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I meant that if you don't need to use the button for slicing, you could have the left button move the cam the way the right button does. Or one can be faster than the other, I don't know if that's easy to do.

This is fun to play! Here is my suggestion. I noticed I was holding down the mouse button all the time So I suggest either add a benefit to not holding down the button, or make just mousing over the cells be the attack, and holding down either button be for moving.

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Could not get enough height to beat the second level. Is there some tech to get more height, while also going to the side? I could not make it onto the cage.

Nice character design for protagonist. I do not reget playing this lil freebie.

Left it running overnight. Glad PICO-8 is not a memory hog. Finished it with only 8/9 stars, because I do not understand space. Also, I approve of the Tokata easter egg.

I had this feeling too, but it turned out okay in the end!

pretty good. Last level reminded me of Knights of Sokoban 3

That was soothing

Still working on beating dad. My hitbox being bigger than my body while dad's being smaller than his head make this tough. Also, unfair jerk keeps covering the floor with flames and changing the speed at which he walks so I can't get a handle on that.

Cute game. It would be a lot more fun if it were faster paced. It would help if the switches were somehow labled, at least the reset switch. I pushed the barrel onto it twice, which is not fun with as slow as that was. The reward scroll didn't seem much more than the pictures at the right third of the screen.

If the enemies saw me and chased me down, I would also have a lot more fun with this, playing not to win.

Yeah, I am surprised how much support I am getting.

Cute and lovely. I gave you an extra point on stealth only because it would be in the spirit of the game to try. :P