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When the player is dead, the game automatically restarts. In my opinion there should be a message telling the player that the game is over, and a menu asking the player whether to restart the game or to quit it.

Really nice work! Looking forward to the DLC release.

Still, it does not work. To be more exact, I can not claim it without paying money, and I'm not sure if paying an arbitrary amount of money would make a difference.

What is this really?  ...

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"The testicle" does not work. It says, "There was an error generating the download URL, please try again."

What's the game's length/average session?

What is "afdian"? Do you mean "爱发电" in Chinese? I looked it up and it seems to be available to users in mainland China only. As for payment, Paypal seems to be an available option in mainland China (I've tried it)

What's the game's length/average session after this update?

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What's the length/average session of the story?

Game description?

Sorry for posting unrelated things in this thread, but I think the description of the game is too short and we don't have any idea what this game is about, what features it has, etc. I would suggest polishing the game description first.

Thanks! I've made a purchase.

I'm interested in making some contributions before the end of the campaign. Just to verify some things here:

  • Does making contributions here (on itch) count for the campaign?
  • Does the "DLC" contain (at least) an extra route as well as the soundtrack and price around $3? Or are their prices separate (additional route price around $3, and the soundtrack still price $10)? 

Btw, will the soundtrack be updated in the future?

It's not very likely at the moment that there would be an official version since translating over 20,000 dialogue blocks is heavy work and AI translators may not meet the quality standards.  However, you may find some unofficial fan translation online. In my opinion, why not exercise your language ability while playing the game?

1. What's the game's length/average session ?

2. The background pic  and the font color of this page are not very compatible.

How time files! Will there be an update here?


Barbarossa community · Created a new topic A brief question

What's the game's length/average session?

I played the game once myself, and then played it again using the walkthrough. However, the game status shows that I still haven't read around 1800 language blocks.(15563/17388) So... we are expected to miss around 10% of the content when using the walkthrough?  Maybe there could be a more detailed walkthrough like that of "once in a lifetime". I'd like to find out the missing content even if they do not belong to the "best" route. 

There lacks some information in the game's description: what's the Average session of the game? Or, what's the length of the story (currently)?

There should be a brief introduction to the content of the book.

I'm also wondering why.

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Note:may contain spoilers

It's a bit late...I've finished the book 3 months ago.

I came across the novel in 2019 Halloween sale and somehow put it aside.In Apr.2020 I claimed it in Distraction Sale and somehow put it aside again...In Jan.2021 I picked it up again,mainly for fun.However,when I started reading this novel,to be honest I didn't understand the first few chapters...As an English learner,my knowledge and vocabulary is limited and understanding the general underground city setting is not easy.I remembered reading chapter one 3-4 times and even reading chapter one again after finishing chapter three.However,as I slowly progressed in reading,I came to understood the whole thing and the reading speed went up.When I reached chapter eight or so,I could read at a normal speed.There's still one mistake,though--I had thought Morrin was the name of Ree's mother until I finished reading nearly 2/3 of the book.

At first I thought the story was just about Ree rescuing Smythe--but not exactly.The plot is close together,full of twists and turns.For example,although coming back to the past is not rare in novels,I think in this novel you will not expect it.The black oath is more impressive--when I thought it would influence the plot,it didn't;when I thought it would not influence the plot anymore it came up again.

The characters are also amazing.Ree and Smythe's reaction to the oath is heroic. Larry makes me feel sympathetic.Lich is intelligent while sly.The relationship between Ree and Usther makes me think of what true friendship is.

To sum up,it is a great novel.Keep up the good work!Looking forward to tombtown book 2.

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Do the three sequels have a specific order?Or we can read them in any order after reading BOOKS & BONE?

I'm currently reading BOOKS & BONE.Hopefully I can have time to make another comment later.

Same to me when making comments.I use firefox

What's the length,meaning,the number of words in total of the current and (maybe) final version of the story?

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There are so many different backgrounds.I wish there could be a background gallery as well...There should be at least 5 parks and even more pictures of the sky.I am trying to take screenshots and appreciate them.

I see a different background(or something else?) in Zeikun's chapter 3 when it describes his mother's death. Is that a Chinese painting? I have never seen such pictures used in VNs before. It must takes a while to draw the painting and it is amazing that the characters can also move.How did the creater learn it anyway?

(The English Android version)The font is not very suitable in my opinion.The sizes are already small,and the font type makes it difficult to figure out what the letter is.I suggest either change the font size or change the font type(The one used in "And now,time to study" is a lot clearer).Otherwise this would do great harm to our eyes.

Just as the title says.Nothing happens after I pick the picture,not even a error message.

Well,I don't know where the server is.If it has something to do with google,it may not be the site's problem because here I have no access to google,which is banned .If not,I don't really know why. Meanwhile,I have no problem viewing pictures on this site.

*IE could not open any pages on this site,and I use firefox instead,which works fine.

Game description?

Although there is not much progress,I think the information could be updated and added to somewhere in the game description to make it more specific.Wish you more progress.

A very good game.The scene is fantastic.Will players be possible to interact with the rabbit in the future?

Monsty Corp community » Support · Created a new topic Error

It says,There was an error generating the download URL, please try again.

I hope that we can sort paid projects including the "on sale page" by price.

In fact,I hope to claim 0$ products on sale more efficiently especially when there is a large sale.

Congratulations for releasing the game!It seems that it has been available now.

Wow,nice work!It's earlier than my expectation.

A nice small game with multiple choices.It's not easy to get some endings without some help.However there are too many spelling mistakes considering the length of the story.(Rate 4 stars)

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B may refers to 'shift'. X when crafting refers to 'enter'.It took me an amount of time to find that