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First of all, that the three games were combined in a trilogy is a good idea. I played especially "Zap Fight 3" in last days, because the other two games i already knew before, and i am a little bit ambivalent, to be honest. While the graphics, the weapon-upgrade system and tune/sound-fx are nice, i find the gameplay of the third part a bit too monotonous. And i wondered a little bit about that, because especially the special-edition of the second part of the series shows, how this point can be better. I also directly compared the older "special edition" of "Zap Fight 2" with the new trilogy-edition of this game and i noticed, that on the screen, there is more going on, in the older special edition. The trilogy edition of "Zap Fight 2" maybe looks a bit better, with these new displays on the outside, but apparently this was at the expense of the amount of attacking enemies, i fear. And if i would have to choose, i clearly prefer more action on the screen, more enemies and more variety in the gameplay/attacking-waves, over little-bit better graphics. Therefore i clearly prefer the older special-edition of part 2. Would be great, if sometime later, a "special edition" of the third part would follow, in which there's a lot more action on the screen (like in SE of part 2), even if some of the new graphical elements must be dropped for this. When you ask me, the older "special edition" of "Zap Fight 2" is the best construction-kit game ever made so far and it would be great, to see an updated part 3 of the series as "special edition" also, some day.

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The suggestion with the flasing outline and that the CPU-player could give a signal to the human-player, when he's ready for handing over some orbs, is not bad. Maybe it could also make sense, that also the human-player could give such a signal to the CPU-player (for example by pressing the SPACE-Bar), when he wants to hand over orbs vice-versa?

But i am not a programmer and i don't know, how much playing-intelligence could be realized for a CPU-player on a 8bit machine like the C64, when it comes to things like cooperation and reacting on the moves of the human-player?

I am sure, it would not be a big problem, to let a CPU-player play his own game alone in a very high strength here in this puzzler-game, but when it comes to cooperation with the human-player to pursue a common aim, then i am not sure, what's technically possible and what not on 8bit machines? An interesting thing, these cooperation thoughts with a CPU-player, are anyway, because such things are not so often to find in C64 games.

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Yes, in a similar way. This would mean, the CPU-player then must know

- how to play the game (strategy/rules)

- when it makes sense, to shoot certain orbs to the human-player on the other side

- the position of the player-ship and when the time has come, to hand over some orbs, for solving a level

Not easy to realize in a good way, i guess. But would be cool anyway.

It's not often, that a buddy is available to play along, but the game makes alot more fun, when another player is involved. If that is a human or a cpu-controlled one, would be pretty much irrelevant, i could imagine, as long as this player makes senseful things in the game.

The problem could be, to realize this technically. Because here in this game, the CPU-player and the human-player must work together, to solve a level, while in most other games, in which a CPU-player can be chosen, this CPU-player then plays against the human-player and plays his own game.

But here in "Space Orbs", the programming-challenge would be even bigger, because here a coordination between the CPU-player and the human-player would be necessary. They must work together to solve a level and i guess, this could be more difficult to realize.

But it would be really great, if something like this could be realized and i could imagine a nice gaming-experience here.

That sounds good. Would be great.

Good game, reminds me alot on the C64 classic Mikie.

I am sure, the voters meant the game overall, also the comments here

goes in that direction and shows, that they like the gameplay. Indeed, it could be worth developing the game-idea further. Maybe a four-player simultan-mode, playable with 4-player-adapter.

"Boddicker Games", you know what - a "Brick's Revenge 2" or "Brick's Revenge DX" version, with a 2-player-simultan playmode, for example like it is in the C64-game "T.R.A.Z. (Transformable Arcade Zone)" would be superb to have in your game. And a 4-player mode (playable with 4-player.adapter) would also be fantastic of course. Maybe sometime in the future?  :)

The good reviews (9.4 out of 10) on the Scene Database shows, that this here really is a  good puzzler. Knew it from beginning on.

One question in the round here - has anyone managed, to successfully start this game on a Windows 32bit system? I get errors, when it try it here and it don't work.

Really a top shooter and also the very smooth scrolling is really great here. Superb new game, good work to the programmer!

And about this scrolling, i have a question to Sarah Jane Avory, maybe she can give a short reply.

Is there a chance, that your game Neutron gets an updated version (would be V1.4 then, if i remember correctly), in which the user can turn off this little jerkiness of the battleships, over which the player flies? There is a strange jerking in some objects in the background, when the user moves his own ship left or right. This is the only thing, which i don't like in Neutron, the rest of the game is very good and having a feature, to turn this jerking-thing On or Off, would be really great.

A short reply would be nice. Best regards and congratulations on Zeta Wing.

Not bad. Control of the player-paddle and the steering is good. With this i mean, the balls bounces in appropriate angles away from the paddle after contact. It is possible to hit certain bricks after a little bit of exercise. Good. Nice little Breakout/Arkanoid Type game. Not with much extras or something, game overall is rater simple with not alot of settings you can make, but the gameplay works well. Thumbs up.

Seems to work now. I played 30 minutes today and clicked "Replay Level" several times without that a problem comes again. Thanks for fixing this so fast. Funny game, will play it in next days, cause i have alot time at the moment.  

"hackefull", today i played the 32-bit version a little bit on my Win-7 PC-system. The first game, when i loaded the game, always works normally, but everytime, when a game is over and i choose "Replay Level", then i get an error-message and can not go on playing. I copied this error-message to the clipboard and it's this here. Maybe it helps in solving the problem:



game.lua:309: A body has escaped Memoizer!


[C]: in function 'destroy'
game.lua:309: in function 'generateNewLevel'
game.lua:434: in function 'onLoseMenu'
game.lua:615: in function 'callback'
menu.lua:73: in function 'keypressed'
game.lua:122: in function 'keypressed'
controls.lua:16: in function 'keypressed'
main.lua:26: in function <main.lua:14>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'


Very nice!   :)

Looks good but sadly don't run on my 32-bit Windows-system.  :(

I completely agree to the statements above. Ääähh i meant "statements abwoof"  ;)

Looks really cute. Lovable sprites and nice surroundings and i love dogs anyway.   :)   Maybe i should have a look at it and try?

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A okay, make sense what you explained about the number of necessary soundchannels. I didn't had this in mind with the 2-player-simultan sound, which could cause a problem here then. All in all a good puzzle game that you wrote here and i am especially happy that we have a new good puzzle-game here now, cause this genre is one of my favourites.

A "Dr. Mario" version would also be great for the C64, maybe you can think about something like that, for one of your future projects?  Best would be, WITH CPU-opponents like the SNES or Nintendo64 "Dr. Mario" versions have it.

Good puzzlers are always welcome and the C64 misses some of the big puzzle-classics. Also a "Puyo Puyo" version don't exist on the C64 until now.  Fortunately "Bust a Move (Puzzle Bobble)" is in the pipeline and will come soon, but sadly without CPU-opponents as it seems, this is a little downgrade, because i often have no second human player available and only playing the puzzles in 1-player-mode could be a little bit boring in the long term. In the console-versions of "Bust a Move" i nearly only play the "VS Computer" modes and set the cpu-level to "hard". Then it makes the most fun.

Also in your "Space Orbs" choosable CPU-opponents would have been superb. The game is great, but then it would have been still better. Maybe in your next puzzler someting like this comes, it's definately a big plus to any puzzle-game when you can play against somebody even when no other human player is available.     :)

I saw now that the game finally has a music now and this music fits very well. Little bit sad, that no Sound-FX comes, when for example a player make a color-match and the tiles disappears or when the player shoot a tile and it reaches the other tiles. Maybe a little click-sound would have been not bad here. But anyway, the game is good overall and the music too. So, good work from you, anyhow a fun puzzler.   :)

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Hy. Okay, i understand.   :)  Sadly these missing sounds will be a minus in the cartridge competition for your otherwise great game, i fear. But most important, that it will be finished and users can play it with everything included (sounds) then. I like these kinds of puzzlers, they make fun.

When the full sound-effects and ingame music will be finished that the final-version could be released?

This game makes fun! Good work. I have this game also on Amiga and on my Spectrum. All versions are good to play, not easy to choose now which to play.   :)

Plays and looks good here in HOXS64 emulator too, i must say. Nevertheless, the most time i play it on a real C64 and a 1702 C64-monitor.

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Don't worry. It is always possible, to make a "Deluxe", "Reimagined", "Redux", "V2.0" or whatever it can be called, version later. Main thing is, that one (bugfree) version is ready, when timeline ends. Later it can still be improved. Regarding setting up different levels, maybe a look at the objects in "Money Puzzle Exchanger" or "Magical Drop" can bring new ideas. The game-princible is similar, only turned around sideways. Maybe the arrangement of the coloured bubbles, or parts of it, can be adopted for some of the levels? Just suggestions, i am not sure if possible.     :)

Hello. Thanks for answering and especially for creating this funny game. YES, it really would make sense to add one in future versions. Sadly it's often not possible i guess, from the time-management in daily-life of many people, to play a game continous for some hours. Then a password system, for example every 3 or 5 levels would really make sense.

Hope that you will go on making puzzle- or brain-games for the Mega-Drive, cause there are not soooo many on this system, when i compare it for example, to the SNES. The Super-NES had alot of good puzzlers which are similar to Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo, Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move). These genre of games, i sometimes miss a little bit on the Megadrive. There are a few i know, but much less than on the SNES.

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Really a good game. Nice game-concept, sweet graphics and chilling music. I played it the first time today and i am in level 11 now, i think. Then i saved it, cause i played it in an emulator. For some levels, i really needed some time to solve them. Reminds me a little bit on games like "Alter Ego" on the ZX-Spectrum, NES, C-64 or Amiga. I also like the fact, that you can talk with some of the other sprites in the game, this often brings fun into the whole concept. Can the game be saved or there are a password later in the higher levels, when it is played on a real Mega-Drive? Or must the player always start at the beginning, cause on the real console it is not possible to simply save the game with a snapshot, like the user can do it in an emulator? Until the level i was, i have not seen a password or a saving-point, will one come later in the game?

Yeah, i thought that you would like any of the games i mentioned.    :)   "Magical Drop" is really a fun game and "Money Puzzle Exchanger" and "Puzzle Bobble" too.

The only thing, which is a little bit sad in this new-coming "Puzzle Bobble" port is the fact, that it will have no CPU-opponents for the 2-player-mode. I mailed with the programmer about this, but he will not add this, cause he said, that the original arcade-version of "Puzzle Bobble" also don't has CPU-opponents. This is true, but all the successors in the "Puzzle Bobble" series then have CPU-opponents and playing against them in the 2-player-mode makes alot more fun, than solving alone the puzzles in my opinion. But okay, luckily at least a 2-player-simultan-mode for 2 human-players will be added to the new "Puzzle Bobble", cause this is a thing which i really miss in the C64-game "Monster Buster", which is very similar to "Puzzle Bobble". But sadly, often no second human player is available for playing, then CPU-opponents are superb to have in games. Preferably with adjustable difficulty-modes.

And now, to get back to your new game "Space Orbs"     :)    i wanted to ask you, if there is a chance, that such a CPU-opponent function will be included in your game? What do you think? Would be a big PLUS in my opinion, when you are alone at home and nevertheless you can still play the 2-player-mode in the game. If second player is human or CPU, who cares?     ;)

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Sorry, but i don't understand the sense here. Maybe better, when the programmer itself answers here, cause the question was addressed to her. No attack on you TYREX, but how should a left/right jerking of the background-graphics  give the player an illusion of a wider space or more depth in the game? Then i could also argue, that a non-smooth scrolling in a horizontal "jump and run", brings a wider depth into this game. But how should that be the case? Normally totally smooth scrolling is the goal that programmers want to reach for their games, never heard anything else.

All my retro-gaming-friends and i, perceive this small jerking in "Neutron" as a little bit disturbing. The eyes then goes automatically to the strange jerking objekt and not to the enemies where they normally should be. A totally smooth scrolling gives a better and more realistic feeling, while flying over a landscape or over big enemy spaceships. And this jerking here can also not be designated as something like an earthquake that is happening right now on the ground, because when this would be the case, then the earthquake/jerking would also come, when the player don't move his ship. But it comes only when the player does, so it has something to do with the player and this is the strange and unrealistic thing here. I think, this is not only the meaning of my friends and me.

And furthermore, a version WITH this small jerking already exist now and people who like this, can use this version then. So it would be a good idea, to bring a version now, without the jerking. Then everybody can be satisfied. Don't understand me wrong, i know that the game already is very good and that this maybe is 'complaining' on high comfort level. But especially because i think, that the game is really good, i ask here for further improving it by wiping out that disturbing little jerky left/right background-movement.

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Looks good and reminds me a little bit of "Magical Drop" or "Money Puzzle Exchanger" with a turned sideways playing. I really like such kind of puzzle games, especially because it works for two players at the same time. This is always a feature, which i love in games, cause it simply brings the most fun. I see this, when some friends and i make retro-playing-parties. Consoles like the SNES or the NES have alot of these kind of puzzlers, on the C64 there are not so much. Therefore i am looking forward alot to "Puzzle Bobble" on the C64, which is in development and also to this game here.

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Great. Only a 2-player-simultan mode is missing. Would be a good idea for "Lets invade 3". Or, even better, a 4-player-simultan mode, playable with a 4-player-adapter. Would be much going on then on the screen, when 4 player-ships at the same time drive around to defend the earth. Sprites must be made smaller then, also the enemies. But i could imagine, how much fun this could be to play.   :)

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Very good game Sarah. Really nice shooter. The explosions for example, looks superb. When this is your first game (?), then hats off. You delivered quality here. One thing i recognized, which wonders me a little bit, so i must ask. When i fly over all the backgrounds in the game (big enemy ships and so on) and don't steer on the joystick, then the scrolling, or better said the background graphics, scrolls very smooth. When i move with my ship around, then i recognized, that the background graphics, for example the big ships over which i fly, have a little jerking. Looks like a very small left/right jerking, like the graphics walk three or five pixels and then back, but it is recognizable as a player. Can this be wiped out in a V1.1 version, or can nothing be done here? Not criticism, just a suggestion for further improvement.

One question. I just wonder, why its possible to choose also for "Bruce" CPU-control, when then the game can not be started. Cause when CPU is used for Bruce and the user wants to start the game, the border flashes to red, but nothing goes on. Where is the sense in the function CPU-control for the Bruce Sprite? Or is this a bug?

Maybe the possibility in the game-menü to choose between "1-Button Joystick-control" (jump on "steer up") and "2-Button Gamepad-control" (jump on "button 1" and if necessary, then "button 2" can be used for the same effect than the normal button has in the joystick-control).

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Wow, the 3-player-simultan mode and the fact, that now also the black Ninja can be controlled by a human-player, is really fantastic. Brings a whole new gameplay-feeling into the good old Bruce Lee game on the C-64. Good work guys !!! And also a funny coincidende, cause about 1 year ago, i mentioned exactly this point (3-player-simultan-mode in Bruce Lee) in one of my comments to the C-64 game "Galencia". Now this wish came true. Superb !!!

By the way - with my comment i mean Kasumi`s NES-version of the game. The video shows a completely other version of the game, which i haven`t played until now.

Great game with oldschoolish grafics. Things like carry around the other sprite to solve the level is fun to play.

Very good Jump and Run Game. Nice graphics, great playability, good sound. Superb !!!

Great little game!!!

When such a 2-player-simultan-mode is to much change to the existing project, then maybe it would be an idea for "Galencia 2" in the future. :) Simultan-playable games are always the hit when friends came around for a party or something like that. I am glad you like the Centipede idea, because the existing C64-version is not bad, but also not great, when you compare it to the Arcade or NES version. And i think the C64 can handle a version which is equal to the arcade original. Ouh i have alot of ideas for future games, when you need some *lol*. A better "Dig Dug" version for example, would also be cool. The original C64-version is a bit slow and for example the Atari-VCS7800 or NES versions are better. And also here i think a simultan-mode in Dig Dug would be great fun. And last but not least, an idea for a hack. I am sure you know "Bruce Lee", one of the classics and great fun. But can you imagine how much fun it would be, when also the black ninja could be controlled by a player. There are some 4-player-adapters available and a 3-player-simultan-mode, like for example "IK+ Gold" has it, would be a dream in "Bruce Lee". So, maybe after programming a complete game, you have fun to hack an existing game and improving it, then "Bruce Lee" would be a good candidate. :) Thanks for the great Galencia game!