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Super fun!

Confused by the gameplay but I love the vibes so much!! It looks super cute and the music is lovely, great work with that!

Small but really fun! Great job!

Love this concept!! The art is also really cute and polished! Gg!

Full ratings for this one. My absolute favourite of this jam!! Not only the puzzles are super fun, but the little dudes just warm my heart with their noises and exclamations <3 As someone else has already said: I would pay for this if it had just a bit more polish! I hope you continue working on it!

Cool concept and I love the art direction! It's really ambitious, so I totally understand that you didn't manage to complete it. Nevertheless, gg!

I had the same problem as my pc detected a virus :( Looking forward to play it when it's fixed!

I love this so much! I really appreciate the effort being made, having the character and enemies animated, and I love the music! Really fun gameplay too, gg!

Cool concept! It's a little buggy but it's to be expected from a game jam, so great job overall!

Lovely concept! I didn't mind taking my time moving since it seems like it fit the vibe of the game, pretty good overall, gg!

Fun game! I got confused before I realized you could go through walls lol, but with the limited time we had I think it's a good concept, gg!

Cute game! Simple concept and good execution, gg!

Sadly I suffer from motion sickness so I couldn't play a lot of this game, but it felt relaxing and I loved the lighting and music! Gg!

Sadly I got stuck in the first room :( but it's really cute and I loved the concept, so high ratings! Gg!

Pretty cool game! I was a little confused at first but once I got it I had fun, gg!

Liked the concept! It's a little slow at first but becomes more interesting after the first boss. It would have been nice hearing sfx or music!

I really loved playing this! Simple concept but great design, gg!

We really enjoyed it! The vibes are great and the soundtrack is groovy, gg!

Omg I love this so much!! The concept is cute but what elevates it is the little sounds the soots make and the soundtrack! Great job <3

This was pretty fun! Really love the concept, gg!

Thank you! <3

Thank you  so much!!

Thank you so much! You can skip a puzzle with the H key to experience more of the story, but we'll definitely be updating this so that it works as it was intended!

Thank you for being so understanding <3 We definitely overshoot it, but we'll update it as soon as the reviewing period ends!

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Directly connected to our previous games Asobi and New Year's Morning and a spiritual sequel to our major title Beyond Your Window, Homunculus Hotel is a visual novel divided into 6 conversations and centred on the theme of using memories to resolve our personal issues.

In a mysterious hotel in which the rooms show the guests' dreams, Isabelle is a young woman who spends her days listening to the guests' experiences, helping them in understanding themselves. Unable to see her own dream, though, in a moment of distress she tries to help herself by remembering the most significant moments she has experienced in the Homunculus Hotel...

Play it here!!

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing and leaving this kind comment! We just came out from a very busy period and just started sorting out all the emails we received!

Hi! Thanks a lot for your very kind comment, I appreciate it a lot! At the moment I'm trying to expand the game's concept and thinking about the other two stories, but I think I'll be able to share more soon!!

Thank you for playing it and enjoying it so much!!

We will release more of it very soon so stay tuned!! You can follow us on Twitter at @TSoletude, but we will also make some DevLogs here!

This game is amazingly beautiful and very well written! Hope it gets noticed more because it truly deserves way more consideration!!

In Fantasmi/Ghost players are Miss. A,
the young keeper of a small coffee shop
who, since her birth, has been able to see the personal ghosts of other people,
becoming a renowned figure among many.

She uses her power to help others
by talking with their ghosts,
discovering where they come from
and, finally, by helping people seeing things from a different perspective
in order to live better.

Play the game and meet Miss. A here!!

Thank you!!

Thanks a lot!! We are glad you enjoyed both the game itself and the music!

Thank you, we're very happy you liked it and hope to release more soon!!

At the moment the development is on hiatus, but we hope to be able to go back to it soon!

Thanks a lot!!

Thank you, we're glad you liked it!

It's on a momentary hiatus, now, but we hope to release more soon!!