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I really like the idea of using actual audio from podcasts. Having actual readings of the philosophy in the game while your walking around the table, for example, really brings out the philosophical point. This kind of thing could be really useful in helping students understand difficult philosophical content by letting them explore it at their own pace.

My suggestions would be to give a little more direction to the player, improve the integration of the audio, and polish the art assets. It took me a little too long to figure out that there was a light switch in the corner of the first room. As for the audio, it was a little jarring when it first started playing.

I'm happy someone tried to tackle a particularly difficult philosophical area.

This is a really funny game and an interesting experience. I liked the variety of different movement patterns.

Perhaps change the hemlock to a sprite in the same style as Socrates. It seemed kind of weird having it be a 3d purple ball.

This is fantastic! The incorporation of ethical theories is great. I also enjoyed the craziness of many of the plaintiffs and defendants.

Of course, the art and sound could use some work, but I'm sure you had your hands busy with all of the writing. If you polish it off some I would love to use it in a class.

I don't think I've ever spent so much time with a jam entry before. The writing and voice acting were great. The detail on the ice and zamboni looked fantastic and the more rudimentary surroundings gave the game the perfect isolating feeling. The music was also great. 

Sisyphus the zamboni driver.

Well, I feel like a horrible person after hearing all of those mice dying. I love the ethical dilemma in the game. If you're goal is to maximize happiness you have to increase the mouse population and keep them all well fed. Of course, this is hard to sustain and failure results in an enormous amount of suffering. Is the risk associated with maximizing happiness worth it when the cost of failure is so high? Maybe by attempting to have a satisfactory amount of happiness in the world we are we are more likely to actually maximize happiness.

The art for the mice was great, as was the design of the ui. My only complaints are (i) I wish everything moved a little slower and (ii) the sfx for the eating got a little out of hand when there were a lot of mice.

It doesn't have to be educational. My goals in making philosophy games is to teach philosophy, since teaching is my job. But any game that is philosophical is great!

Kind of. Excluding the result of angering the cult, the story takes place over 9 days.

1. You do everything you're told and your family lives and you just keep repeating the same activities after all of the special characters have come and gone.

2. You fail to do what you're told and you sacrifice one of your family members, at which point everything continues as usual just without family at home.

3. You turn on the cult leader and stab him, resulting in the player being sacrificed.

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Such a cute little game! When I was looking through some of the early entries I knew I wanted to play this one.

One weird bug report: I noticed while using tools that shoot (gun-thing, and watering can) I sometimes lost control of the character. For example, I couldn't move down and right.

Thanks so much for the bug reports. This is fantastic! Once I get some time I'll go in and fix these along with adding more content.  

Thanks for playing!

You are right. I forgot to set it to never expire. Here's another link:

Since this game jam may draw some philosophers who are new to making games, I'll post some resources here to get you started. If you have any suggestions for resources that are not listed here, please comment them below.




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Ok. I set up a discord server. Here's the link: PhilosophyGameJam Discord Server. I'll post it on the main page as well.


Use this address instead:

Thanks for trying my game out!

I just added the link. I probably shouldn't make posts right before going to bed :)

Thanks for reminding me.

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Synced Warriors is a puzzle game where each button press controls all of the characters on the screen at the same time. The main feature of the game is that each character moves relative to the direction they are facing. This means that if you instruct the characters to move left, they do not move to the left relative to the camera. Instead, they move left relative to the direction they are facing. This makes for some interesting puzzle situations as you attempt to orchestrate a battle between the forces of red, blue, green, and yellow.


This game was spawned from two failed Ludum Dare projects. The first was a game about modal logic where you control characters in different possible worlds. The second was a sokoban game about moving books and trash around in an office so that you don't get trapped inside. I've been working on it in my free time for the last 6 months or so. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do.


The game is currently priced at $1. This will increase to $1.99 when the game is released on Steam in a likely more polished form. So, get in on the ground floor of this awesome puzzle experience!


Synced Warriors community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Place any suggestions you have in this thread.


I just "released" version 1.0 of Synced Warriors here on A Steam release as well as a Google Play release will happen on January 8th. For now, you can get the game HERE for the price of a cup of coffee. That is, a cup of coffee I will drink while making games and avoiding my dissertation. There is a demo as well, so you can try before you buy me that coffee.

Here is the first trailer I have made for a game (another, hopefully better one, will come for the Steam release):

Wow, that was unexpectedly difficult. I love the idea. It would be nice if it started out a little slower, though. If you put in some targets as well that may tempt the player to move closer to the edge, it might increase player retention.

Thanks for trying so much with my buggy incomplete game. I'm disappointed with the state the game is in now, but I think some small changes, many of which you have pointed out, will substantially improve the game. I hope you'll try the post-jam version.

Well ... between travel and my dissertation I haven't had much time to work on this project.

However, I have now completed all of the levels. All I have left to do is fix the UI, add a password reset for the user created levels login, and improve the touch controls for the mobile version.

Here are some screenshots of some of the levels.

Sorry about the bug. I think I was able to replicate it. It seems to occur if you place the balloon in the tile immediately above the squirrel. I'd love for you to try the game again. Just place the balloon further above the squirrel in the ship constructor.  If it is still bugged, I'd love to have more information about it so I can fix it for the post-jam version.

Thanks! I love your ship. Thanks for the suggestions. I had planned on a save feature for the ships, but that was quickly scrapped when I started running out of time. The connection mode for the balloons was definitely a mistake. However, the reason it doesn't automatically turn off is that you might want to either connect one balloon to multiple objects or to not connect the balloon at all. This will definitely be clarified in the post-jam version.

Fun and challenging. It would be nice if it had some more animation, like affects on the gun/squirrel. Perhaps a larger field of vision would be good too, that way you have a little more idea where the obstacles will be.

It was a peaceful little game. The graphics work well together and I liked the names of the buns. It would be nice if they moved around, or at least had an idle animation.

Great job. This game is as fun as the comic made it seem like. I love the blood and tire effects.

I wanted to play this one after I saw it in the discord chat. It did not disappoint. 

 Since the score is linked to the height someone gets above the escalator, it might be good to move the camera up a bit to show the characters moving a lot higher than the escalator.

Thanks, I'll add the explanation about the ground to the game's info. As for RP, it is earned by gaining altitude. Unfortunately, in order to save the rp you've gotten during a mission you have to abort before you fall back to earth. So, to gain RP, go up high and then abort the mission. As for the eraser, make sure that after you've placed a balloon and tied it to everything that you want to tie it to, you press 'space' to stop tying the balloon to things. This has to be done before any other tool can be used.

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Short Progress Update:

I've been working on the level editor for the last week. I've got it pretty much done. I revamped the ui from the horrible design I had been using and I hooked it up to a database to store user's levels. There is a login system for keeping track of user created levels. I still have a lot of work left to do on the ui.

I will be travelling for the next 2 weeks. I'm planning on making levels while I'm gone so I can release the game shortly after I get back.

Thanks! I'll look into that.

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Today I worked on:

  • Controls for the mobile version
  • UI art assets
  • Some puzzles involving only movement

Check out the demo here:

Here are some screenshots of the new puzzles (they're not in the current demo):

Here's the new start screen background:

Synced Warriors community · Created a new topic Changelog
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  • Added splash screen
  • Changed tutorial for the level "Kill" to tell the player how to attack


  • Fixed bug that stopped the game from saving preference about playing walking animations
  • Fixed bug that caused warriors to move indefinitely


I've been watching your game's development on here. I love the lowpoly stuff.

I just made the game page public at and I've uploaded a beta demo of the game.

If you have time, please give my game a try. I'm hoping to find out about as many bugs as I can, since I start to ignore non-game breaking bugs to the point that I don't notice them much any more. I'd also like any feedback on the gameplay. I'm curious about how hard it is to learn the movement mechanics, and whether I should tweak any of the rules for how the warriors move (e.g. when they collide on the same tile).

The demo has 12 levels and an infinite play mode in it. Here are some screenshots of the levels:

Synced Warriors community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please post descriptions and, if possible, screenshots of the bugs you encounter in this thread.

Sounds fun! I'm looking forward to seeing further developments.

Here's an example of a simple level:


Much more interesting levels are in the works, but first I need to fix some bugs and complete the assets. In the coming days I will make animations for the characters movements so they don't just teleport from tile to tile. Hopefully that will make the game look less jumpy.

Also on my plate is completing the infinite mode, which now just needs balancing.

Expect a demo up in the next week.

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Synced Warriors is a puzzle game where each button press controls all of the characters on the screen at the same time. The main feature of the game is that each character moves relative to the direction they are facing. This means that if you instruct the characters to move left, they do not move to the left relative to the camera. Instead, they move left relative to the direction they are facing. This makes for some interesting puzzle situations as you attempt to orchestrate a battle between the forces of red, blue, green, and yellow.


The goal of each level is to get a soldier of the correct color onto each of the puzzle pads. In addition, you need to have exactly as many soldiers on the level as puzzle pads. So, not only do you have to worry about moving soldiers to puzzle pads, but you also have to kill the extra soldiers.

In the above screenshot, yellow has to reach the top right of the level, green has to reach the top left, and red has to die.

This project was born out of two other projects. The first was a Sokoban style entry to Ludum Dare that I was super depressed about. The other game was a project I have tried and failed to make many times that involved multiple characters in separate worlds being controlled by the same inputs. I'm pretty happy with the current incarnation of these projects.

In addition to the puzzles, there is an infinite mode where new soldiers are generated and the player must keep the population below a certain point. In the infinite mode various obstacles appear randomly and the game grows more difficult the more moves you make.

I also have an idea for a multiplayer chess-like version, but I'm still working on the rules of the game.

A link to the game page will be available when I get a short demo ready in the next week or so. Subscribe to receive updates as I add them here over the next few weeks. I hope to have the game released in the next 2 months.

Wow this looks beautiful! I would love to play a game based in ancient India. I'll be following this and supporting the kickstarter when that happens. Good luck!

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Please check out my game from LD38. Usually I make puzzle and strategy games. Since this game is out of my normal area, I'd like as much feedback as I can get.

World Destroyer


In World Destroyer, you play as Winston, a crazy guy who wants to destroy everything on the tiny planets in the Tiny Galaxy.

The game is a platformer/2d shooter based on 2d circular planets with their own gravity.

My Thoughts:

I had hoped to have a really polished simple game this time around. As I got working on it, however, I became worried that if I made the game too simple, then it would only be fun for a couple minutes. I wanted something that could be fun for more time. Unfortunately, this made polishing the game very difficult. Not to mention that this is my first time doing an action game, and I underestimated the difficulty of balancing the physics. As such, there are some problems with collisions, and the jump upgrade may make the player jump too high. I would have also liked to add in animations for the inanimate objects in the game.

Future Plans:

  • Animations for the inanimate objects
  • Polishing the physics
  • Adding tons of levels