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Nice game and also good, that it comes in a SD2IEC-compatible version as well. But i have one suggestion for improvement for this SD2IEC version of Lykia. In four d81-files this version was released at the moment, which is not really nice to use on SD2IEC, because normally all files together have less than 800kb in size, so they could be put on one SD2IEC easily. Also not all SD2IEC-models have buttons to switch disk-sides, that's the next point.

In the Lykia textfile is written, that putting all files in only one d81-file couldn't be realised, because the number of files would have been to much, to put them on one d81 file (because a disk-image can only contain so many files and so on). But a SD2IEC can also read single files directly from a SD-card when they are placed in a folder and then it can be as many files as you want. At the moment this don't work, because there are files with the same name, but different content, when users for example simply try, to copy together all files from the four d81 into one folder on the SD-card. These doubles then are the problem.

But when the programmers would adjust the names of the files, this would work, then users can copy everything together in ony folder and no diskchange is necessary again on SD2IEC. Or, and this would be even better, the v1.3 SD2IEC-version of the game directly comes as a folder named "lykia" for example, with already all single files inside. No need, for putting all files into a d81-diskimage and having to deal with the "image can only handle this or that number of files" problem then, because on a SD2IEC, these files also work as single files, directly in a folder on the SD-card.

That's my suggestion. The game is much better to use on the SD2IEC, when the users don't have to change the disksides and this could be quite easily achieved on this hardware, only the filenames must be adjusted in the gamecode and directly, so that no doubles with different content would exist finally. Hope, a V1.3 will come in the future.

Great port. This one, the Amiga Beer Edition and the MSX2 port of "Bomb Jack" are the best home-ports.

Very good game, plays very similar to the original Arcade version, which is a compliment, since the arcade original of this game is really great. And this Amiga version here,  is very close and much better than the 1989 Amiga version from "Elite", which plays as lame as the Atari-ST port of the game, almost in slow motion somehow. But this Beer Edition here, is really top notch and one of the best (maybe the best) home-version of this game.

And i like both "Beer Edition" versions, the one from 2018 and also the updated version from 2022. Alot users also like the Jarre tune and so on. Maybe it would have been best, to combine the things of both versions (tunes and also the other changes) and make them choosable in the game-menue (on/off)? Then we would not need two versions and everything is choosable in only one version.

Good new game, thumbs up.

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Hello. Thanks for the offer, but I fear, that sadly i can't use this unofficial firmware, because, like i wrote, my 1541U1 is one from the very first batches that was released back then, without REU and also board is little bit smaller than the later versions. It was always said, that the latest version you can use with such an old 1541U-MK1 (not MK1+) is V1.72b and with this, the crt dont work. Or is this firmware also for very old MK1 devices? But okay, i am sure, sooner or later a diskversion of the game will come anyway, either from Monte Boyd itself, or from other people.

I understand. Maybe one of the cracking-crews will release a diskversion of the game in the future? We will see, would be not the first time that a game that was only released on cartridge, later gets a diskversion. Because of the loading-times - there exist some really fast loaders in the meantime, especially the ones programmed by the user "Krill" like for example Transwarp and so on, that could maybe be a solution for this. But i am not a programmer, so i can only speculate. Anyway, good new game that you have delivered here.

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Looks really great. 2-player simultan-mode would also have been cool. A bit sad, that no diskversion seems to be possible technically. I own two SD2IEC's, some normal floppies and a 1541-U1 (one from the very first batches, on which V1.72b firmware is the latest usable) and sadly, i can't use this crt on any of these hardware (dont work on my 1541-U1). But good game anyway, thumbs up.

No, very nice, it's very nice.  :-)

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Namco had missed their chance a little bit, in my opinion with this old port. Technically it should have been no problem on a C64, to realize it a bit closer to the Arcade original. But okay, it is what it is. For 1982, the early days of the C64, it was an okay port.

One more comment on point (4) .

As I wrote before, an alternative and easier to realize solution than changing the graphics, could be, to simply make the player-sprite a little bit faster in his up/down movements, compared to the speed in his left/right movements. Then, in connection with the somewhat compressed height of the PAL screen-ratio, the impression would again be given to the player, that his sprite would run at the same speed in all four directions, when this speed-increasing for up/down is adjusted correctly. Of course, the speed of the monsters would also have to be adjusted in parallel then, otherwise it would have bad influence on the whole gameplay, when the player could easily run away from the monsters then. The better solution surely would be, to change the complete level-graphics in the PAL-version, but since this would almost amount to a complete reprogramming of the entire game, the solution with "make the sprite faster for up/down a little bit" would be at least an alternative option, that would also bring an improvement in this point .

The C64 could do with an improved version of the game, so, if you ever have the time and inclination to launch something in that direction, that would be cool, because Dig Dug still is a very popular classic, that has alot of fans.  :)

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If a multiplayer-version of this could come someday, it would really be great, because especially this gameplay here of "Cabygame", is ideal to be played with more than one player at the same time.

Since there are now also 4-player-adapters available for the C64, one could even think about, offering a 4-player-simultaneous mode too in the game-menue, in addition to 1-player and 2-player simultaneous. I could imagine, that this would certainly be super fun as a party game, played with three friends, all sprites together on one screen against each other.  :-)

Denise emulator also is very good and when it comes to gaming, not only i would say, it's number-one of all C64-emulators, cause Denise has a RunAhead function for minimizing the input-lag (so it feels like playing on a real C64) and also keyboard-keys can be mapped to buttons on the controller, which also is a big improvement in the playability of alot C64-games, also here in "Briley Witch Chronicles".

Nice game.

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Yes indeed. And this background-noise you mentioned, which improves the atmosphere in the game, also reminds me a bit of the background-noise in the game "Paradroid" (my favorite game on the C64 since my childhood by the way, especially the redux-version is fabulous), because it sounds similar. Like some kind of rotors in work  :-)

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I can tell some of the disadvantages of the old Namco-version on the C64. First of all - it's not a bad game, but it has some weak points, which kills the fun a little bit. These things should be improved in this old version:

(1) the overall-speed is to slow, especially on a PAL-C64. The version for NTSC-C64 machines plays better when it comes to this, but even this version is slower than the Arcade version of the game

(2) the game is much easier on the C64, because of the slower speed and also, because the difficulty of the levels stops increasing, after a while and then, when a good player make no mistakes, he can play this version nearly endlessly and this leads to the next bad thing, described in the next point

(3) because the gameplay is easier, compared to the Arcade-version, it's possible then for skilled players, to nearly always reach the score of 999.999 and after this value, the score in the C64 version unfortunately starts from 0 again, which is a very big motivation-killer. Here it would be very good, to have one more digit in the score-display, that would allow values up to 9.999.999. To reach such a score, the player would play over 10 hours, so i think, this would be good enough, cause nobody plays so long in a row. But a score of 999.999 can be reached after 1,5 hours, therefore the score-display should have at least one digit more

(4) in the PAL-version, it looks, like the player-sprite can move faster in left/right direction and he is a little bit slower in up/down direction. This is a problem of the PAL screen-ratio, because the PAL picture is a little bit squeezed in height (compared to the NTSC picture on C64) and it seems, that this game was developed on a NTSC machine. Therefore, when the game is played on PAL C64 machines, with this squeezed picture-height, it looks now, like the playersprite is slower in up/down direction, but this sprite should have the same speed in all four directions, like it is in the Arcade version. The player-sprite should either be made a little bit faster in his up/down moving-speed, or alternatively, the whole level-graphics should be stretched in height a little bit, to look similar to the NTSC-picture, cause then also the up/down moving-speed would be adjusted to the left/right speed.

That's the points, where the C64-version of "Dig Dug" could/should be improved and that came to my mind, at the moment.

Then one word to your version here for the PC. Really good conversion and very close to the Arcade original. Nice.

Fun! Nice game.

Cool. Good game.

Great game, fun to play. Thumbs up!

Nice little game!

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Thanks for the update, Arlasoft. This is the final version of "Galaga" for me now! Game is great and now finally all problems are wiped out. Good work, much appreciated.

By the way. You also did alot good Atari-2600 conversions to the C64, i saw. If you ever have time and leisure for another one, a 1-to-1 port of the Atari-2600 version of "Phoenix" to the C64, would be an absolutely fantastic thing. I am a big big fan of this game since my childhood. I know it differs from the Arcade version of "Phoenix", but it is a fantastic game of it's own on the Atari-2600. Just a suggestion of course.  :-)

Very nice!

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Really a good conversion of Pac-Man for the C64. Thanks for that one and all the other good games, that came out by Arlasoft in last time.

But before V1.1 of Pac-Man now comes, maybe the last issues in Galaga could be solved and a V1.6 of that game could first be released, because for that final version of Galaga some users wait a long time now and strangely enough, all other things (Galaxian, Pillars, Berzerk, Pac-Man etc) are somehow preferred to these last fix and I guess, it's not really a big deal, to change these autofire-problems there. Thanks in advance. :)

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It's not only the 1541-U, that has a problem here. Played the game on my SD2IEC and "saving the score itself" works and score first can also correctly be seen in score-list and is also saved. But after restarting the game, the score is rounded-down all the time. Very strange. At once, not my real score is shown in the score-list, but a rounded down score to a full hundred. For example, i have 650 points, but only 600 is saved and stand in the scorelist, when game is restarted. Seems like, only the first number (which is a 6 in my example) is saved, but not the digits after the 6. This happens also in emu's, not only on SD2IEC. I guess here are 2 bugs, the rounding thing and a problem on 1541U with saving itself.

V1.06, V1.06, V1.06, V1.06, we need V1.06, V1.06, V1.06, V1.06.  :)

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Looks really good. "Robotron 2084" is an Arcade-classic, looking forward to this conversion of the game here for the C64.

By the way, on the Amiga a very similar game named "Llamatron 2112" exists and the way, they solved it with the controls for 1-button-joysticks there in this game, is really superb. Works really very good, as a player you even don't miss dual-joysticks then. Maybe you could have a look at this Amiga game one time and when you like these controls, it could be solved in a similar way, here in "Robotron 2064"?

Only a suggestion of course, but i wanted to have this mentioned, because in my eyes, Llamatron plays really great, even with only one 1-button-controller.

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Okay, understand.

By the way, because i read that you asked for suggestions and i also saw, that you already have made some good Atari-2600 ports. A 1-to-1 port of the Atari-2600 version of Phoenix would be absolutely superb to have on the C64. I totally love Phoenix and especially the Atari-2600 version, although i know, that this version is a bit different from the Arcade original. But i actually like the Atari-2600 Phoenix version the best. Nothing would have to be changed, it could be ported 1-to-1, no improvements needed, this version is ideal as it is.

I know that you have alot work at the moment, but this would be a suggestion for future projects.

Is there a programming reason, why this autofire-issue just isn't getting fixed for this game? So are there any problems that make this impossible, or what is the reason why V1.06 simply does not appear? Or is it a time problem, because other games are also being worked on?

Nice, the next good improvement!

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Some good improvements in V1.1. Especially that the aiming-line now is gone after the first level.

I found out, when i played this game longer in WinAPE Amstrad-CPC emulator, that it plays best, when i use 150% speed, instead of the original 100%. Then the whole gameplay is faster and more similar to the Arcade versions of Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move). Only the music is much too fast then, of course.  :)

Would really be appreciated if this Autofire-problem could finally be fixed in a V1.06. Since the problem does not occur in "Galaxian", it's known now, what the problem here in "Galaga" is, don't we?

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Great collection! "Don't block the box" is now called "Intersection" in this collection, i guess it was renamed later on? Good game anyway, the whole collection is good.

Nice puzzler, played it today for around one hour and really like it. One question here. The Arcade game "Columns" offers the possibility, to be able, to switch through the sequence of colors in the falling piece in both directions. On the C64, because we have only one Firebutton, there is only one direction to switch through the colors now. But there are different possibilities in the meanwhile, that can change this.

For the real C64 there are adapters like the Gen-Assister for MegaDrive Controllers, that is plugged in both joyports of the C64 at the same time and then the user can have the function of the SPACE BAR on one of his buttons on the gamepad.

And in C64-emulators like for example HOXS, DENISE or CCS64 the user has a function that allows mapping of keyboard-keys to a button on the controller.

If "Pillars" now would have only one simple thing more, it would be fantastic to use in both mentioned ways. The game should switch through the colors in reverse order, when the player presses the SPACE button, than it does, when the player presses the normal Fire-Button.

Then emulator-users could simply map the SPACE button to the second button on their controller (in the menue of the emu) and users of adapters like the mentioned Gen-Assister already have SPACE on their second button on the MegaDrive gamepad, as soon, as this adapter is connected to both joyports of their C64

Then all these users could play the game like the Arcade version of Columns can be played, with two buttons. And an additional keyboard-control of the game would also not be bad, there are not many keys needed, then all players could play with two buttons. Left/Right/Fire1/Fire2, that's all. Maybe that could be included too, but the first suggestion, with "SPACE-BAR, to switch colors in revers order" would be the most important. 

What do you think about it?

Nice, sounds good. One question - did you read what I wrote a bit further down, when I mentioned "Phoenix (Atari VCS-2600)" and the one with "Tiny Galaga" on the Amiga-500 and it's color scheme, among other things?

I hope and guess not. V1.05 still has some smaller problems that should be fixed, like for example the annoying autofire-problem.

Funny little game. Good work. A 2-player-simultan feature could also be nice here. Maybe some day?

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Could you have a look at this thing in the meantime, now that it's clear since some weeks, that in "Galaxian DX" this problem with the Autofire don't occure? Then this could be fixed in Galaga too, like you mentioned.

And one question more. Somewhere here in the entries you wrote, that, when less colors would be used for the attacking enemies, technically more possibilities would be there, for improving other things to make Galaga, which is already good, even more closer to the Arcade version. And you also wrote, that you decided against it, because you wanted the sprites to have more colors. Just one question to this - how about a second version and then a selection-function for the player, in the beginning of the game, where he could choose, which version of the game he wanted to play. And then a second version would be created, with a similar look, when it comes to the colors, than for example the game "Tiny Galaga", that came out last year for the Amiga? Only two colors, but nevertheless, it looks and plays really good. Looks like a LCD game on older game&watch handhelds, when it comes to the colors. Everything could be the same like now in your C64 Galaga, just with less colors (two or three) but therefore with some improved other things? What do you think? Player then could choose everytime in the game-menue, which version to play and this version then reloads.

Very nice new game Sarah, made with attention to detail. Superb work.

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Thanks for the game. I am a big fan of the whole "Puzzle Bobble" series and i own alot different versions of this game. Versions for alot consoles and computers, so I can make a good comparison. This version here is good overall, with nice graphics, nice music and so on, but i also found a few points, that i don't find ideal. To name some of them (not to be understood as criticism, but as a suggestion for improvement, if technically possible?)

(1) i didn't find a way, to turn off the aiming-line, because as a player you actually want to aim yourself and then logically not hit everytime exactly there, where you want to. That's what the gameplay is based on. If there's always an aiming-line active, you'll always hit perfectly, which shouldn't be the case normally. Wouldn't it be better here, to make the aiming-line deactivatable and instead, equip the gun with an arrow, so you can see where you're aiming? This then would be, like it is in the Arcade version. 

(2) too much time passes, from pressing the firebutton, until the bubble then leaves the cannon. Sometimes, when things get tight, this leads to time pressure here in the CPC port, because you can't shoot several bubbles in a row fast enough, because the cannon doesn't provide the bubbles fast enough.

(3) there is unfortunately no "versus" mode at all, neither against a second human opponent, nor against the CPU opponents. This is a pity, because the versus mode is actually the most fun in all the ports of this game that i knew.

As I said, it's really great, that this good game is now also available for the Amstrad CPC, but these points could possibly be improved a bit, then the CPC-port would be even better.

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Great port. It plays well and looks nice. Good work!

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I tried your new Galaxian game and there this problem does not occur. I've tried it with two joysticks, both of which contain "rapidfire as long as the player holds the firebutton down" and whenever I leave the button in "Galaxian DX", the rapidfire stops immediately, like it should be. So there it works.

By the way - there in "Galaxian DX" a rapidfire (autofire) doesn't help much anyway, because a maximum of only one shot of the player can appear on the screen at the same time. But with "Galaga" it often helps, because more shots on the screen are possible there and you can shoot several enemies one after the other in Galaga with rapidfire.  :-)

Your new "Galaxian DX" is really good, the next great C64 port of a classical Arcade-shooter. WOW!! You know what. If you don't know, what to port next to the C64, then I have a suggestion. The Atari VCS-2600 version of "Phoenix" is fantastic. A little different from the Arcade original of this game (because the VCS2600 couldn't implement it technically back then, i guess), but the Atari-2600 version of "Phoenix" has it's own charm and plays really great. My number-one game on this system since my childhood. To have this Atari-2600 version 1-to-1 on the C64 too, would be awesome! Nothing needs to be changed, "Phoenix" on the Atari-2600 is awesome as it is and exactly like this it should be ported. Maybe you will find time for that at some point in the future, that would be great!!!

Will there be a V1.06, that fixes the last remaining bugs? That would be great. Especially the thing with the Autofire, that goes on shooting by it's own, is a little bit strange sometimes in gameplay. Overall it's definately a good game, only a few teething problems should still be eliminated.