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No one is allowed to use the Heart Corp logo!!! Do not infringe on our copyright or we sue you for 1 gazillion currency >:@

Thank you my friend ^_^

Cool game, I like the style. One thing I don’t like is that the wall of death is rubber banding, I get what you want to achieve with it, that it always feels like a thread that keeps you moving, but then you do not get rewarded for moving quickly because you can’t outrun the wall no matter how fast you play it will always be the same distance behind you, you can’t play fast for a bit to get a breather later on. Other then that, the graphics are cool, I like the enemies and the player character and its roll animation.

Looks nice, keep it up

As reward there should be a time laps of the whole run at the end :D

Thanks bud, make sure to check out my other assets

I like the toilet ghost

Fun little game, I like it. :)

Introducing some kind of DRM is not my intention or why I want this, I wouldn’t consider as a release platform at all otherwise. It is actually the opposite, I think that web games are beneficial for both, players, and developers. Here is a copy/paste from a discussion on Discord that explains my reasoning behind this suggestion a bit better.

Hey thanks for the info, I actually didn’t know about Neutralino.js yet, but I do know how to use wrappers to create downloadable versions of my web games, that is not my problem. The problem is that I don’t want to do that because it gets rid of the many advantages of web based games.

Let me give you an example. I made a small web based fan game, I made sure that the game can be controlled via touch and mouse. Everyone was able to play the game directly in the browser, no matter the device or OS, no matter if mobile or desktop. You could probably even play it on some consoles if they have a browser with support for certain features. (*speculation, I did not test this)

Now it’s a small game and I’m not planning to sell it, but I do want to sell my upcoming web game and right now I can’t do that on itch the way I want to.

The only thing I can do right now is, provide a web based demo version that people can play in the browser right away and create a downloadable full version that people can pay for.

The problem is that now I provide an inferior version of the game to the people who paid for it. How do I explain a customer that they can play the demo version on all their devices but not the version they paid money for? AFAIK there is no way for me to include a version they can install on their iPhone for example, Android might be possible but is also far from optimal, all I can do is provide an .apk file which they have to sideload.

So it is a worse product for the customer, and it is more work for me as a developer since I have to now deploy, test, and update all the platform specific downloadable files, not to mention that the customer now has to download, install and update the game manually, in the worst case on multiple devices.

And that is why I want to sell web games directly instead of downloadable files.

And I really don’t understand why this isn’t a thing already. All it needs is that users get shown a different embedded web game dependent on if they bought the game already or not.

I personally would be completely fine if, in addition, I also have to provide a downloadable file to “unlock” the ability to provide a paid full browser version. This would makes the whole thing a lot more confusing in the backend for developers though, and it would probably feel heavy handed and intrusive to take away some autonomy from a developer on how they can sell their game.

This has several problems imo. For a starter I have no idea how to do that. It’s not my expertise, I’m sure I could figure it out, but these are things I would like a platform holder to take care off, since they can provide a better, more secure version than me.

There is also the problem that if I would do that, itch wouldn’t get a cut from it, which sounds like a positive but if everyone does that we’ll soon no longer have and that would be sad :(

Not a real problem, but the last thing is that my suggestion is simply more convenient and easy to understand for devs.

Your example would be very easy to do with it, just upload a version of your game with only 5 levels as the demo, and upload the full version of the game with every level as the paid version. No need to setup a website with payment services myself, make a key generation thingy, etc.

We need a way to sell web games. Right now afaik we can only sell files, why is that?

Please add the possibility to unlock a game that is playable directly in the browser for money.

The optimal solution would be that you can upload 2 versions of a web game, one that is shown to people who paid, and one that is shown to people who didn’t pay and/or aren’t logged in to itch. That way we can have a demo that is playable on the page right away and if people like it they can pay to unlock the full version.

The voluntary support button is a nice thought, but it does not work. In all my years on here I got like 3 donations ever, 2 of which were from my dad :P which is sweet of him <3, but obviously not something I can start growing off of.

I think web games are great, with their immediacy and being so platform-agnostic, but I don’t like the typical monetization models common on other .io sites, where everything is full of ads, and gameplay is compromised to have something annoying or grindy in the game to push people towards reward ad video breaks, and things like that.

I just want to make accessible web games and have the possibility to sell them directly. Please :pray_emoji:

For sure has a lot of gas stuck in his loop hole :P

Congrats, well done.

Thanks you! You can post a screenshot with your high-score here, you would be the first one and thus automatically on the 1st place :)

Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying it :)

Thank you :)

Thanks bud!

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Okay, here are my addition to the level.


Lots of flippers in this one, I like it.

Made a new level :)

This one is pretty difficult, I’ve only beaten it once so far. Check it out:


Thank you :) I love simple tools like this where even I, with my very limited knowledge in that area, can create something interesting.

Here is a song I made with this :)

Oh man, that’s awesome :O Thanks for sharing

Thank you for the quick fix,and thank you for this great tool. I had some time with it now and really love it. It’s so easy to start making cool stuff.

When I click download on the windows “” build it downloads “dust3d-1.0.0-**rc.5.**zip” Opening the tool and checking the about page it also says it is the RC5 version not RC6 ( Dust3D 1.0.0-rc.5 (version: build: Apr 9 2020 13:11:27) ) so I assume it is not just a folder with the wrong name?

Thank you for making this open source, it is a really great project to learn from.

Found the project files and uploaded a Windows, Linux, and Mac version.


I created another map, de_bowling.

The fun in this one comes more from learning how to beat the level and less from the classic DK gameplay. There are multiple ways you can play, and win this level, no spoilers though :)

It’s likely that you will need multiple restarts before beating this one. Ctrl + + can be used to increase the speed of the level and thus it’s difficulty. (Ctrl + - to lower the speed)

Have fun, I hope you like it.

Thanks for playing. Yea idk why the other Keeper doesn’t build bridges, it’s suppose to be a turtle dream level, but that the enemy can’t attack is lame, so I updated the map and removed the lava from the center. Here is the new zip file with version 2

Congrats on winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place xD

Thanks for making this tool, it’s working really well. If anyone wants to check out my level, here is a zip file with all the files

It’s nothing special, I basically just wanted to make a level where you have a corridor that you can fill up with lots of traps :D

You’re welcome :) Check out my other assets as well, maybe you find something else useful

Hi :)

Nice! Simple and fun game.

Love the style

Love it

What a great idea :D

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Haha that sounds hilarious :D Would you share a video of that? I would love to see it.

[Edit] Okay, I found the old project files. The game should run normal on monitors above 60Hz now.


Oh wow :O Yea I see it, nicely done.