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Glad you found a solution! :)
You should just be able to pick up the lab coat once everything has been set up for your Zoom call,

Weird, it works fine for me in Safari. Are you on a desktop or a mobile device?

Just wondering if there’s any errors appearing in the browser console that might help diagnose the issue.

Oh no, that sounds rubbish!
What browser are you using?

You should just be able to click on the doorways. 😊

Trying to gauge the right length/complexity for the puzzle chains is so much harder for a longer game! Good luck with it, I can’t wait to play the full game. 😊

We’re definitely willing to voice a full version of it 😍

I absolutely loved this game! It really made me laugh and the pixel artwork is perfect. When will the full game be released? 😁

That’s so nice to hear, thank you so much! 🥰

Hooray!! 😁

Lucy is a young girl with a sharp wit and a recurring nightmare! Adventure between dreams and reality to explore strange environments, colourful characters and unique puzzles. Can you unlock the secrets of dream control and discover the disturbing truth behind Lucy’s nightmares before it's too late?


Thanks Ana, that bug should be fixed now :)

It’s on the right hand side near the coffee machine 😊

Sorry, this was one of my first games so the sprite might be a bit small.

You might find this helpful 😊

Thanks so much for your comment, it means so much to me that you enjoyed playing it 🥰

WOW, this is amazing news!!
Congratulations on your well-deserved success, and the best of luck for the future guys! :D


Awesome, glad you enjoyed playing it! Your commentary is a joy as always 😁

Awesome, thanks for the comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed playing the demo! :D

Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to put together a playthrough too! :)

Just to confirm, you mean the main menu in the game right, not the Windows Start menu?

Thanks! I’ll look into it. 👍🏻

Ooh, that's a new one, I'm not even sure how it would do that. :)
Which OS are you using?

Brilliant, that's great to hear! :)

The fly bug has now been squashed! :D

Fantastic! Thank you for the playthrough, I loved your comments about her parents’ bedroom 😂

Thank you! I have just launched a demo for my latest game "Lucy Dreaming" which is another pixel-art point and click game. :)

Hey, so glad you enjoyed playing it. Thanks so much for the suggestions and feedback too, I really appreciate it! 😊

I’ll see if so can add a few more custom responses so that and potential red herrings lead you in the right direction, it’s kind of a symptom of having so many interactive items in each scene, there are naturally some things that could solve the same puzzles. I prefer not to have multiple solutions, but will definitely add in some more signposts for the options you’ve tried!

I’ll look into that fly hotspot too. She will react with “It’s gone.” If she reaches the fly too late, but the hotspot should disappear as the fly is flying! Leave it with me 😁

Awesome, that means so much to me. Watching your video now! :)

That’s great to hear, so glad you enjoyed it! ☺️

Thank you! I love old 90s point and click adventures! 😁

So glad you enjoyed it 😊

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Yay, that's great to hear! My new game demo will be launching shortly too. ;)

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Thanks for letting , me know! The height setting of the game was hiding a lot of the garden path.

If you refresh it now and reload your game you should be able to see more of the path to click on to go back into the house.

Thank you! :D

Thanks Ana! :)

Thanks Jan, I'm looking forward to trying yours out too. It looks stunning! :)

Yay, done it! I was tantalisingly close to the end. Really enjoyed playing this game, thank you and well done to everyone involved. :) 

Ah! I was stuck there too. Will try again today 😁

Aww thank you 😊 I had an absolute blast making it!

Ha ha! I've been playing Welcome to the Funky Fair this evening but got stuck at the bottle stand after it closed....will try again after some sleep tomorrow! I liked the "*I* can see it moving!" line on the Ferris wheel :)

That was easily the most satisfying game I've EVER played, completing it has all the satisfaction of a real life SCART adventure. Bravo!