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Thanks for setting this up. These things change all the time as usual. Although i don't particularly like some of the new T&C i have to now agree with:


Allow PayPal to connect your account with

By clicking "Agree and Connect" you instruct to access your transactional data from PayPal and you allow us to communicate with so that we can process your customer's payments. Automatically deduct their fee from each PayPal transaction prior to the remaining balance settling to your PayPal account. The fee amount is subject to your agreement with Share my PayPal dispute data with, which I manage in the PayPal Resolution Centre Allow to manage PayPal disputes and chargebacks, and to furnish any information and supporting documents to PayPal on my behalf.

I agree that PayPal may rely solely on the information and supporting documents provided by to adjudicate the dispute or resolve a chargeback. Treat's decisions in favour of my buyers in buyer disputes adjudicated by, to be used as a basis for reversing payments made to me

Transfer data to PayPal which enables PayPal to process transactions. may also confirm to PayPal that transactions are to be processed. Transfer data to PayPal which enables PayPal to process the transaction, which includes specific amounts for transactions previously authorised by the buyer. Instruct PayPal to return transactions on my behalf. Search through and access PayPal transaction-related data


So much for being the "merchant of record" !!

Hi, sorry for the trouble. Can you perhaps contact me via the strandgames website or via PM in the strandgames forum. The problem is probably caused by library conflicts between the Fedora system libs and the old Qt version.


Or even better, a way to set the rate manually for each country?

I have deregered from VAT MOSS, since from Jan 1 2019, EU VAT can be accounted for as domestic sales (including digital goods), providing not more than €10,000 in sales are made.

To support start-ups and micro-businesses, the introduction of a yearly VAT threshold of €10,000 under which cross-border sales to other countries within the EU are treated as domestic sales for online companies, with VAT paid to their own tax administration. This goes hand in hand with other initiatives such as single invoicing rules. Our aim is to make trading in the single market as similar as possible to trading at home for these companies. On top of this, companies selling cross-border with less than €100,000 cross-border sales will benefit from simplified rules;

Of course, i could switch off "add VAT" but VAT is actually being charged, and a VAT  a customer VAT receipt might be required.

any help. thanks.

That was it. Using Firefox 65.0.2. I switched to brave and it worked.

Have the cover image resolutions/formats changed. I've been trying to add a cover image and it doesnt work. Ive tried, 630x500.png also 1024x1024 and other size includes jpg as well as png. nothing works.

something im missing?

Thanks for the reply.

So unless there's a way customers claim to be a business, Itch should always add VAT for EU regions (unless disabled of course).

OK. i'll dig out the exact case...

I've also noticed that some customers pretend to be in different regions. So the region code in the STRIPE or PAYPAL reports is *different* from the Itch purchases report. In these cases the tax was levied as the Itch reported region.

Hi I don't know the exact answer, but i have seen situations where the card registered region is NOT the same as the claimed region. eg the region registered with Itch.

Perhaps it is this.

Thanks for looking into this.

I understand how to disable "automatic collection", but how to "apply an inclusive VAT rate per transaction based on the origin of the buyer". I could change the price to include VAT, but that would also add VAT to zero vat destinations.


doing my VAT, i find that some (rare) sales entries in the exported payments spreadsheet did not have VAT added. For example i have a sale in DE where VAT should have applied, yet none was added (other DE sales are fine this quarter).

Are these customers businesses? which would explain the tax exemption. If so, can their VAT numbers be collected in the payment sheet.


So this is a question to the Admins;

If "Add VAT" is selected in the Account Settings, is is possible that there could be a VAT/GST page whereby we could alter the VAT rates applied by region.  For example, this table would normally hold the EU Standard Rate for each Country Code, but the values could be overridden and saved.

Thanks for reading.

Ah! so that's where the 8818 comes from, it's actually €10k .

Nevertheless, these new rules are already in effect as i have been notified as such directly from HMRC (see quote above).

I plan to de-register from MOSS this quarter and calculate all my VAT in terms of UK vat as indicated.

This is not a "going to be" it's already here. If brexit happens, then there might be a subsequent change. There's a link above that addresses that case.

It is possible that the ITCH gst/vat calculalation can be made manual and not automatic per EU state. We could just type in the relevant numbers then. For example i could just type in 20% for every EU state to override the default.

Hi everyone.

As i understand it, ITCH is not a platform (as defined in the place of supply rules) and so the merchant (ie me) currently pays EU MOSS VAT for consumer sales in the EU.

I've been doing this since 2015, when the digital supply rules changed last time.

But it's changing again:

From HMRC:

Dear VAT MOSS user,
From 1st January 2019, an EU wide change to the VAT place of supply rules will be implemented that will affect MOSS registered businesses who are established in the EU.
What is changing?
An £8,818 annual threshold (total value, exclusive of VAT) for cross border supplies of digital services to consumers in the EU will be introduced. If your annual cross border supplies of digital services to consumers is below this threshold in the current and preceding year, the supplies can be treated as being made in the UK instead of elsewhere in the EU.  Businesses below the threshold will be able to charge UK VAT instead of VAT in the Member State of the consumer.
What do I need to do?
1.       You need calculate the total value of your cross-border digital sales to EU consumers for the calendar year – 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.
If your sales exceed the £8,818 digital supply threshold in 2018, you don’t need to do anything. You can continue to use MOSS to report and pay VAT due in the Member State of the consumer.
If your sales are under the threshold in 2018 and you remain liable to be registerable for UK VAT then, after 31 December 2018, you can charge and account for UK VAT on your supplies of digital services to consumers inside the EU unless you exceed £8,818 during that calendar year (see point 2 below).
If you do not want to take advantage of the threshold, and want to continue to charge VAT across the EU, you can elect to do so (see ‘The Election’ below).
You may choose to deregister from MOSS if you don’t need to pay VAT in another Member State. Deregistration will take effect from the end of the current quarter unless it is done within 15 days of the end of the quarter. In that case, deregistration will take effect from the end of the following quarter. You will need to submit a nil return for quarters where you remain registered and under the digital supply threshold. This means you will need to complete a quarter one 2019 MOSS return if you deregister for MOSS between 1 January 2019 and the 15 March 2019.
If you deregister for MOSS you cannot re-register for next two calendar quarters. You can deregister from VAT MOSS by visiting HMRC’s online MOSS service (select “Change registration details” section).
If you are below the UK VAT registration threshold, you can also deregister from UK VAT and can stop charging VAT on your supplies.
2.       You will need to monitor the value of your cross-border digital supplies throughout the year.
·       If you exceed the threshold and are still registered for MOSS you should start charging, and accounting for, EU VAT on your cross border supplies of digital services using the MOSS return.
·       If you exceed the threshold and are not registered for MOSS at that time, you will need to report and pay VAT due in other Member States by re-registering for MOSS (if you are able to) or registering for VAT in each Member State in which you make digital supplies.
The Election
The effect of making an election is that the threshold rules don’t apply and the place of supply remains where your consumer is based.
You must notify HMRC within 30 days of making the election at Please include ‘election’ in the email subject line.
The election has effect until the end of the second full calendar year after making the election. For example, if you make the election on 30 January 2019 the election applies until 31 December 2021.
Deregistering for UK VAT
If you are below the new digital services threshold and the total value of your digital sales, when combined with all other domestic sales, is below the UK VAT threshold, then your business is not obliged to register for, and charge, domestic VAT.  You can cancel your business’s VAT registration by using HMRC’s online service or completing and sending us a VAT7 form. This will automatically cancel your VAT MOSS registration.
Please note that access to your online VAT MOSS account will remain open for up to 3 years so that you are able to submit missing VAT MOSS returns and correct those already submitted.
You can find guidance on the new rules at
The UK leaving the EU
We will email you soon to explain how UK VAT MOSS will change when the UK leaves the EU.
The digital services threshold only applies to businesses located in the EU. In the event the UK leaves the EU with no deal on 29 March 2019, the threshold will no longer apply to businesses based in the UK. UK businesses who want to continue to use VAT MOSS will need to register for the VAT MOSS non-Union scheme in an EU Member State. This can only be done after the date the UK leaves the EU.
You can find further information to help you prepare for EU Exit at VAT for businesses if there’s no Brexit deal.
Yours Faithfully,
HM Revenue & Customs
United Kingdom
So since i'm not shifting over £8818 of digital goods, i'd like to take up this offer to de-register from MOSS.

Which means, if i understand it, the sales will thereafter attract a UK VAT of 20% for all EU sales rather than the VAT rate of individual EU states (as with MOSS). 

That's how i understand it anyhow.

In which case, how do i go about altering the TAX added by itch when it makes sales to reflect this new VAT rule. It basically now needs to be 20% in the EU and 0% outside.

Thanks for reading.

hmm. can't a way to PM people here? drop me an email on, and i'll send you the APK download key.

Let me know if it works!


Interesting idea. 

I've created a secret "The Pawn for Android" project, that hosts the APK. You're going to have to manually side-load it into your device. But it should work. Let me see if i can PM you the key...

We would very much like to put them on Steam at some point. Thanks for your feedback!

Hey Awesome!! Thanks for this. Clicking on buses and cars was driving me nuts. I'll change my PW too.

Will that bypass the CAPCHA? I don't understand even why this is there when the password is correct?

Like i said, this is starting to get annoying. 2FA maybe?

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Short answer: yes. We're remastering all the game in chronological order, so it will be Jinxter next. Eventually we hope to get around to Wonderland. Although, chances are that we won't be remaking "magnetic windows", but running the game within our new UI. Nevertheless, if new graphic widgets are needed, we'll do them.

Hey thanks for this,

I modified my program to match stripe charge id with itch "source_id" and it works. everything matches up!

Later i have to do the same for Paypal. I was hoping to match on email (slightly bogus), but i don't know if you already have a paypal sales id, but if you don't, that would be _very_ useful too.

Regarding bookkeeping;

You are correct that the "primary source" is either the Stripe or Paypal figures when "direct to you", BUT those figures do know if, for any given transaction, there is a tip or not. Basically, they only have the combine charge.

So i have to link back to the itch payout sheet to break each transaction down to; sales, tips, fees and tax.

According to my accountant, tips are earnings but not sales and have no sales tax, which is correct because it agrees with the tax actually charged. over here in Europe, we have a ridiculous thing called MOSS, whereby i have to report sales & sales tax for EACH of the 28 EU regions (so much for it all being one unified region!!), and thus i need to actually report separate; sales + sales tax for those regions.

Annoying i know. but that's why i have to connect itch sales with those from the payment processors.


I need to collate sales from the itch "purchases" CSV to those from Stripe and Paypal.

For a given sale in the itch "purchases" data, there is no unique ID that appears in either the Stripe "charges" data nor the paypal sales data. Right now, I'm trying to use the customer "full_name" column to make a match, but that is unreliable since names are not unique and, more seriously, the names for the SAME transaction do not always match (due to international characters being used). I have also tried to the use time, but this varies quite a bit and sometimes another customer's time is actually a closer match (due to overlapping transactions).

the customer email address is absent in the Stripe data, so i cannot use that.

Surely, everyone else must be having this same problem since otherwise they cannot properly make their business accounts.

Any ideas for a solution? thanks.

Thanks for your reply, but this doesn't work.

My app sells for 1.49, but unchecking this box causes the price to be suggested at 2.00.  If i check this box, and enter 1.49 it is rejected. The smallest i can make it by checking the box is 1.50.

There are already "tip" buttons that people can press if they wish to add a donation. I don't like the idea of having a "built-in" suggested tip as this is an imposition on peoples' generosity.

Any suggestions? thanks.

It won't accept the same value. How to not suggest a greater value than min. thanks.

Paypal now suported!

Absolutely, Guild of Thieves is running here, but it needs more testing. We're hoping to make a beta soon(ish).

I might try to track down the C64 versions of the pictures too.

(2 edits)

good point about scale reset. In general, try not to mess with scale. Almost always you can get the same thing by changing the font size. The scale feature was added originally in case the buttons were too small or large - mainly for laptops with touch screens.

To make the images more like the original, switch off "image pixel scaling" (which is on by default). This removes the XBR scaling algorithm, but even so the pictures are still scaled to fit the window.

The original pictures are only 256 pixels wide, so they would be _really_ tiny on any modern device. It could just pixel double/tripple/quad etc, but they would be quite blocky indeed.

checkout this blog entry for more info on the pictures,

iPhone & iPad version submitted to Apple for review...

It should do! If you can't get it to work, email me at and i'll help out.

Yes, we are currently finishing the remaining bits for the iOS build. It just takes a little more time, but it is in the works.

it sometimes takes me over 10 mins to login to itch.
 If my password is correct, why is it doing the ROBOT thing??

Good point about PayPal, I'll look into it. Thanks!