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On Windows? So annoying, I can’t reproduce this bug, but it’s been plaguing me for a while. Thanks for letting me know, and sorry about the time wasted watching it spin its wheels.

Yes :)

Glad you’re enjoying Citizen Sleeper! This game was Unity with Adventure Creator and Ink (obviously).

I enjoyed how the story skips around and got the sense that the decisions I made would impact how my life turned out. Like everyone else mentioned the endings are abrupt and would benefit from better signalling that this game is meant to be replayed.

Feels epic in scope, with the various civilisations, their rise and fall and the impending end. Was very disorientating to begin with, but then you start to settle into how the story is developing only for the end to come, which mirrors the AI's own 'impotent wisdom' very well. 

I loved the presentation, very clean. The story had the pulp vibe that I love, the switch to a case officer’s report was a nice touch. Good job!

As I’ve already read, you were short on time this jam, but it’s a compelling start, hope you get the chance to expand it or use it as a jumping off point for something new:)

Nice game, good presentation and a tense climax, I wasn’t sure if going back was a good idea or not! I’ve appreciated all the Binksi games this jam, they’ve added some good variety to the entries!

This was well written and compelling. The time skips made it feel much bigger as you imagine your friends living there lives while you toil away on your monster. Good job!

I like the setting, hope you can expand upon it.

That's a lot of work for three days, must've been hectic getting it done! Good presentation and cute story, I liked the POV switch and the twist at the end.

Thank you for the feedback, really useful!

Cute game, I like the Binksi games that have appeared in this jam.

The art, the story or me?

Very nice, felt like a pulp novel from back in the day.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

*** Spoiler alert ***

If you lie about the cost of things you can afford to get the things your wife asks for, I think if the story continued it'd make sense for there to be a long term consequence. However, there's a couple places you can cut corners for some short term consequences in this part.

More puzzles please! 

Thank you! That's a good point it could be streamlined, I was thinking of it being the same as you placing a card down. As for the multiple appearances, I was fighting Adventure Creator's inventory system, in the end that was a bug I could live with for the time we had:)

Thank you :D

This is bonkers and really fun, great presentation and the climax was really well done!

Great start, was pulled into the story from the beginning. I would like to be able to advance the narrative with mouse clicks, going back and forth from keyboard and mouse was awkward. Good luck finishing the full game!

Funny and well presented!

As a proud bearer of a type 52 shovel, I dig this story.

Dark, but sincere. Keep creating!

Thank you, I was very much inspired by Citizen Sleeper if you want more of the same.

I love the artwork and the surreal story!

Wow! An unexpected use of ink.

I enjoyed the  surreal artwork and feel.

Great atmosphere and voice acting, nicely polished too. 

Nicely done, an impressive amount of work squeezed in to two weeks as always!

Thank you for playing, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I made this deep into the COVID lockdown in 2020 so the themes of isolation and loneliness were quite prominent. The cat website, I feel, reflects nicely the chat job, the men you chat to can only do so through the screen. Then we find Miguel can only find connection through the screen as well. I never thought about the cats not being real, it’s a good idea but maybe too much for this small game, and I couldn’t be that cruel to Miguel during lockdown :)

Cheers for the write up, the voice actors were great to work with!

After screaming to the abyss I got back to work and rewrote large swathes of code, I broke the Unity project and started again, finally I uploaded a new version, BEHOLD! (y'know if you have time and inclination, it has been a month and life goes on)

A quick question, does the butterfly come out of the cocoon or does it stop before that?

Sorry about that, I have no idea why that could be, but thank you for letting me know :)

Thanks for trying! *screams into the abyss*

I was unable to reproduce the pausing on my PC, but this bug has been haunting me for a while, so after ferreting around in the dark corners of the engine I made some changes that might make a difference. If you have the time to re-download and check it'd be greatly appreciated :)

Sorry about the save function! Ok the solution is left dial to green, right dial to yellow. Click on valley and select middle tone.

If you interact with the door it plays three notes at different pitches. With the echo monsters you need to recreate those pitches, but if they just echo what you say that's no good. However if you change the gas they breathe then it will change the pitch of their voice, ie helium makes it higher. Hope that helps :)

That must be a bug, should be 1 second, I'll have a look at what could be causing it.