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I saw you released a game in my feed, figured i'd check it out, and the game page is empty :O

Hey Retroboi! You'd be correct. I'm doing well and I hope you get a chance to work on something for the jam!

Thanks for the fantastic feedback. It's funny for the first point because I usually rack my brain during all my projects that involve player based movement whether to use weightier movements or quick and snappy. I really need to find some testers while prototyping to let me know what feels better! lol And for the ambush sequence, that was suppose to play out a lot differently, I overlooked an FPS issue and the enemies took about 3-4 times longer to kill than what they were suppose to. So when you got ambushed it would be like a quick mow down sequence, but they turned into bullet sponges xD

Thank you!

This shows I tried to play it but it was not available:

This game had some issues for installing, but worked thru it in part 7.

Full review can be found in this stream:

With unreal, I noticed that models tend to be unoptimized as well. If you have a model that has 100K tris when it only needs 100, you'll take a massive performance hit. So model optimizations, LODS, static batching collision, baking lighting, reducing number of Realtime light bounces, ect.. all really play a roll.

Thanks for playing through the game and struggling through the spongy enemies. Thanks to an oversight on my end with the FPS in editor versus the web build it really threw off the balance of the enemy health. It takes about 3 times longer than it should to defeat the bugs. I appreciate hearing about how your experience went. It's always interesting hearing/seeing how people play through your game.

I tried to play your game but it seems to be missing?

This was a fun read!

I know you were in the stream, but this was a great entry and for documentation purposes the link to where I reviewed your game is below!

I know you saw the stream but for documentation purposes, here is the link to the review!

I tried playing your game on the end of the part 3 stream however the game struggled to run.  I played your game off camera then. And gave a rating to it at the beginning of part 4 stream

That's interesting to hear about white stripes flashing. That's the first time anyone's mentioned it. I honestly wouldn't know what would cause it either. Thanks for trying it out and hopefully the flashing of those lines didn't strain your eyes!

I was hoping the gun would be fun to shoot. I did spend 1/10th of my 10 hours solely on just that lol Thanks for playing it though!

Thanks crow!

Thanks Dr! I like the suggestion of adding an additional enemy death sfx.  That could have helped with additional player feedback.  Didn't even consider it at the time of working on the enemies. 

Thanks for the structured feedback! The bug health is a known issue due to an FPS oversight on my end, but as for the seeing the spiders, was it still hard to see them when aimed at the spiders? The intent was when they were out of player's line of sight they would be in the shadows.  I like trying to make the games accessible, and even  tried to ensure that the contrast of the enemies still slightly popped out from the back ground. So I would be curious to find out more as why it was hard to see them. Maybe I could add a colorblindness type filter option in future games.

Thank you! It's funny you mention the weapon color change because I added that last minute , I was originally only going to utilize the light.  I appreciate the comment about the atmosphere. That's where I spent most my time so I'm glad to see it pay off.

Thank you for trying it out!

Thanks Mr. Moo. Those suspenseful moments were a little ruined due to a  FPS issue causing enemies to be spongy, but I'm glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing SoulWolfx! It's a shame the game couldn't be played as intended. Each moment was designed to be suspenseful enough that you thought you might get hit but you would easily have enough time to kill the bugs, however once the webgl build was made, that all got thrown out the window.  As for the ambush part where they come in from both sides, there's a secret tunnel on the right to help escape! But it's only noticeable if you see the blood pattern on the ground quick enough. This was definitely intentionally cheeky on my part lol I appreciate the feedback though, it helps me understand that maybe my hints and intentional guidance to secret areas wasn't clear enough.  Maybe I should put that in the description for people to know to look out for that stuff. Since that's how the player is given more life .

Thanks for trying it out! I agree the enemy health was a real issue. Lesson learned to cap fps when testing in editor lol

It was very fun and having the devs present for the games really helps out getting a better understanding of their games!

Full review of your game can be found in the stream below:

I just send these out every jam to ensure it is documented. lol 

Thanks for checking it out! The sfx were fun to make. The music came from a friend I thought they did fantastic work on this! Looking forward to checking out your game

Agree 100% with you about the enemies. With the fixed frame rate in the web build, it caused the health values to be way off the mark for balance!

For sure agree about the enemies. Sadly when playtesting, never capped the frame rate, so once it became fixed in the web build, my enemy health values were wayyy wonky

Not sure if this is a compliment or not lol

Thanks! I had a few more mechanics I wanted to implement to tie it in even better, but the tight personal time constraint threw that right out the window lol 

Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate that. The art and atmosphere direction was what took majority of my time and I was happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to try your game. From the thumbnail, looks spooky!

I really like that idea! I had a few more mechanics planned out, but only had 10 hours to work on this project so had to trim down an incredible amount lol Your game looks pretty interesting. Looking forward to giving it a go!

Thank you! The art took most of my time up. Art isn't my strong suit when it comes to game dev but I enjoyed focusing on that to try to give it a better atmosphere/polished feel. Looking forward to playing your game on stream!

Thank you! I didn't cap the frame rate when I was play testing in the editor, so once I exported the build, the slower frame rate killed the balance of enemy health points. Bummer but oh well. Only had 10 hours to work with on this project.  Still had fun making it and playing other's so far. Looking forward to playing yours as well. I will be playing through everyone's entry on stream, so keep an eye out for it!

Full review can be found on the following stream: 

Full review can be found on the following stream: 

Full review can be found on the following stream: 

This was a very short but interesting game. Th particle effects when hitting the wall was great. I wasn't quite sure if I was doing the right thing since it felt like I was going on for awhile before hitting the bottom. And it seems like there is only one ending, but I could be wrong. The look of the game was great, the gameplay though was a little rough. Movement felt a little frantic/slippery. The diver just zoomed across the screen with little control. My own personal feeling is that it would have felt more thoughtful and tense with a little tighter control scheme and slightly shorter map. That way you go a little slower, isn't as silly, and with a shorter map the time to get to the bottom wouldn't be altered much. That could help build the suspense and help deliver a mightier punch at the end. Overall, fun project man!