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This was a fun experience. I wasn't expecting such a simple concept to be as fun as this was. The controls felt just right (with the only exception of me wishing jump was up or space lol) The music and SFX fit perfectly.  I liked how there was a bit of a puzzle and timing element to this! Great work overall.

No problem, I know it can be frustrating not getting feedback on your game, and if you do it's typically a couple words saying "this is cool" or "this game sucks" lol

Hey, I saw your game on Addy's discord so decided to give it a shot. Most of the gameplay elements feel pretty good, except for the mining portion. feels a little slow and clunky. Having to face the correct direction and click on the cube you want instead of what the pickaxe hits feels a little counterintuitive. I like the art direction you are going with. Everything visually meshed very well. I also don't game a lot on PC, so the control scheme felt cumbersome for me. Shift to run was fine, but then needing to hold control to wall climb felt unruly. 

Personally I would have enjoyed it more if you automatically snapped to a wall climb. 

The icons on the items to pickup at the beginning were also a very small resolution so I could not read what they said, so I just pressed every key until e worked for pickup. 

The toy mechanic to check if cliffs are safe is pretty neat but for a longer game, I could see this potentially hurting you for slowing down the gameplay. 

I ran into a bug where when I spoke with the big merchant guy, I entered the shop, bought some rope and toys, and when I exited, I couldn't move. I had to hit escape to pause the game, then resume the game again to get control back of the player. 

I clipped into a wall with the amber blocks when the was a single grid space between a block and the ceiling, I was able to grab the block and climb on it and clip into the ceiling. I didn't get stuck but visually looked weird. 

There looks to be a lot of effort and passion put into this game and some of the ideas were pretty interesting. It would be great to see a final polished version of this!

Thank you for checking it out! That makes me happy to hear!

makes sense, I normally put controls in the description on the game page, especially when I don't have time to include them in game (only had 3 hours to put this game together lol) 

Gamepad controls didn't work very well, mainly the shooting or face buttons. interesting concept, thanks for sharing!

Feels like a "don't break the ice" type of game, cool concept.

The amount of puzzles you could create with this feels endless, cool concept, and something you could probably grow upon! 

This was a well done stress/management game. The colors were a bit hard for me to tell apart for the shakes, but old man eyes can do that lol

Solid puzzle setups, the freezing mechanic was incorporated well, platforming was a bit problematic getting stuck in colliders. 

Thanks for trying! and yeah, "R" restarts the scene lol

This had great art! The game mechanics need some additional polish to help give players proper feedback, but other than that, nice work!

I like how you incorporated Manisha into the game lol. The art was very well done and I can see how this would work well for mobile. 

I am a fan of these slider puzzles. The gameplay was well done!

Solid enough platformer. The only issue was the struggle of hitting buttons with the orb, since it sometimes did not react when hit. 

Really well done platform controls. Collision of ice cycles was a bit unforgiving though. 

The platforming felt really well done here, the only thing I could suggest is pull the camera out a bit due to the player speed. Other than that nice work!

Fun little NES inspired endless runner. Felt kind of like back to the future but a lot more polished!

The visuals were great for the short time frame!

The main gameplay loop worked fairly well, nice job!

quick little platformer. The wall jump was a bit finnicky but got it to work eventually 

Really original idea for this game. The controls were a bit stiff/heavy and felt somewhat counterintuitive. thanks for sharing!

It seemed like a game of complete randomness, or at least no skill based except for memorizing the the bad paths you took at first. If you like complete rng, this is good, if you prefer skill, this will be difficult to get through.

Fun point and click adventure story. The puzzles were solid and the art was great for such a short time. Nice work!

The art was really stunning in this game! The gameplay was decent, just feels weird playing a side scroller with such little control on the player character lol

Thank you, definitely had things I would have liked to polish up before posting, but that's just how it goes sometimes lol

Perfectly fine, either way the puzzle core was there and the visuals, some tweaks to movement and this could be a well polished package 

I really like the concept but struggled quite a bit on the bouncy blue blocks, just could not get it to work, tried quite a few different techniques too. 

Fun little bullet hell and throwback to retro arcade gameplay, I liked it, nice work!

It was a missing .dll error. I though a posted an image of the error but I guess it didn't stick. Anyways, just tried out the "latest" version and it started up no problem this time. So I updated the scores accordingly! Straight forward gameplay which isn't a bad thing, I like simple lol, and it was well done. 

Gives off some major F-zero vibes and I am here for it. Just need to tighten up the camera effects and controls a bit and you have a really solid base for this type of game!

The zoom in was great! The gameplay self was really solid except for a single thing, the penguin would sometimes flip for no reason causing a unfair loss for the player. Other than that, nice work!

The concept was great, the execution left room for improvement, but that isn't a bad thing. I immediately knew what needed to be done, but the connections didn't always seem to align correctly. I think some additional play testing could have helped here!

The game ran really slow on my machine so I am assuming with some basic optimizations you could really improve this project so more people could have access to play this game. other than that, it was a good concept!

The scale of the scope here was very large which is impressive to see what you got so far. The biggest issue I had was just trying to figure out how to get anything to work, which is usually the struggle with these types of games, due to them needing some handholding at first to let the player learn the structure of the game. 

Really dug the Goldeneye vibes this game gave off. Nice work!