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Note:may contain spoilers

It's a bit late...I've finished the book 3 months ago.

I came across the novel in 2019 Halloween sale and somehow put it aside.In Apr.2020 I claimed it in Distraction Sale and somehow put it aside again...In Jan.2021 I picked it up again,mainly for fun.However,when I started reading this novel,to be honest I didn't understand the first few chapters...As an English learner,my knowledge and vocabulary is limited and understanding the general underground city setting is not easy.I remembered reading chapter one 3-4 times and even reading chapter one again after finishing chapter three.However,as I slowly progressed in reading,I came to understood the whole thing and the reading speed went up.When I reached chapter eight or so,I could read at a normal speed.There's still one mistake,though--I had thought Morrin was the name of Ree's mother until I finished reading nearly 2/3 of the book.

At first I thought the story was just about Ree rescuing Smythe--but not exactly.The plot is close together,full of twists and turns.For example,although coming back to the past is not rare in novels,I think in this novel you will not expect it.The black oath is more impressive--when I thought it would influence the plot,it didn't;when I thought it would not influence the plot anymore it came up again.

The characters are also amazing.Ree and Smythe's reaction to the oath is heroic. Larry makes me feel sympathetic.Lich is intelligent while sly.The relationship between Ree and Usther makes me think of what true friendship is.

To sum up,it is a great novel.Keep up the good work!Looking forward to tombtown book 2.