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Great game! Loved the puzzles and the simple style. The last level was my favorite :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, all the assets are original including art, music, and sound effects.

Thanks for playing!

Makes sense. Only so much you can do in a week!

That's a good idea! I'll keep that in mind for the future. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed it! ^-^

Thanks for the comment, I agree it's a lot to jump into without easier levels or a tutorial level. A metronome is a good idea, I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks for playing!

That's a good comment, having easier/harder levels (including tutorial level) is probably what I would have attempted next with more time. Thanks for playing!

Wow this was wholesome. Loved the music and art!

I agree with the previous comment, I had to refresh the page ~4 times. Cool concept though, makes for a neat puzzler!

Very cute! Love the music and characters. The cutscenes were a nice touch, and I like the coop mechanic. I wasn't a fan of 'Q' being the move left button, and the cursor had a tendency to leave the window causing me to switch to another application. Those are my only complaints though!

No game?

Well this is absolutely adorable.

Thank you!

This is so cool! Love the concept of cooking the eggs just the right amount. It was very intuitive to pick up and play. Cute graphics too! Nice jam game.

Nice concept! I didn't make it past the first few levels because the platforming was too frustrating. The bounce pads didn't behave as expected; maybe they could completely reset the player's y-velocity? 

Other than the platforming, I love how the egg wobbles when it moves on the ground, and the musical jingle and lighting effects are cool. Wanted to finish but couldn't pass the first level with the locked door.

It's a too finicky for my taste. Cool idea, but the physics need to be *less* realistic to be playable.

Looking good!


Haha! That's the correct way to play video games.

Great game! I can't wait to try this out with some friends, though it's fun already with just myself and the computer.

Duude, this is great! It's dang good fun to play, and it looks wonderful. Thanks for a great experience!

I've never had so much fun answering math questions! Nice game, small but sweet. The collection aspect makes you want to get more and more stuff to fill your house... great idea!

Dude, this is amazing!! I've only been playing 5 min and am in love. I think it's time to schedule a LAN party....

This game is a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.