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Reminds me of Holedown! I enjoyed it and got to wave 30 my first try. I got lucking with stacking sonic attacks and high shields. I ended up being able to sit it out and let the shield+sonic combo to continually push the squares back.

I loved slamming all the dice together and glitching the game out. Addictive gameplay.

I got a "neutral" ending. The idea was really great, and the setup worked well as a short murder mystery VN. Great use of the theme!

Loved the crispy graphics! I was playing on a laptop, and had trouble dragging the dice from the far left to the right. Otherwise it was hectic and fun! Enemies almost came a little too quickly for me.

Reminds me of "Age of Zombies" on iOS from years and years ago. Love the hectic gameplay and randomness. Very fun!

I was confused for a second and thought the second playing area was for a second player. This reminds me of the Puyo Puyo games, and I would love to see this having a competitive 1v1 mode like that. The dice almost change too quickly to manage, but I was playing on a laptop touchpad so that may be the issue.

Great idea and use of the theme!

Lovely graphics, music, and story. Sometimes it seemed like the battles were a little too focused on randomness, and I wish there was a way to select dice to roll or influence the rolls in some way. AMAZING graphics and style!

Reminds me of an iOS game from the olden days called Hoplite. Loved the idea, and would love to see more enemies and dice varieties. I could see many different ways to expand on this idea further! Great little game.

I ended up getting a much of jump upgrades, which allowed me to jump once and avoid a lot of the level. Until I fell into an endless pit. Love the idea as a unique take on the endless runner genre.

The most polished and fun game of the jam that I've played yet (or will probably play)! I loved the randomness, platforming, and puzzling. Very unique style reminding me of WarioWare. Great great work!

If I did crack it would be this game. I need MORE! Great game.

I loved the music and graphics. I enjoyed the puzzles, but feel it could have followed the theme more. Great game!

Great idea! I think the timing was almost too strict at times, requiring almost perfect movement. I love the style and the fast gameplay. Its addictive.

Loved the atmosphere you've created! I got the first minigame on my second try after just two rounds, but the second one didn't make sense to me. I see that it is bugged, so that explains it.

I liked the RNG, and hated the RNG! But really, I enjoyed trying to build a team while avoided the dreaded ones.

Great use of the theme, and I loved the hectic combat. Feels really polished, and the idea of gaining ammo by rolling into bullets feels great.

Love the concept of this game! Reminds me a little of Plants Vs Zombies. The presentation is great, and I could more dice variants with status effects, or more attack patterns helping this game go far. Great work!

Thank you!

Thanks for the comment and picture! I have some big ideas to add some more strategy and depth to the gameplay. 

Thank you! Unfortunately, I ran out of time before I could actually make the coaster cards. I will add them and more after the jam. Thanks again!

Thank you! I wanted to make a tutorial, but ran out of time. I would like to flesh the game out and I will definitely add one post-jam. 

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Seeing your use of the controls with these game mechanics has sold me on the Playdate being the most Nintendo non-Nintendo console ever. I look forward to seeing how this develops!

Loaded it up on my LDK Game Console and it works perfectly! Really neat little toy. It would be cool to see it support different keys, multiple instruments, or multiple notes at a time, but then that would change what its purpose is. I will definitely keep it around!

Yes, that would be great! I feel honored :)

Made it to "The End?" I really enjoyed the gameplay, and the risk/reward of the choice of using disks to quickly beat the level, but increase difficulty. Graphics took some time to get used to, but after a few levels I was able to pick things out easily enough. Your game reminds me a lot of the old Llamasoft iOS games from years ago. I enjoyed the chaotically planned levels as well. They felt like part puzzle/part action. 

Wow! AMAZING for being made in PICO-8. I played on mobile and didn’t know that the engine supported that. I really enjoyed the SUPER HOT style of movement which allowed me to pause and think about where the discs were going. 

Great idea! It reminds me of a more violent Pong! 

I found that the game window went up and down scrolling through the webpage when I used the arrow keys, but when I made it fullscreen that fixed that problem.

Also, the shield sometimes spawns on top of the spinning blades in the floor. I don't use Construct, so I am not familiar with the language it uses. However, you could have the blue shield item teleport to another part of the room if it is touching one of the blades in the floor. That way the player wouldn't be hurt when picking it up off the ground.

I hope my advice makes sense!

Got a highscore of 255! I know I can do better than that, though! I found it a little hard to grab the disk at first, but with practice it became easier. Wonderful idea! 

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Amazing tool! Thanks!

Here is one I created based on the color palette for "The Legend of Zelda" on the NES:

name="The Hero"

Here is one based on darker base colors, and then purple, orange and white:


Here is one based off of Cherry Blossom/Sakura trees. The ripple effect looks really good as a kind of "water" in this one:


Awesome! Thank you.

I own both GMS and GMS2. I only have HTML5 exporting though GMS1. Would that be okay to make and upload the game using GMS1 so that I can use HTML5 support?


Thank you!

Nice game! Really enjoyed the concept! Could be turned into something more

Hi! Really enjoying the game. I found a bug where I was playing as the inventor, and ran into a bug where I couldn't progress in a battle. I was facing a Barbarian and had used a flamethrower attack and some others and when I clicked the arrow to move on the enemy wouldn't take their turn.

I didn't see a place to report bugs, so I wanted to leave that here.