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Have a bug? Sticky

A topic by SmSholom created Sep 13, 2019 Views: 106 Replies: 9
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If you have a bug, please post it here and we will try to fix it asap!


Poly Vill is an exciting game. Explore a planet that you have its control. Habitats you control is so good. Protect your animals from various attacks.

I love it. Pros and Cons and additions is below the video.

Pros: I love lowpoly everything in your game. Weather changes, natural occuring events (even meteor that attack my planet) is so good.
The relationship between animals is ok. I love house and windmill. Settings and instructions menu explains everything for players. 

Cons: Mouse control is a little bit hard. Especially right mouse rotating event is hard. Right mouse rotating event rotate and freeze animals, rocks.
I think its an issue. When animals running, some rocks and trees, especially new ones is moving. I guess it is a collision problem of objects. I think when surround the sheeps with rocks, they will be
happy and can protect them from wolf attack. Meteor attacks period is ok but it falls the same location in my village. I think player wants to know how many
trees protects his/her village. A progress bar fix this issue.

Additions: May be you want to add more objects, animals, habitats, countdown timer, locate every game objects randomly when the game starts.


1st of all:

Thanks for trying out my game!

I really appreciate the time you took to make a video of my game!  


Regarding the game's bugs, i have been trying to fix them, and so far it's going very well!

By the next update, i hope to have most of the bugs fixed (if not all :).

Also i'm middle of adding more objects for building. 

Ideas for what i should add to the build menu would be much  appreciated! 

Once again, THANKS! 


You are welcome! Thank you for following and watching my video. I really like the concept. Keep going please, I hope you do it very well!



I actully fixed these bugs in the last update!



I will play ASAP :)




Actually i just realized that there are still some bugs with the animals :(

I guess i'm gonna fix it soon.


The fixes you have been done with 0.04 release is good enough dude!
Keep going on! I am looking forward to showcase your releases! Please just inform me when you want to record your gameplay :)


Thank you very much!

I will inform you when i would like my game to be showcased.

Once again, THANKS!!!