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no, that's completely fine "So many people, so many minds.") I didn't mean to sound upset or rude, sorry for that)

(I captured and uploaded video just for that comment btw))

hello again cszcxs 

probably just feel bad due to "life stuff" and overthinking this one, idk, maybe

yeah, my bad

Well this is my first game jam, and I got about a month of experience at the moment. Even though I didn't come here on purpose(really sorry), I have something to say. I found out about jam when I published my very first game(at that time I had about three weeks of experience) and one person wrote in the comments to this game about jam. Then I thought "why not?", I'm just a novice developer, I want to practice a lot, and this looked like a good opportunity.

The first week of development was very good. Lots of ideas, I was very interested and enthusiastic! Inn liked to share progress on Twitter and follow the development of games and ideas of other people!

But as soon as the week of voting and feedback started, I was exhausted. And, more importantly, I began to feel a little disappointed. I don't want to write too much about this, but with so many participants, there is no question of any fairness in the results, some people lie in reviews just to get a good review in response, and the final score is very subjective, and rather depends on luck. Of course, there are a lot of very wonderful people here and good games, but there is still an unpleasant feeling in general. I don't know, maybe this is more due to some problems in real life, but for a week now I feel frustrated and a little depressed. 

I will not stop participating in jams in the future, but I will try to choose some small and themed jams. 

Nice game, very good level design and music, liked the oil mechanics a lot! Overall feels solid!

actually beat the game few hours ago, took  screenshot of the final screen, wrote a review and..... forgot to press "post" button, such a shame, so this review is much smaller. But i saved the sun, i swear!

First walkthrough went flawless, fast and quiet enjoyable, but second time i noticed that if you ignite a rope, then leave the room = fire stops midway, that won't let you keep your way. Hope its gonna help you polish the game. Controls and mechanics are intuitive btw, didnt read the controls in menu, but it feels kinda obvious so its cool. 

Overall pretty good and solid game, well done! 

(p.s. Music is groovy too)

Well, to collect all "memories" u need like 1.5 - 2 minutes, but ok. You can check what was waiting inside here: 

thanks for playing anyway, gonna try your submission as soon as possible

Good idea but unpolished, im in gamedev for about a month and its my first game jam, so i know how it is to start from a scratch, keep it up and good luck with your game dev career)

Liked it for sure, but it need some polishing, like jumping(which doesn't work sometimes), walking too far after few minutes of playing. But it is a good base for a nice game, nice work!

also, i don't know if it is how it should be played but i built a "dead bodies bridge" and "fooled the death"

Really liked this game! One of the most interesting games i played so far! Menu music is very groovy! Hard at the start, but as soon as u got 20+ knights it is just fun to destroy everything in one touch, wish they werent merged in one, just imagine walking with small army instead of 50 men in one man. Great work! Hope you gonna add some more levels, enemies and story for sure! good luck) 

Hey, thanks for feedback! Many problems are already fixed and I will upload fixed version as soon as Jam is done. gonna check your game as soon as I can!

Grateful for feedback! gonna check your game as soon as possible!

Thanks for playing and review! Gonna check your game as soon as possible!

thanks for feedback and playing! yeah, it's a but too dark, I already fixed it and made it twice more Bright already, I will upload the fixed version as soon as Jam is done! Gonna check your game ASAP!

oh, just didnt notice that was your topic again) 

Learn the story of this dark place

p.s. Majority  of technical problems are already fixed and will be published after game jam, since i cant upload fixed version until jam is done)

really enjoyed the visuals and and atmosphere!  Whole ghosts idea was quiet interesting, good game overall. Чудная работа!

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Really good art and idea, interesting levels, some things are looking a bit laggy, but for a week that completely normal to have some bugs. Overall i l liked it for sure, some polishing and u will gave a nice game) great job and good luck with future developments!

it is my first game jam too btw)

btw, i liked the distortion and effects overall!

it looks like a solid base for a good game, controls(of the cube at least) feels confident and responsive, but uncooked for sure! If you gonna finish it, you will have a quiet nice game, cause its already fells and looks good, just doesn't work sometimes. Hope you gonna finish and fix it! good luck!

Really liked the visuals, sound and atmosphere! kinda reminds my of my own game tbh! 

Nice work there!

Thanks! glad you liked it! already rated yours!

Thank you! Happy to hear that you liked the visuals and atmosphere! and yes, when you hit the ceiling or fly too high it returns you back, i wanted to add some text like "dont be afraid of darkness, it will keep you there" but there was no time! But now majority  of technical problems(like camera and so on) are already fixed and will be published after game jam, since i cant upload fixed version until jam is done). Thank you for your opinion one more time!

Glad you liked it! it simple and short, but i decided that its better to have complete short story instead of incomplete one!

Thank you! Majority  of technical problems(with camera and so on) are already fixed and will be published after game jam, since i cant upload fixed version until jam is done)

Grateful for review, thanks! Majority  of technical problems are already fixed and will be published after game jam, since i cant upload fixed version until jam is done)

Thanks for the opinion! Majority  of technical problems are already fixed and will be published after game jam, since i cant upload fixed version until jam is done)

Thanks, and rated)

Really appreciate it, thanks! 

shame there no other players to play with, but visuals and idea is quiet good!

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Interesting idea, but far from being polished! hope you gonna continue work on this game! nice job there, and good luck with finishing this

its kinda TD puzzle game, but feels like you need to check the timings and experiment more then actually solving puzzles using your brain or smth. Quiet fun overall, sound and visuals are very simple but kinda feels solid. nice job!

impressive visuals, story scenes are really nice! music and voices are also very good! good job!

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Feels solid! quiet fun and good looking! Nice core mechanic and intresting levels! Really good jub! I dont usually like those pixel perfect jumps in games, but in these game they were even kinda satisfying)

p.s. spent more time on level 10, then on all previous ones))

wish for some music tbh, but core mechanic is nice!

That was quiet fun! 

Love the idea of collecting spirits and getting new powers! really enjoyed this short adventure) good job!

forest is saved!

really liked it! quiet impressed by visuals, audio and gameplay mechanics. Surpised you got no ratings so far. Good job!

The only issue is i have to die few times to read text on the walls) 

"you rock"!