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Hello, thank you for posting your problem!

I haven't worked on this game for a couple months already, but i plan start working on it soon.

As soon as i get back to building my game i will try to fix this problem.

Thanks for staying with us!

Ok sent the email!

Sorry i was really busy the past few days so i didn't have a chance  :)


Ok thanks!

Thank you very much!

I will inform you when i would like my game to be showcased.

Once again, THANKS!!!  

Actually i just realized that there are still some bugs with the animals :(

I guess i'm gonna fix it soon.


Is it possible for me to email you instead? 

gameplay of poly vill version 0.0.3.

Hello everyone!

Version 0.0.4 of poly vill is now available to download!

Here's whats changed:

1. Fixed a bug where animals would  stop moving when rotating your planet.

2. Fixed a bug where trees that you have built would move around when rotating your planet.

3. Fixed a bug where your planet would always get infected by a disease when an asteroid  would hit it.

4. Rotating your planet is now a little easier.

5. Added a "barn"  to the build menu.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks! I would love to work with you!

Just let me know how you want me to send the key.



I actully fixed these bugs in the last update!

no problem!

To be honest, your game looks great!

I love the physics, options, and just the idea of the game!

Great job!

1st of all:

Thanks for trying out my game!

I really appreciate the time you took to make a video of my game!  


Regarding the game's bugs, i have been trying to fix them, and so far it's going very well!

By the next update, i hope to have most of the bugs fixed (if not all :).

Also i'm middle of adding more objects for building. 

Ideas for what i should add to the build menu would be much  appreciated! 

Once again, THANKS! 

Thanks so much for trying my game and posting it on YT!

 Much appreciated! 

Thank you very much for trying my game and giving your feedback!



Sent the key  to you.

Thanks again!


It would be great if you can try out my new game!

Here's the link

I can give you a free key,  just tell me how you want me to send it to you.


Hello everyone.

It's been a couple of weeks since the release of poly vill, and i have came to the conclusion for you to test out my game for free.

Here's Why:

Some people have been telling me, that some versions of the game have not been working for them.

If you would be able to test it out, i can arrange to give you a free key to the game.

I would also love to hear feedback on it.

Here's a link to the game:

Thank you!

Poly Vill community · Created a new topic general

Want to share your gameplay experience, or say something that doesn't fit another category?

Tell us here! 

Poly Vill community · Created a new topic Feedback

Want something to be added to the game?

Let us know here!

Poly Vill community · Created a new topic Have a bug?

If you have a bug, please post it here and we will try to fix it asap!

Hello everyone.

After about a week of development, Poly Vill V 0.0.3 Is now out to download!

 here's what's new:

1. Fixed a bug where the fish would float in the air.

2. Added windmills and house's to the build menu.

Thank you for staying with us! 

Hello, i'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, but if your wondering what windows SM is, i can give you a quick rundown.

Windows SM is basically a prank PC, meaning that it's meant to imitate your actual computer, but once you start using the "fake computer",  it will start giving you error's.    

Ok sent you a email.


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Thanks, that would  be awesome!

Hello everyone.

I'm very sorry i haven't given you an update for almost a week, so i decided to share with you what's new in version 0.0.2

1. fixed some bugs with spawning the fish and the fish movement.

2. Animals now  do not flip over when you rotate your planet.

3. "Natural disasters" now happen more often. 

Once again, the game will be free to download for the first week.

Thank you for reading!

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Poly vill

Hello everyone, a couple weeks ago i had an idea to make a low poly style game.

I decided to make a "sandbox" game where you grow your own planet.

We decided to release a prototype of the game and post it on

Right now there's not that much in the game, although we are adding a lot more features to the game, so stay tuned!

Grow your planet, explore your world, and build the ultimate  village.

Poly Vill, get the prototype today!

Link to the game:

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We have released a beta of Poly Vill!

The game will be free for the first week on



Added sound to the game.

We are getting closer and closer to releasing a prototype for are game! 

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Disease can now infect your planet!

General update;

We are planing to release this game at the end of this week, or the beginning of next week.

Thank you for staying with us! 


-An info icon will appear after an event that occurs to your planet,  which if you click it, will tell you information about that event.

Hello everyone.

So in the past couple of days I've  been working on the game's main menu.

Right now you can just change some settings and a few other stuff.

I'm probably going to end up changing the founts, colors etc.

I'm also soon going to start writing  instructions for the game.

We are soon planing for a release date,  so stay tuned!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Hi, i actually just now did a test and restarted the game.

I did see that the "summon" button was not appearing.

Thanks for pointing it out! 


When we release the  game, we are planning to also make a linux and macOS version. 

Sorry it may be a bug. I haven't worked on the game since the release. if you cant restart by pressing restart. reopen the game file, and it should work.