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"I wonder what Firefox does"

It's made by Mozilla, not Google (Chrome is the most commonly used web browser).

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I've had issues running web games in Firefox (EDIT: even after disabling extensions), but Brave will run them fine.  No, I haven't compiled a list.  I prefer downloading and playing locally, so usually do that if available.

This game isn't on Steam.

Better search functionality (whether search exclusions, expanded tag options, etc) have been asked on here multiple times just in the last month.  Hopefully it's being worked on, but as of now it's a bit of a mess.  

Depending on what's available, using 3rd party tools may be an option.  For example, since I got the Ukraine benefit bundle last year, I use Bundle Browser to find something I may be interested in from that

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This is more of a "how to use a computer" type of question; does itch have a FAQ that would cover such things? 

EDIT:  The FAQ has a mention of .zip files under the Creating section of the FAQ but I didn't find any section for helping end-users navigate different file types.

Anyway, .rar files are a type of compressed archive, similar to .zip and .7z files.  I personally suggest 7-Zip as it's cross-platform, open-source, and integrates well with menu items once installed.  You can use it to open .rar archives in addition to other types.

I also would like this feature, but I don't have much hope considering search exclusions haven't even been added as a standard feature.

The game's page is still up:

However, access has been restricted.  From the page:  "This game has been restricted by the author and can not be downloaded. The owner of the page must give permission to those they wish to access the page."

My best guess is the author is reworking things and will probably re-release it when bugs or other things are fixed.

Have you tried contacting any devs from whom you bought games?  It'll probably depend on the game and/or developer what their policy is regarding re-issuing keys.

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I was just looking at that old article and was about to ask on any updates.  I implore those in charge to implement this feature.  It is hard to find things I want to play, let alone suggest to others to use itch, when such basic functions like search exclusions aren't supported.  

I just saw that email and wasn't sure what it was.  So I guess I missed out then :-(

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The only platform listed in the description for this game is Windows.  I get wanting options, but not all games on itch are made for multiple platforms.

EDIT:  I just looked at the game's page on Steam, and there are versions for Linux and MacOS.  My bad.  I wonder why all versions aren't available here, since they exist on other stores.

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Sorry for the late reply!  I played for a little bit it seems softer on the eyes.  When I get a chance I'll do a little more playing to compare it with the v1.0 version to see if I can get you a better description

EDIT:  So, I feel silly  😛  My comment was me going by memory.  I re-downloaded v1.0 and switched between that and 1.1.  to better compare.  v1.1 is MUCH easier on the eyes.  I haven't played any extended sessions, but I am convinced v1.1 would be the version to use for that.  Thanks again!

Thank you so much!  I'll test it tonight or tomorrow and let you know how it goes  🙂

Thank you for responding!  I look forward to any further developments.

I enjoyed this very much, thank you!

I understand, was just explaining why someone would want a ROM.

Looking forward to trying this, thanks!

I finished this, thanks for making it!  I would be interested to play more if you ever expanded the story.

One reason is that a ROM can be run either on actual GB hardware or in an emulator, making it platform-agnostic.  Someone else asked about a Linux version, but with a ROM, they can run that with an emulator on Linux; no need to remake the game just for Linux.  

No, I wish!  I have a SNES, but emulation is convenient.  I'm also a little surprised more games didn't use the pad, seems like it had potential.  

I have a question:  Is there any way to change the background, either to stop the scrolling or just make it a solid color?  It's a little hard to play for any extended time because the scrolling background causes me eyestrain.  Is there a menu I maybe missed?  

Just downloaded, looking forward to trying it out.  Thanks!

Thank you for clarifying.

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So, to be clear, this is a Windows OS game?  It's not a PS1 game that can be run in an emulator?

EDIT: or burned to disc and run on PS1 hardware?

I wishlisted this on Steam, looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks for explaining that

I'm looking forward to trying this (also wishlisted on Steam).  I'm curious, is there are any plans for a Linux version?

Looks interesting!  Any chance for a third-person view to be added?

I played this on Steam but glad to see this on here, too.  Thanks!