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sorry for late replay but the mod launcher

so the game wouldn't no errors or anything it just stops working

thanks for the feedback! It seems like the main problem with the game id that it moving the platforms wasn't clear enough so i will work on it, And im already working on the box being more clear when a crate goes in :)

So it seems like the main problem is that people were confused about what to do,  thanks everyone will take notes for next time 

Liked the idea of the game and the sound effects are beautiful

Really liked the idea of the game and once you get the hang of it, it becomes very fun

yeah i was planning on making a tutorial but time wasn't on my favour

thanks alot for the feedback !!! I was planning on making it a puzzle game but i remembered that I am horrible with level design and have no experience with making puzzle levels so i decided to make it a platformer

And thanks alot for nice comment really appreciate 

Thanks alot !! That means alot to me 

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Thanks alot !! I was worried that collecting the gems would be easy since i found it easy (well playing the level 10 times a minute to test and fix bugs would make me master it for sure)

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thanks for the replay !

i was planing on making window scale because i knew this will happen , but i was busy was making those 6 levels because i never really made any levels before (i always make infinite games) so i forgot about that ... 

lesson learned 

(sorry for my very bad english...) 

very fun idea and creative use of the artkit , loved it !!

good art style ,music and controls ,  iam bad at this game so i didn't git to far in it so i can't give more feedback .

very fun game and fun idea but the tutorial isn't good , its hard to follow it and its very long , an interactable tutrorial would be great

however its a very good game 

loved the story and the gameplay , very good game !

loved the speed based game play and the music and the controls are good and the levels are very well done 

wasn't expecting a scratch game , however its fun i love the sounds and the game play

thanks alot for the feedback , will take notes for my next game 

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very good controls and the game is fun , love the music and sound effect and the game has some minecraft farming vibe , very good job  

nice music , sound effects and very fun minigames , loved it

Like when i work on the game i start the cool down and when i stop i pause it ? Or does it means i should make a game within 48 hours since i have started (sorry for english)

oh ... sorry i didn't browse the sprite sheets so i didn't see it ... thanks

it would be a problem in sprite stacking