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Oh wow, I completely missed that. Just realised it says “2 minute game” in the start menu, haha! Maybe including it in the description more explicitly would have been nice for blind people like me :P

P.S.: Congrats for 2nd place in Visuals! Really deserved!

Thanks for your feedback, we’re so glad that you had fun and that you think it’s a unique entry :)!

As for the difficulty, we have concluded that definitely it should have been tuned down. Maybe as you say, we could have made the player hitbox a bit smaller. We also were considering increasing the delay between bullets in some patterns so that there’s more time to get closer (especially the blue and orange circles), but sadly in the we didn’t tune it down enough and kept it too close to the limit. Something to consider for future JAMs, never rely only on dev testing for difficulty, haha!

Thanks for your feedback! The intention was precisely that the patterns made it non-trivial to get close to the boss. However, as we’ve seen from other comments, we really should have tuned down the difficulty a bit!

Extremely polished game! Loved theme, graphics and music. The patterns were cool too. Overall an extremely solid entry for the JAM, one of my favourites I should say!

I only have a single issue that has irritated me quite a lot. I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I keep getting game over’d for no apparent reason in the middle of the boss fight, even though I have lots of hearts left. I’m playing on Normal Mode so I don’t think it’s the “10 seconds shooting and you die” mechanic. I also tried stopping shooting every 10 seconds anyway just in case, but I was still getting killed without anything hitting me. So I’m quite clueless what is the cause.

Cool visuals and interesting patterns! It was fun to learn the way to avoid each of them. However, it got quite repetitive after a while, I ended up just killing myself at around 200 seconds. I think it would have been a great improvement if patterns got harder over time, or if new variations of patterns started coming up after you’ve been playing for some time. The music loop was also a bit too short and got repetitive after a while.

But in any case, overall it was an enjoyable experience, good job :)!

We also used simple distance checking to detect bullet collision, and we didn’t even have many bullets on screen at once, but still the Godot HTML5 export was a bit laggy and had audio stutter (it was more severe depending on the computer). We’ll take a look at the reddit thread you linked, it brings up some interesting things to try, thanks for sharing!

Neat concept! it really surprised me when building grandpa came into action! The bullet hell part was less satisfying, I personally found the ship a bit too slippery, and sometimes there was no way to pass through the curtain of bullets, at least with the default shooting frequency.

Overall though it was a cool experience, Good job!

Cool game! I was a bit confused at first by the dialogue controls (I was leaving the screen to the left/right which made me leave the stage and then I had to repeat it all over again), but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it. I liked how you blended the story and dialogues with the battles, I think it has a lot of personality.

Battles also felt good, it was really fun chasing after the blue bullets, and having the score as some sort of currency encourages taking risks. I’d only suggest having different feedback for when you get hit and when you exit the screen, sometimes I wasn’t sure what happened because the battle was suddenly over. Music wasn’t bad but it got a bit repetitive after a short while.

Overall an enjoyable experience, good job!

The visuals are quite nice! But be more careful with the SFX, the sound of each individual virus adds up at the start of each room, making an extremely loud sound.

The gameplay was simple, but fun enough. Overall a solid entry.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the game and the lore :)

We plan on expanding on it in the future, so keep tuned!

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, many people have told us that it’s a bit too difficult, we need to learn to better balance the difficulty for future JAMs..

Thanks for your feedback! We didn’t have a lot of time to experiment with lighting, it is definitely something to look into for future updates!

Nice graphics and music! I really liked the time slowdown mechanic, I think it gives the game a bit of a more unique feeling. My only complaint would be that sometimes bullets appear out of nowhere very near to you, and there’s really no time to react at all. In any case, it was a fun game to play, well done :D!

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The music rocks! But I think the stages dragged on for too long (especially the second stage) since there’s not much enemy variety and it gets repetitive very quickly. Otherwise, the game is well-made and it was an overall enjoyable experience. Good job :)!

P.S.: Godot’s HTML5 export works badly on some computers, I’d recommend also including windows/linux/mac downloads for people who have issues. In my case the sound was a bit stuttery, but I’ve had people who literally could not play the HTML5 exports because it was way too laggy, so be careful!

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it! We still have lots of room for improvement though, haha!

Thanks a lot! it’s really inspiring to read comments like yours. You’re on point about the difficulty, we couldn’t dedicate nearly as much time as we wanted to playtesting and tweaking, and since we were scared of making it too easy we ended up making it too hard. Definitely a mistake to learn from.

Thanks for your feedback! You’re right, too easy is generally better than too hard, we’ll be more careful next time!

Very unique and interesting mix of genres. The gameplay got a bit too chaotic at some points, bouncing around non-stop, maybe the knockback should have been tuned down a bit :P

But overall it was an interesting experience, nice job!

Very nice pixel art and music! But I had to drop it at level 9. I think it’s way too punishing to drop down one level each time you die. It makes it a bit tedious to learn the new patterns because you need to go through the same 10 seconds level each time to get an attempt.

In any case, the bullet patterns were pretty cool and it was overall a fun experience. Good job!

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The most interesting implementation of the JAM theme I’ve seen yet. I love that there’s an actual clock hand in-game indicating the seconds, and that it even becomes a hazard in the second level! The pixel art was very good, and the music was amazing. The difficulty was on the harder side, but with 10 HP I managed to beat it.

My only real complaint would be that feedback when the player gets hit is way too subtle. I had to check all the time my HP to see if I had gotten hit or not. Maybe a more audible SFX would have done the job.

Overall quite an enjoyable and polished game, and one of my favourite entries for this JAM. Good job!

Oh, I was referring to a small grace period after getting hit. As in, a bullet hits you, then you have a small amount of time to dash and avoid the hit. Touhou for example implements this, where you can use a bomb very shortly after getting hit and avoid losing a live. I think it’d be a nice addition besides the post-dash grace period :)

“…and so they left, with everything but their sanity”.

Amazing entry for this JAM, hands-down one of the best ones I’ve tried. The patterns were very cool, varied, fun to learn to avoid, and the dash mechanic was extremely fun to use and well incorporated. The graphics are flashy and satisfying, and the adaptive music works really well with the theme.

As my only suggestion, I think it would have been a very nice touch to implement a small grace period where you can dash and save yourself after being hit (like 0.1 seconds). It would make hard challenges like Lunatic Mode feel much better to the player imo.

Very good job, keep it up!

Really liked the visuals and concept! The jump mechanic was a bit wonky though, maybe you should have made it so that you raise while pressing space and fall when you stop pressing it, instead of having to spam the key. Also, you really should have added some indicator when you lose a live, otherwise it’s hard to tell when you got hit. Despite this, I had fun playing the game, so good job :)!

Great concept and great music! I loved the synchronisation and the changes to the playing field! However, either I’m missing something, or there’s some sort of bug, because I defeated the Level 1 boss two times before the music ran out, and both times the game said “Failure” and didn’t let me advance to Level 2. I thought the objective is to kill the boss before the music ends? On another note, I think the enemies had a bit too much health, especially when having a low attack power. In any case, good job overall!

I really liked the music! The gameplay was a bit too repetitive for my taste though, maybe adding another type of enemy with a different shot pattern would have made it more interesting. Good job overall, nonetheless!

Nice take on pureya, haha! Quite impressive that you did this in 10h. The only thing that I really miss is some background music to make the game be a bit more alive. Looking forward to future updates :)!

Cool concept and execution. We loved that there’s a unique animation for each type of death! The gameplay was also quite fun, and the JAM theme was incorporated well. Overall great job!

Thanks for playing! We tried to tone down the difficulty a bit, but we were afraid to make it too easy. I guess we ended up leaving it too hard in the end…

Thanks a lot for your feedback!!

Procedurally generated bosses are an interesting concept, although it appears they always choose a single pattern from a set of predefined patterns. The visuals are also pretty cool. Overall an enjoyable experience, good job!

Simple but satisfying graphics. The theme implementation is interesting, although some of the weapons felt a bit too similar. It also got a bit repetitive after a while. In either case, it was an overall enjoyable experience, good job!

Very fun game! Tough difficulty, but very fair. The graphics are also nice! Managed to beat it no hit after a while, very satisfying. Good job!

Very fun game! Tough difficulty, but very fair. Managed to do a no hit run :D!

Pretty cool concept and nice visuals! The game feels a bit slow for quite a while in the beginning though, maybe it should start a bit faster imo. The wheel control is a bit weird, but we understand that it was because of the “MOUSE MOUSE MOUSE” JAM. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Good job!

Very nice pixel art! The theme is cool too, and I liked the implementation of the JAM theme. Learning to time the ground bomb to hit the melons was quite satisfying. As a criticism, the game felt overall a tiny bit slow, but it was a fun experience. Good job!

Cool theme! At first I was having a hard time, but after learning which stats to upgrade first I managed to beat the game. Overall quite an enjoyable experience, although having music would’ve made it more thrilling. Also, the background is really hard on the eyes, I was seeing things after playing for a while, haha!

Cool visuals! Feels like a classic arcade game that you’d find newgrounds or similar sites. The gameplay was fun, although I think the fire rate increase was too slow, it’d have been more enjoyable if it increased a bit faster. You said in the other comment that it gets overpowered, but I think you could implement e.g. an asymptotic function, so that it grows slower the faster it is, tending towards a fixed value.

Interesting idea! The notes felt a bit out of sync though, maybe you didn’t take into account some delay that depends on the system. I have tried to develop a rhythm games in the past and know how much of a pain it is, haha! Also, I was a bit confused about what determines if your notes damage the opponent or not, is it just random? Overall it was an interesting experience, but you’ll need to improve on those aspects and add a little more variety to the gameplay to make it more fun (e.g. different kind of notes with different effects), it got a bit repetitive after a while.

The lore was quite interesting, however the gameplay was a bit lacking, and was interrupted way too frequently. With a bit more time and polish, and with longer gameplay segments, I could see this becoming quite an interesting game. Good luck :)!

Web version didn’t work, so I had to download it. There seems to be some filter that makes it extremely hard to see anything. I went up for a while and the game abruptly ended with an “OK” button and a text that couldn’t manage to read. Overall a bit of a confusing experience.