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Hahahahah yeah, admittedly I was also working while playing, so that may contribute to my time, but I still enjoyed it :P

I really liked how the audio layered & the post-processing on the graphics.  Like the others, I think expanding the FOV would help with the difficulty. Solid entry, fun to play (: 

I loved your graphics & how they paired so well with you minimal design, it made for a very polished final product. Also, the little SFX were trés magnifique. Some nice Parisian vibes music would be great to add to this. All in all a solid, fun game. Congrats!

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LMAO, the music, the voice acting, the insanity! Yo congrats, your game is fun & hilarious, I tip my hat to you good sir xD

For only a few hours, you did pretty good! So hear me out, at one point I started running around, grappling to the ground and jumping & that made me do some crazy high jumps that I could just like trampoline around from one point to another super quick. I think if you took the work you did with that grapple & further developed you could come up with a really fun game.  Because I was  just doing that, with no objective or incentive, for about 5 minutes, lol. All in all, congrats on making something fun in such a short amount of time! If you can drop by & rate ours as well, that'd be rad.  

Even if it won't count for the jam, you still made a game! That's awesome, I like the whole going into a different dimension to access a warped puzzle, that was a neat mechanic. If you're planning on further development, I would say that the first time I planted the bomb, I yeeted myself out of there because I thought it would do damage to me. I think if you added some sort of timer to the bomb, it could add a cool layer of complexity to the game, especially when you have to go into the warped puzzle to get away from the bomb. It could make for some fun adrenaline rushes! Congrats on making a game, if you could stop by & rate ours, we'd really appreciate it. (:

I liked this! I got a 220 something, I like that I had to work against the doggo that wanted to chomp zombies, I feel like that added a layer of complexity that helped make the game feel fun & challenging. In playing, I found that at some points it was beneficial for me to go backwards & do a turn to help pull the doggo away & get past the zomboes. I enjoyed it a lot :)
If you could stop by and rate ours as well, we'd appreciate it!

Very pretty art, also very attention grabbing cover image. I had fun exploring & the dialogue was entertaining, which is hard to achieve for a jam game imo. Congrats on your game (: 

This was super polished! I liked the music a lot & your graphics were nice & clean. Also props for naming each level, I enjoyed that detail :) You did a great job & made some fun levels, congrats on making a really good game!

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Sadly, most people play jam games by themselves (especially in these weird times) I think this could become a fun party game if you add some "punishments/dares" for getting x numbers of combos wrong, especially as socializing becomes more normal again I could see this being a fun casual drinking game. Though if you do that, I would change the flashing colors effect for something else, drunk people and flashing colors don't tend to mix well. xD

If you could stop by & rate our game, we'd appreciate it!

Great UI hahaha, the art and music was super chill, I wish you well with your next release post jam, what you have now is an interesting start for sure.  If you could stop by our game & give us some feedback, we'd greatly appreciate it!

I just played your game for more than half an hour, what a well done game! I think you executed your level design marvelously & the graphics and music meshed well together, it was a fun & relaxing experience, so much so that I zoned out playing it for a while. Great job! 
If you could rate our game, that'd be swell! :P

Ahhh I get it now! Maybe a little more guidance for the player to get it through the tutorial could help with that? Tysm looking forward to your feedback!

The art was really well done & I also liked that the game felt like it had lore, it took me a second to get the dash, but it felt really satisfying once I did. It was hard for me to get the jumps after killing with the samurai to land on the next enemy without dying, I'm guessing I needed to switch to ninja to do a dash, but I just couldn't get to the controllers in time to do that. It was fun trying to figure it out, tho. I enjoyed your take on the theme by having the characters linked & being interchangeable. I believe this is the first jam game I've played that has done this.  Congrats on your game! If you could rate ours as well, we'd greatly appreciate it!

I really like that this feels different from most jam games, but still fits the theme. It's a nice take on the shepherding game. I had a hard time figuring out what I needed to do to beat the level. I think it was a superb design idea to have a con to making it sunnier to produce more clouds, that was neat.  I wish I had known how to beat the level because I think it's a nice relaxing game with potential. If you develop this more post-jam I'd advise adding a tutorial, a nice chill soundtrack & maybe more wind strength could make for a fantastic relaxing game.  Props for making a game! If you could stop by & rate ours, that'd be swell. :P

I really like the simple graphics of this game, I think it let't the mechanic shine on its own, it was a bit hard to click on the hands since they're on the smaller side & I also managed to make one arm disappear a few times, so then I had to cheese my way up with just one arm lol. It finally got to a point where I took to long to reattach & I died. Very simple & fun game, well done! If you could rate ours as well, we'd appreciate it. 

This was really cool! Neat mechanic, great level design & it ramped up the difficulty at a good pace, really well done. I managed to get stuck in walls when I attached a new piece too close to a wall & then it just was in the wall & I couldn't move. This was a well executed game, mad props to you! 
If you could rate your game as well, that'd be swell :P

Your aesthetics are excellent and there's some solid mechanics here. I think you could switch up the game design by making it necessary to link to the clones to beat the level & then having the enemies attack the player & the clone, so you have to link to the clone at the start of a level to beat it. That would raise the stakes of the game & make it feel like the player risks everything  (or quite a bit) by not linking to a clone. Props to you for making a game! If you could rate our game as well, that'd be swell :P

Nice art & music, I also managed to get to the boss ahead of time, whoops. The guns being my enemy was entertaining to me. Pretty solid entry! It was a tad easy (I say this because I got to the boss even sans glitch, and I'm notoriously bad at games) so perhaps upping the difficulty a bit would be a nice thing to try if keep developing it! Congrats on making a game! If you could rate ours as well, that'd be great.  

Go Dad graphics! I like the concept for the game, we are all super dependent on our phones, lol. In level two I got stuck at the beginning until I jumped, and then I could use the arrow keys to move again.  Props to you for making a game! If you could rate our as well, that'd be great.  (:

I think I get where you were going with this, and if you decide to further develop, having some sort of tutorial could help the player understand what to do in order to win (I did finish the level though!). Love the aesthetics, it felt really polished in terms of movement & mechanic. At one point I managed to get on top of the orange lantern, and then I could just walk in the air, even off of the platforms. 
Congrats on making a game! If you could rate ours as well that'd be swell. (: 

This is a really well executed game, I like the magnetization mechanic paired with the chain, it feels fresh! I think that having the magnetization work in conjunction with the movement keys made playing it difficult for me, especially in the beginning. I really think you have a great game here that you should further develop. Wind was only coming in through the right ear, I'd love some nice moody music with this game if you do further development. Solid entry, congrats!

If you could rate our game as well, that'd be great!

Hey sorry I couldn't play the game, hopefully you can publish it post jam! :( 

Sorry for spam comments lol, itch kept telling me it failed to post.

Man, this is hard! However, quite fun, the mechanic felt super smooth & good to play! The tutorial was nice & minimal which I appreciated, overall excellent stuff. I managed to get up the first metal rail, but then fell every time after that point. I think this could be a really fun casual rage game if you develop it more, congrats!
If you could rate our game as well, that'd be great. 

Thanks for giving us a play!

Hahahaha yes I think that should help with it for sure, if you really want to go for broke some sort of fire burning or perhaps industrial sound for the smelters would be super cool.  Thank you so much!

What cute art you have, I like the flair of the chanting voices, hehehe. I somehow managed to charge myself out of the bounds if the level on levels 2 & 3, I think? So, I cheesed my way through flying on the outside to get to the spikes quicker xD
I like that I could get the camera up close, it allowed to get a close-up view of the art, which I really like! Congrats on your game! (: If you could, rate our game as well. 

Thank you! :)

Thanks! We're glad you found it interesting!

We're glad you enjoyed the puzzles! 

We're glad you liked it! 
Btw, fascinating game title! I'll be sure to check your game out as well.

We're glad it felt like a fresh take! We found that giving the player control over which character was active felt fun to us, so we're glad you enjoyed that as well!

Tysm! Glad you enjoyed the mechanic (:

Liked the mechanic of having them move together through maze like puzzles and figuring out how to advance, the music was nice  & I also enjoyed the minimal aesthetic. I had fun figuring out what would and wouldn't work. Sadly, I didn't find the secret ending :( 
I also appreciate having an options' menu with options for graphics, resolution & volume control, that was a nice touch. I would note that the distinction between what was a wall that would kill me and what was a wall that was fine wasn't immediately clear, I think perhaps using a different color on the safe ones could help with that. 

Congrats on creating a game in 48 hrs!! If you get the chance, please rate our game as well. (: 

I really like the warm & grungy look of the game, the gathering mechanic was interesting & quick to grasp! I wish that my fov was a bit wider, so I could live a little longer, that or having some sort of indicator that giant spheres are now attracted to me and will kill me. Lol. If you're considering doing further development, music & sfx would also ofc be *chef's kiss* 

Over  all this was a fun game & interesting concept, congrats on the great work! If you have the chance, please review our game as well! (:

Interesting game! I had trouble at first understanding what I needed to do, but then I saw the to-do list, ha! I, too, got stuck on the leaves :/
I think that if you were to take this idea and go for a game that has some narrative & where the actions that the past person takes affects the future one instantaneously, it could make for a really fun game with lots of endings. Congrats on the game!  

I think you have something here, making a snake game could be seen as "just making a snake game" but making the enemies be the thing that makes you bigger makes it interesting, also the movement on the snake felt really nice. The only thing for me was that when new enemy squares were spawned it slowed the game down a bunch, and it made everything laggy.  Props to you for making a fun snake game!

Ofc! I liked having the controls displayed (because I'm bad at games and forget what does what) I just wanted them to blend a slight bit more with the world. With the loud red & green they drew my attention for sure, they just drew it a bit too much. As for the difficulty, it might just be a user thing. I can't stress how bad I am at video games enough, I have difficulty keeping track of what does what & syncing it to aovid death.  xD

Nice work! I had fun trying out the mechanic in the tutorial levels, after that it was too hard for me :P
One thing I think that could have made this even better was just keep to a color palette for UI, it felt  a bit tacked on. All in all great first jam submission, congrats!!! If you could rate our game and give us some feedback, that would be awesome. (: