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Thanks, that was exactly what I was going for with the music ^^
And the playthrough is different because every time the puzzles are different, letters are generated randomly and the words come from the database. 

lol, I thought that was the point of the game :D 

So realistic, I got stressed out as if I was really on work .-. Nice job! :D 
Also, I was playing on easy difficulty, and it was still hard, can't imagine how it is on "hard"

Wait the rotation from the edges wasn't on purpose?? o_O

Loved the concept of spinning the camera, but for now, it felt a little raw, couldn't really grasp the controls and how to make it work. Good job!

Aww, so cute, everyone just wants a bit of love :D Although it was a bit hard for me in some dungeons. Also didn't get to the bosses as well. 

It was very funny! Especially the poems were just masterpieces :D 

Honestly, didn't really understand how it worked for a long while, then just gave up :D But loved the concept, and overall it was very atmospheric! I was panicking so much when my ship was getting destructed, haha. 

Loved the world, mushrooms * w * Atmosphere was created great, but didn't like how it looped, and also there were some sounds that were out of place. 
Don't know if it's just me, but it took me about 30 seconds to just drop off the frog correctly xD

Hehe, thanks, I wanted the sounds to be not so repetitive, so that's what I came up with, happy that you noticed! ^^ 

The purple one doesn't seem to work 

Hehe, liked the story of the game. I feel the pain q_q I also got too much into the story I imagined, and now want that game to exist with my project xD
Very cool soundtrack! It fits with your theme perfectly. The only thing that bothered me was the panning, I don't mind it being there, but it was too extreme for me personally. 

Wow, love this so much! The second part was kind of unexpected, and I loved the transition and the theme of the mallets. Although I think I would like more dynamics in the piano sound and more variation of the electronic sounds. 

Thanks! I'm thinking of maybe actually making this game later xD 

So beautiful themes! It feels very nostalgic, and great orchestration skills! In Main theme I heard the choir faintly, I would like to hear it a little more, honestly. 

All of the tracks were so nice! I can easily imagine the game atmosphere. Loved the different styles with the guilds. 

Oh, great attention to details! :D Yeah, I actually wanted to achieve that effect with the woodwinds, since I always loved that technique in symphonies, tried to imitate xD 
Thanks for the feedback! ^^

Liked both parts! (although first part was too long for me, sorry I skipped xD) In the ambient section, though, the stick sound bothered me a lot, ahahah, it was too loud, and didn't fit with the vibe, in my opinion. 

Wow, this was so beautiful! Loved it!
The rhythm in the beginning, how it changes, how the orchestra slides in suddenly, the piano lines~ 

Loved the harpsichords! Although it sounded kind of weird together with the drums. I think it could have been mixed a little better.   Or the drum pattern could be a little bit more interesting? Something like that, I don't know.
Out to sea was so heartwarming with the strings!
But it's always great seeing another baroque fan :3

Ah, now I see that you composed it through musescore. Well, everything would sound so amazing with real instruments, I imagine! Great work!!

Oh, thanks for sharing your impressions, really appreciate that! ^^

Thanks! ^^

Thanks! Kind of me too xD Too bad I can't make games, haha

Thank you * w * 

Oh my, thanks for mentioning! Fixed it!

Wow, who would have thought, that we would find Scriabin's lost opuses on this website!

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This is amazing! :D Is everything acoustically recorded? 

It's nice, got a little Nujabes vibes from the Stop, idk why

Omg, I love these! Could easily image the game.
Btw, which strings vst-s have you used for the tracks? 

Well I need an animation to work with, actually, that was what the post was about :) I'm sure you will find someone to make a team with who will need your skills, it's just my specialization is also playing piano, so we wouldn't be much help to each other. ^^

Ah, I'm also a pianist, so I don't really need that, sorry :D

Hey~, I loved the idea, because finally a jam exactly for composers * o * 
So, if you're an animator, let's collaborate :3