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That must be a bug, should be 1 second, I'll have a look at what could be causing it.

Yeah, it's like there's a delay of the audio and the animation, like they don't go in tandem but one after the other. It happens with pretty much every event where the player has no control of the character. 

I was unable to reproduce the pausing on my PC, but this bug has been haunting me for a while, so after ferreting around in the dark corners of the engine I made some changes that might make a difference. If you have the time to re-download and check it'd be greatly appreciated :)

Tried the latest build, sorry, but the issue persists for me. :(

Thanks for trying! *screams into the abyss*

After screaming to the abyss I got back to work and rewrote large swathes of code, I broke the Unity project and started again, finally I uploaded a new version, BEHOLD! (y'know if you have time and inclination, it has been a month and life goes on)