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Make game in time and submit 

A man of quality

I was waiting at the end for a surprise but nothing happened lol, still a good game

Really cool game and different concept, i little unforgiving however 

The controls feel good and every thing looks nice but the game play isn't very forgiving when it comes to long strings of attacks. The game could use some power ups or health items, but overall really good. 

Its a little frustrating when you accidently run into an enemy because of how fast you move, but it is definitely well made and over all pretty fun. 

I tried to make it a little harsh, Thanks for the reply

Last part was REALLY annoying, i like the Randoms genres, not bad 

Would have been lice if it felt more open, the floor and ceiling are a bit too close. overall, not bad

I wanted it to be difficult, but i probably should have added a easy mode, not enough time

Thanks for the tip

The game is really laggy while played in the browse, but overall it looks good

Gets boring very quickly, not poorly made however