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Cheers. My original idea with the slow controls was to let the player do other stuff while the tank does it's thing... Doesn't happen in practice, it turns out : D glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! Yeah maybe something will come of this, had some ideas for a multiplayer version..

Fun game, felt good to play.   There were other games in the jam that had a pretty similar idea, but you executed it really well. The pace felt a bit too easygoing to start with but got hectic enough by the time I  died :D My score was 27836. Good job with the game really liked it.

Interesting concept, I tried a few runs. But like others, I never felt like I had the game figured out..

Neat concept, and good job executing it in RPGmaker - not an engine I'd usually associate with originality : D

There's definitely potential here. A JRPG battle where all your choices are meaningful is refreshing for sure.

Thanks! Yeah solodev problems lol, no time for balance.. glad you enjoyed it.

Hah : D jos pelin kehitys tästä johonkin suuntaan lähtee, niin tohon.

Perkele... Tekstit hävisi näytöltä jossain kohti. Mutta ihan hauska flappy bird

Really liked this one, rotation mechanic was neat

Just in the window, if I could alt+tab to it and press a button (combination) to run the project that would be really useful.

Loveman community · Created a new topic Feature suggestion

Right now the program is nice for making builds, but to run my project for testing I still find using console/.bat to be handier, since I don't have to take my hands off the keyboard. If the program had keyboard shortcuts (like f5 or ctrl+s to "Start game") it would for sure make it's way into my daily workflow and I'd feel obliged to send a few dollars your way

Also an option to have the program stay in a single window would be nice, instead of opening the project in a separate one

Thanks for providing this for free, I feel it has a lot of potential..

Good stuff, I got to wave 15. First waves were pretty dull but it's a problem that's hard to avoid I guess, and it got a lot more interesting later on. I'm not a big fan of having to dodge healthpacks to avoid wasting them. But overall I liked it, I found the game satisfying to play and well polished.

Thank you Ryan, much appreciated!

Cool design and well polished. I especially liked the sounds

Thanks for the comment!  Can you elaborate a bit on how you would adjust the difficulty? This was discussed a lot during development so  would appreciate hearing your thoughts.


Weird, never had that happen and I playtested quite a bit. Thanks for letting me know!

Ohhh I didn't realize you can jump in the air forever lol. Maybe you could have included that in the in-game instructions, or used a different word (like "boost" or "flap").  Anyway gave the game another go and still didn't manage to beat it, the bit with the pink hearts and warping reindeers was just too brutal : D

Graphics had a really authentic retro feel! Kinda looks like the super nintendo palette?

Got to 160 candies before getting bored : D is there some kind of random generation/looping going on with the level, or is it actually that long?

It's not that complicated, I can send you the project files if you know your way around Godot at all. And yeah I'll definitely play it :)

Cool. To be exact, it happened when I pressed enter to confirm the name for the new character that was created.

Is it even possible to evade the pink reindeer? I didn't figure out how to do it

Fun little dungeon crawler, but it crashed for me when two of my characters fused together.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah sound seems to be an issue on firefox only. Thanks!

Really cool idea and fun game, but quite difficult. I got to the end of the second level, but died for no apparent reason and got sent back to the start. I feel like having checkpoints or shorter levels would make it a lot more manageable. Still I really liked it overall, even if I didn't manage to beat it

Fun to play and fits the theme really well. Only issue I had was the ingredient list always showing for the leftmost pizza, which can sometimes be a lost cause; It could show for the pizza you last placed an ingredient on. Great Job.