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Yeah ,even I didn't realise that there was space behind dragon until my friend tried it after jam was over, so I never implemented the turn mech on it 😅 .And the controls are very sloppy and buggy . I'll work my hard next time . Thank you very much.

Thanks bro 😊 . Yeah , I've made the hame quite buggy in hurry . And actually the theme was to be used somewhere else ,but in hurry I've used it in only 1 special power of hero . 

I'll work on the bugs now .

Thank you bro .This was my first time working with animations so I did spent much time on that and couldn't get the perfect results too .But ,your review makes me proud  and yes I'll do that with flying enemies . Your game seems noice , playing it rn :D.

thank you for your review . I also felt that I should have used more textures but I made level very late ,so I just didn't have time to seperate all blocks 😅. I'll do it when I improvement game later .And I'll play your game too 😁

Thank you 😊 😌 .Guess , I can't give up yet .

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Ohh thank you very much for playing 😊 .

Great Game :D . Looks like a work of pros . Care to check my game?

Great Game :D. Would have been better with sound , but I understand your problem .Keep the good work . Care to check my game?


Woah , quite unique game . Really enjoyed it ^^ .Best if luck.

Thank you ^^

Please check my game too ;)

Please check my game too ^^

Please check my game too ;)

Please check my game too ^^ .

Ohhh , really thank you for letting me know . I'll learn better controlling system and update the game ^^ .

Thank you very much for your review ^^ .

Woah ,so cool . I loved the parkour ;0 .Well done ,keep it up .

Thank you very much .Glad you enjoyed it.By the way ,can you please elaborate ,what do you mean by tighter turn radius ? And yeah ,this is Evan King's Music ;)

Woah it's really cool .Last level really made me think a lot ;)

Wow it's really very awesome ;) 5/5 stars ;0

Woah it's cool to see where u implemented theme. :0

Quite fun game .Loved it how you considered the player by analyzing the max distance it can travrl while digging and not making the game impossible to beat

Simple art and gameplay ,but a great one :0

It's very awesome game .You made it on such a short time :0 coool

Thank you !!

Good Game ,quite innovative and audio is good too :0  

Plus the happy face is quite good ,once he picks items .Made me smile too :)

Good Game :). You could use audio and also the font is quite blurry

I'll be happy to see your review ^^

Thank you !! 

Thank you!! I was thinking about changing the controls myself 😅..Is there anything else ? 

The music is pleasant .Controls are good.Overall it's much fun..

It's very cool .Graphics ,black hole.. :0

It's very awesome.The black hole looks cool .By the way add menu and close option :)

It's so awesome .But at start it's hard to control electrons.BUt I think it will be great for mobile controls if you build it for phone.

Thank you dude ...

Thank you very much  :)

Awesome ..... :0 .Its your first ,still made that awesome game :0

This is mine 1st too .Ill try my best too