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Hello everyone, I'm one of the guys in Enter Name Studio. I have no way of editing the jam page sadly, but last time I checked the theme of the jam is "Lost the way"

sure :)

Love the art and the gameplay is a lot of fun! I think the freezeframe when hit is to long and the some sound effects are a bit strange, but the game is great :)

Thanks for the input, just released a small update that gives you a little more time. If you still having trouble with time I recommend buying the overtime upgrade. Also I've only watched like 3 episodes of teen titans so idk what I'm referencing lol, would love to hear it though

It's a bit inconsistent but the main sprites like the presents, player, and kids are 128x128. But most other sprites like the deer or lampposts are around 250x350 give or take 

Pretty good time, if a little simple. But no real complaints wit it being put together nicely

Took me awhile but I beat everything except the boss, with no health bar I lost motivation quickly. Really fun and polished homage to Hotline Miami, had a good time

Sound effects are amazing, very goofy game

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Love the name, could had been cool if it had a speed run timer but it's still fun none the less. Feels good to land presents in the houses by barely skimming the tops of them

Very cool game with fun art. If you have time you should see if you could upload a thumbnail because that could bring more people in. No complaints gameplay wise :)

Pretty unique idea, and I don't see many people be able to tell a decent sized story in their jam games! But I feel like it was not the best decision to make him say a big sentence when you choose the correct item, and say "this will do" for wrong items because it feels less like I'm finding the perfect gift and instead the guy telling me if it's good or not. But other then that I had a good time with it overall

Fell thru the floor so I couldn't beat the game, but it was still pretty funny, had a good time playing!

Love the weird song, not a fan of the health system though, felt cheated with how annoying the enemies are. But the games still nice, I like how everything feels compact, makes the puzzles better

Love a goofy game with disgusting monsters, and all the animations are very well done

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would love to see this more fleshed out, but right now it's clunky and awkward to play. The upgrades are unique and the shop keepers design is great, it's a good proof of concept.

funniest comment I've gotten, thanks lol

A lot of my inspiration comes from newgrounds so I'm glad someone can see that

I'll make sure to check yours out, I'm coming home from a vacation today so when I do I'm doing a marathon of most of the jam games 

I'll make sure to try your game soon, I'm on vacation right now so I don't have my labtop. Glad you liked the game though

Thanks a bunch! pretty sure my highscore is 85, game difficulty kinda caps around there

and you did the thing great! You might be so good that you can do the thing twice!

FUN JAM! community · Created a new topic content warnings

My game probably won't have this stuff but I think it's good to bring up because it's not in the rules. Are there any restrictions on the content in our games? Most game jams say no gore, explicit stuff, etc. Is that the same for this jam? if so it should probably be in the FAQ

yeah it does get really fast lol, to a slightly unfair degree. In the one you were talking about you need to shoot the guy on the spinning wheel. Thanks for the feedback 😀

Making it so that you only do a minigame from getting hit from a enemy on the map was a really cool take on the theme. Only complaint is that I'm not the biggest fan of the audio. But with polish this could be a really good game!

Played the crank one for way to long lol

Real cool idea but I think the mini games are a bit to long, they would work good in small parts but longer they get kinda boring. Like turning wario ware into a mario party like thing though

Really good man, the art is charming and the games really fun. Has a lot of personality

Great overall but the jump button needs to be much bigger

Game broke :(

yeah idk why that happened, I uploaded a screen shot of what the transition actually looks like but I think the game got corrupted  :(

The host has been off line for awhile but the theme is system failure

The theme is system failure, idk why the jam host hasn't updated the jam, but the staff in his server did a vote for the theme awhile back so I know it  

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I didn't really playtest the finished game so it's so after a certain point it gets really easy for some reason

was able to beat it on my second try, both the art and music and great. I love these types of games where there in 3d but use 2d pixel art.

Played this for a lot longer than I thought, there is a glitch where if you go backwards behind the ramp enough you start making negative money but I thought it was funny to see how much I could lose.

Idk I'm probably just gonna wait another 30 minutes and if they don't post it then I'll just quit the jam. It's getting late for me anyways.

The games pretty fun and has a decent difficulty curve, All the art is really charming so good work :)

Really fun, having the background slightly change in the second boss is a nice touch.