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If you want to learn GDScript I'd recommend you start by reading the step by step guide in the official documentation then play around for a bit and watch everything on the Godot tutorials channel starting with this series

If you like the UI you will be thrilled to hear that Godots UI was build with Godot itself, which means that everything you see in Godots UI you have access to for your games as well. 

It is a great engine and a great community.

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Thank you. I used Godot, you can read a little summary of my jam experience here:

I also added the source code for the project if you want to check out that mess ;P

Nicely done, i like that there are so many ways you can find to finish a level.

You can install it with the launcher

I lost, YEAH \o/

Cool destructible terrain prototype, I like the wobble effect you added to make it less static.

Thank you :D

Thank you.

I actually had a wind chime loop playing for the pickups, but spawning the pickups with the sound froze the game every time for a second (the sound file was maybe too big) so i just deleted it. I didn't want to bother implementing some kind of object pooling for it. The level was also too small for the positional audio to make a big difference anyways, you could either hear all of the pickups at once or only hear them when they are almost on screen anyways. I think the best solution would actually be to increase the spawn rate of pickups or their lifetime or spawn a bunch at the start of the level.

Well I uploaded the source code to my entry so you can check out the mess for yourself :P

A nice top-down shooter.
I liked the idea of the last flower you have to protect and the limited "inventory" for water makes the gameplay more dynamic. I think it would be an improvement if you could hold down the mouse button to shoot instead of clicking for ever bullet.

( I used Godot as well and uploaded the source code to my game if you want to check that out and maybe learn something from it, but I'm also new to Godot so keep that in mind :D )

Loved the gameplay.
The plant growth it's nice an quick. It's addicting and I played it for quite a while.
I wish I didn't need to take my hands off the keyboard to buy seeds in the shop

It is very much a Trent game :)

I had Waffles though :)

You are a monster ...A MONSTER!!!


Thank you! Great work

I love how ridiculous it looks after a while, with all the fish sticking to your harpoon.

Very cute :3

The upgrade system kept me playing :)

Thank you :)
There is a 10% chance every 10 seconds, to start the song again, if it is not already playing.

Great! That's what I wanted :)
I didn't make the music myself though

Love it

Thank you :) and thanks for checking it out and making a video about it


What exactly does minimum pledge mean?
Let's say I set the minimum pledge to 5$ and I have a 1$ , 2.50$ and 5$ reward tier on my patreon.

Who has access?

  1. Only the patreons that pledge 5$ every month ? ( 5$ reward tier )
  2. Everyone who has altogether pledged at least 5$ ? ( 5 month for 1$ , 2 month for 2.50$ , 1 month for 5$ reward tier )

Check out the level we made!
Copy the token below ( starting at the "?" ), click on load level in the main menu and paste it into the white textbox.

Have fun !!! and don't forget to share your level as well :)


Thanks for the feedback tito76,

We increased the viewable area and added Up=Shake, but we didn't add the other controls you requested.
Here is why, Super Pinball Maker is based on pinball but is not a pinball simulation and requires a different control scheme.
You need to have one hand on the mouse at any time to use the laser- and ( later in development ) other powerups.
Down=Launch is just redundant since every left and right flipper control can be used to launch the ball and adding it anyways would take away one easy reachable button we might later need for something else. Up for shake makes a lot of sense though and we also added W,A,S,D or better W,A,D as an alternative to the arrow keys.

I hope you check out the new update and give us further feedback.