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Space Castle Games

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I wish I paid more attention to the maze while I was going in lol. Impressive the number of mini games you had in there. Congrats

I agree. I wish I had more time. I whipped this up on the last weekend of the jam.  I would have liked to add a reticle change when you were over an item and give more leeway when aiming. The camera change is pretty jarring. I wanted to add a photo camera UI from the person perspective to show they were taking a picture.

Thanks for playing!

Dang my village has been lost to time.

Cool game, I love the voice acting.

I just fixed the issue. Its in the new release. The rigidbodies were set to discrete which allowed them to fall through the terrain simetimes. 

I love this game. The characters are so cute! Puppy hugs!

5 out of 5 would hug puppies again.

When the player gets hurt was that you yelling?  If so nice voice acting.  =)

Nice work for only 10 days. Would have been nice to select more than 1 at a time but understandable for the limited time.

Nice game. Mini map or arrows showing the direction of the portals or closest portal might be good. Probably not enough time to implement during the jam but just a thought.

Cool game. I enjoyed making my own mosh pit. 

Dude.. its simple but heck I played through the whole thing. It's fun. Got me thinking of Kerbal Space Program again. If you have a chance could you try my idle game out. :)

This is a great implementation of this kind of mechanic. Well done.

Very impressive for 10 days. I love the hacking bodies mechanic. The first boss fight was cool. Not sure how much more content there was but I stopped after dying a few times on the level where you start with a tank.

Awesome game.

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I made it to the great beyond. Nice work.  Is it possible to pick up the basket ball and shoot at the hoop? Just curious because I tried. :)

Excellent polished game. I haven't hit any bugs and its pretty fun. 

Hey I know you! You did "Can Hippos Achieve Outer Space" during the Brackeys jam. :)

Nice job I like how you eased me into it. Started off simple and built on it.

Found the movement to be a bit slow for the size of the level but I was able to complete the game. Good job. I like use of lighting and the font is cool too.

I like the background. The falling souls don't stick to the longer platforms was that intentional? 

Great game and fits with the theme.

Its working now. I can play it :)

It worked! I had to stay alive long enough for the red octagons to spawn. The yellow guys with the red tip kept killing me before and they wouldn't give me anything,

Ah thanks for clarifying. I'll try it again.

Congrats on completing the jam. 

mmmm synthy and controller support yay!

Nice work.

I like the king's animation especially the dying one. Looks really good.

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Thanks for playing! The music was composed by our friend: François Gérin-Lajoie
You can hear more of his stuff on youtube:

Congrats on completing the jam.

Having problems loading the WebGL :(

Congrats on completing the jam. Controls felt snappy and responsive. 

I like your parallax background. Nice job. 

Congrats on completing the game jam!

Fun game. I kept hitting the walls when I ate food though. This is the type of game I would keep coming back to nice job.

Cool game fits the theme well, but I got stuck on stage two. 

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out the controls. The game said WASD but only the arrow keys worked. The left and right mouse buttons didn't do anything. :(

Thanks for playing!

It was fun to make him. It was my first time using blend shapes too.  

I never fished for rubber ducks before.. thanks to you I was able to fulfil that fantasy.