, so you need to plan ahead for the wave (though sometimes they aren't consumed?). I had a lot of fun trying spell combinations (some are outright counterproductive, like reflect+explode lol) but the actual gameplay is not very exciting (just wait for them to bunch up and explode them). Also why are the moles trying to eat the rabbit and not the vegetation?

Anyway it's worth putting these controls on the game page so more people can try this experiment.

In the SteamVR version I couldn't move or edit bindings. this usually happens when there's something wrong with the actions.json setup (windows, vive)

very neat. the clock reset seemed to ignoreitems sometimes (most recent i think). still playable

I can't seem to get out of the tutorial (no locomotion). The bindings seem fine, trackpad is set. Using Vive

I don't think it would work in this case because each note block has 6 variable to define for 3d space (position+rotation) which is easier to edit in real time in VR using the ingame editor. I like what you're doing and will keep it in mind for future projects

Post bug reports here. The more info the better (screenshots, logs, description, etc)

Post your levels! Share just the .json file, or a .zip of both the .json file and the .ogg audio file. 

If the song is licensed for redistribution, such as Creative Commons, I can add your level to the base game.

See the Video Guide on how to use the level editor (requires VR + Full Body Tracking)

The battle mode could be more exciting, lots more bullets with patterns you have to dodge, like undertale or older games

A level select and timer would be nice eventually

  1. I managed to go offscreen to the right of the first level (past the level end thing) by hitting the trampoline like crazy
  2. When I beat an enemy, i just start at the beginning of the level and the enemy is still there
  3. Once, after speeding up on a green ramp I went so far into a wall that I got stuck (this happens a lot)
  4. Restarting goes back to the first level

Platforming is fun though

If you could zoom out further, the monster was more slidey (so you could bait him with turns) and you were able to recover from hitting an obstacle, itd be pretty playable

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  1. Coin collection is pretty meaningless due to coins being collected despite player death. It's annoying that I have to exit to the main menu if i want to try and do a coin collection jump again. I'd prefer them to be collected once grounded, or upon arrival at the exit, or upon exiting.
  2. The exit delay serves no gameplay purpose on most levels
  3. There is a minor delay after death before you can respawn that is a slight annoyance
  4. The timing on the platforms on levels 18 and 19 are such that no matter how well the player performs, they still have to wait a long time just for the platform to arrive, without any tricks to get around this delay (That I've found)
  5. The dialogue text blocks gameplay visuals in some levels

Overall the timing is fine, just pointing these things out. 

I found the insults to be helpful in triggering anger. It's valuable to trigger negative experiences in order to learn how to better cope with them. The context of a video game is perfect since there is no real risk or commitment involved. The insults were very effectively worded towards this end, but the knowledge that they are pre-scripted for this exact purpose is therapeutic in the long-run.

Amazing gameplay. Quite a challenge

hello just here to say the jam page lags terribly on my laptop, especially when scrolling (latest stable chrome build)

After a bit of practice I found I could single jump over all the boxes. I didn't realize I could destroy them until later.

We'll be adding easier difficulties. That's a neat idea but I doubt we'll get that fancy

Very fun, challenging, tight

what an experience

This is the hardest game

Mom thought the health bar was a skirt. We explained it to her but she still wanted to believe it was a skirt.

Incredibly unique

Fun and difficult. Instead of winning the score just goes negative and the song ends but I would still play again

  1. Very Cool
  2. It would help to start each run with a set of arrow-taps to get in rhythm
  3. The ghost-mode was frustrating, it seemed to last awhile and run my into obstacles and off a cliff
  4. AudioSource.time syncs pretty well, I'm not sure if that helps

I have wanted to make or see a game like this for so long and never managed. This is a great implementation. I'd like to see more

I thought it was just a neat idea without much fun gameplay at first and then I kept playing through to the end. Would like to see more levels.

Somehow the 10th customer is easier. The rest my brain glazes over automatically as I unconsciously assume I've gathered plenty of information. I only made it to level 13 on my second try.

I'll add audio and more levels after ratings end. I really wanted to do the mouth-sounds challenge but ran out of time.

Wow, I didn't know it was possible

In comparison to traditional art though, 3 undos is still pretty good

3 undos? Are you still running on 95?

The level editor was actually very simple.  Levels are stored as a 2-level array of block id's, by x and y coordinates. The mouse position sets the block of its x/y coordinate. Javascript exports the current levels array as json. Much less time consuming than typing out each block id manually.

Very crazy game. The controls and mechanics were easy. The face was hard to paint accurately. The desk shader was a little nauseating in VR, as it seemed to shift when my head moved.

Lots of fun. It is all solveable and logical.

This is an accurately metaphorical simulator of trying to submit a paint jam entry on time

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Couldn't get it to work with my vive/steamVR

NEVERMIND it was a local issue, it works

I did not find the soup yet enjoyed myself


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EDIT: Nevermind it posted somehow.

I started way late and managed a game in 4 hours, I don't care about the rating i just wanted to share my game, enjoy: