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Cute little game! Nice idea !

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5/5. The style the music the mechanic the idea the message .... So far this is the best i have played.

Thank you and good job!

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So good design and colors! Love it! And its a simply game, but sooo hard :D so good. nice idea and a good job! Maybe the spell animation could be clearer.

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The style is so good, but that ghosts are a bit too fast. Anyway good game!

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25 kill 80 sec ! Amaaaaazing game! 

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Nice game, nice puzzles, niche mechanic!

Nice idea, and nice mechanic! I like the art style, and the map!  Good job !

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Pretty fun game. The map is a bit large for me, and the shotgun enemy is a hard one, he fucked me up, but yes.. im not a skilled player :D I absolutly liked the music!!! Nice game bro!

Please check my game as well :)

Nice game, I really liked the narrative section!
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A nice and fun little game. Loved it !