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Hey, Thanks for Playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed!

You intentionally do not move with the platforms to increase difficulty.

I only added the grab functionality for people who do not want the play/feel it is too hard to play in the intended way that is to push the blocks with their body. I am thinking of fixing it but then it will encourage more people to play it in the "wrong" way.

Yes I shall add volume change functionality.

This was just a dream... you should see my nightmares!

Check out my other game

Added a tower model (By my friend)

Added a new player model. (By me)

Visual Improvements and a start and end scene.

Some bug fixes

Oops, forgot to include progress

Added a tank model (By my friend)

Start and fail state

Health system and UI

Strapped a gun onto bonedaddy's enemy and added some random movement to it

It aims at active towers and the shoots them (shooting not yet done)

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I fixed the targeting system, and added some trees, rocks and fences.

This update was mainly bug fixes and optimizations.

The loss of out would be team member is kindof dissapointing.

Made a mechanic where player can turn into a tower. Added a targetting system for the towers but its pretty broken. Wanted to zoom out when player turns into a tower (top down) but didn't have the time to figure out how to do that.


haha i was born around that time.

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i've got to admit, playing with the trackpad is hard. 

Also why?

Also nice.

Td game where you can only have a set number of towers. Added map, enemy and tower. 

Thanks a lot.

Yes, the game is in development and I will take your suggestions into consideration.

Yes, remapping is a feature that I would like to add in future updates. Maybe I can get in a simple health based difficulty system in too.

Thanks again for playing and taking the time to review.

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Thank you brother for playing the game. I hope you liked it. 

Please play my other game on you channel also. I would appreciate it a lot!!

Check out my other game

Message me and I will send you a free code.

شكرا لك اخي للعب اللعبة. أتمنى أن يعجبك.

من فضلك العب لعبتي الاخرى على قناتك ايضا سأكون ممتنا كثيرا !!

(Also the version you played is the new version titled A Dream Remake (this is A Dream))

Please share the youtube video here. Thank you!!

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أنا أفهم القليل من اللغة العربية الرائعة لذلك أنا أستخدمها لهذا ---* الغرض.
شكرا لك على هذا التعليق. لقد جعلني ذلك سعيدًا جدًا وأنا سعيد لأنك استمتعت باللعبة.

*Google Translate

(In English)

I only understand a little bit of the wonderful arabic language so I am using Google Translate for this.

Thank you for this comment. It made me very happy and I am glad you enjoyed the game. 

I wish I could make games like this! Hope you win!

Thank you!

I intend to add intensty ramping after the jam ends. 

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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!

I intended to add a score counter in but couldn't due to time constraints. (I didn't have the whole 2 days free)

Thank you! I'm glad I went with a unlit look. (It was my teammate's idea)

Hi Curtis

As you can see, publishing a .zip file is usually better than a .7z as more people can extract it easily. I have also noticed when publishing a game that my .7z files always had fewer downloads as compared to .zip.


Thank you for playing!

I wanted to implement the highscore system but then I ran out of time. I would've realized it sooner if I had playtested more. 

I noticed the platform glitch, but have no idea how to fix it effectively. Maybe I should've just had a game over state when you get stuck on the big platforms. 

Thanks for bringing the camera glitch to my attention. Never had it happen to me but I guess it happens because the robot escapes the collider. (camera tracks the collider)

Thank you!

I'm glad I went with this idea rather than my other complex ones.

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you!

Yes, I tried making a highscore mechanic but sadly it was past the deadline.

Sorry, it was my fault the game didn't run. I had hardware acceleration disabled. After enabling it, it ran just fine. 

Nice work! I'm amazed at what people can accomplish in 48 hours.

Can't seem to get it to run. I hit the play button, buttons disappear and I'm just stuck with the background.

Wonderful game with a very original idea. Love it!

Wow excellent game! Great music, great level design. Would love to see more levels

Wow excellent game! Great music, great level design. Would love to see more levels.

I couldn't get it to run smoothly in the browser. (Its not like I have a shitty computer). Maybe you should've uploaded a windows build also. I noticed that some of the text wasn't scaled properly. Try using the canvas scaler with scale with screen size.

I couldn't get it to run smoothly in the browser. (Its not like I have a shitty computer). Maybe you should've uploaded a windows build also. I noticed that some of the text wasn't scaled properly. Try using the canvas scaler with scale with screen size.

Nice idea. Though I couldn't complete the second level.

You need to upload a .zip file.

I could have been a fun game but the text is very slow and sometimes the dialogues are just weird and wrong. 

This is one of the best and most original game I've seen so far.

Nice concept, ver trippy! I felt like the gameplay could be improved. 

Thank you!

Yes, I tried making a highscore mechanic but sadly it was past the deadline.

Hi, congrats on publishing your first game. Publishing the first game is very important part of a gamedev's life.


I like the in-game aesthetic of the game and the sound effects. I like the sprites for the enemies. 

Some constructive criticism and ways to improve:

1) Fix the grammatical mistakes in the UI. I guess that English is not your first language, but these little things change the overall experience.

2) The AI for the enemies feels very stiff. My guess is that it's implemented as follows:

Look at player --> Move towards player --> Stop at a certain distance away and keep looking at the player --> Shoot 

This implementation is ok but feels very stiff. First, try adding a little bit of ambient motion to the enemies when they are stopped. Make them move side to side a little bit. Try using tranform.position = Random.instideUnitSphere * someRadius.

Sometimes, enemies clump together, you might want to add a repelling force to enemies that get too close.

3) Variety

Variety is a very important factor in determining what makes a game "Fun". Correct me if I'm wrong, but too much variety can have the opposite effect. Your game has lots of superficial variety (superficial : only on the surface). The customization in your game is purely cosmetic and does not affect the gameplay.

You should try adding enemies that can be harmed by only specific colored bullets, different types of guns, enemies that have different behavior (like an enemy with no gun that charges towards you or an enemy that shoots for very far away), and so on.

As of now, I feel that I've seen what the game has to offer in the first 5 mins or so. Variety makes the player stay engaged and keeps him/her coming back for more.


The main gameplay loop is pretty fun but not for very long. It feels very unforgiving. 

First, you should add a timer to the enemy so that it does not shoot right after spawning.

Try implementing a health pickup system where there is a chance that enemies will drop health when they die. 

You might want to increase the size of the map. It feels very cramped as of now.

Also, I believe that the upgrades are too expensive. 

5) Aesthetics

As I said in the pros, the aesthetics are good but there is a chance for improvement everywhere. (These tips are just suggestions and implementing them is solely up to you)

First, try adding a background to the game.

Try adding some bloom to the enemies so that they pop more.

6) UI

Try using a more minimal font and icons. They will fit with your minimal aesthetic more.

If you need any help, you can contact me on reddit (u/sohrabhamza). I am also a relatively new gamedev but I'm sharing what I know. Good luck with your future endeavors! 

Thanks for the tips! I’m glad you liked the aesthetics!

Yes the player not sticking to the moving platforms is intentional for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is quite disorientating when you move like that. Second, it drastically reduced the challenge.

I added an option in the pause menu that enables you to pick up objects. I did it that way because allowing players to pick up objects just makes the game too easy. But it’s there for people who don’t like the box levels and would like to skip/make them easier.

Exit portals are always the color of the room. Purple in the purple rooms and green in the green rooms. The only exception being the maze level where the portal is white as it transitions to a story element. I changed it to purple based on your recommendation. 

I shall upload this update shortly. 

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Thank you for your review. I'll try to include your recommendations in the updates.


I added an option that allows you to pick up objects (Available in the pause menu (esc)). This will make the puzzles way easier if you don't like them.