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Hey, thanks for your feedback!

I have some of those things planned already, like better snappin, opening the menu on Steam VR and interacting with things and logic stuff.

I have ideas for changing picking objects too and smoothing out the snapping is probably a good idea.

I don't currently plan on adding any new locomotion options nor changing the way selections work. Not great, but a way to get around the selection issue is to touch the object you want to change with both hands and then keep one hand inside while the other one starts the interaction.

I'd love to have shadows, but plan on adding animations soon and have been looking into options to have realtime shadows instead of baked. Baking shadows would also be a bit annoying as part of the level editing process.

Unfortunately at this point it is required, yes.

are you on windows? What vr headset are you using?

Thanks for trying :)

I've actually spent a lot of time on improving the player code since the game jam ended (it's not possible to lean over things and to stand on moving vehicles), but it still keeps stepping on things when it shouldn't and goes flying when holding on to the object you are standing on, it's a surprisingly tricky problem.

Can confirm pretty much what others said, motion sickess was quite a problem for me towards the end, otherwise it's beautiful and works very well. The ending was maybe a bit abrupt, seemed to have cut the audio too early.

Looks and sounds amazing. I also really like the UI. The rotating made me super motion sick though and I kept rotating physically and then the arms were all wrong :D Still nice relaxing experience.

Great, nicely polished little game.

Nice level layout and the throwing works really well.

Very nice.

Thanks! The playercode turned out to be pretty bad, I am about to rewrite it to hopefully fix that and other annoying problems :D

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Looks and sounds great and the hand gestures are quite satisfying.

Slight annoyance was the rar file, used some online tool to convert to zip...

That second part is a bit of a break from the first bit, but I finished the game and had some fun :D Hint 3 was below my floor btw, I figured it out though ;)

Liked the shovel and effects, controls are kinda wonky though :D (Played on Rift)

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Looks and feels great, I'd just love some better controls and more levels :D

I wasn't sure if it was over or crashed at the end.

Nice! It is missing something to hit with those spells to make it more satisfying to cast, like those boxes being kicked away or something, but I am sure like most of us you had some bigger plans :D

If you are playing on SteamVR please use this build:

It has the same content as the one I submitted to the gamejam but with updated steamvr input system and a couple of crash fixes.

Hey, if you are willing to give it another try, I fixed the steamvr input issue now:

Hey, if you are willing to give it another try I finally managed to fix the input issue. Controls are not amazing with Vive Wands, but it should be playable now:

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sorry, it’s an issue with input on steamvr. I will hopefully have a version with a fix later today.

It is a lot of work, this is like the 7th "engine" I made over the years, it's probably the best one yet, but there are still a lot of things I'd love to do different, but then I would never manage to actually make a game with it.

For the VR support I mainly just implemented a "VRWindow" from my "window" class (which represents a single application window on the screen). This VRWindow has a "swap chain" (which has a couple of buffers) just like every other window which can then be rendered into. The only difference is that instead of this being backed by a window on the screen, it passes this on to the different VR SDKs which all have an implementation of this window. The VRWindow also has some additional methods to query input, head position and set haptics.

I then have a VRCamera which does some of the more general camera setup, creating two cameras attached to a head which render into a vrwindow.

Actually this now looks more complicated than it really is :D The result is that I can use the same code for the different VR headsets / SDKs. The VR part was pretty easy to do, but I don't have support for some of the optimization stuff yet like drawing both eyes at once with instancing or foveated rendering. Both will need some adjustments to the rendering.

Hey, thanks for the info, do you have any details on the issue for me? Unplayable controls? Crashing? I do not have an index to reproduce this myself unfortunately.

Very nice!

Looks amazing and is pretty good to play. I love those shadow outlines.

Would be great if it allowed me to restart when dying, otherwise it's pretty nice. I also appreciate that it isn't made with unity :).

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Unfortunately the movement is very stuttery on quest (frame rate is fine though), I had some fun though.

The quest version keeps skipping the tutorial levels on its own somehow and grabbing those boxes in the first one (which doesn't skip on its own) behaves very strange. Will try the windows version later.

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Having some issues with the gestures and aiming, also first I was very low in the level then later I was very high in the level. I like the idea though.

Rayne :D (it's my own custom engine)

Sure, add me on discord Slin#8120

Hey, I am a programmer looking for a 3D artist to team up with. Preferably with Blender 2.79 knowledge, but not necessary. I am using a custom game engine and I'd love to make a tiny multiplayer coop game that will run on Oculus Quest.

I do have a full-time job, so won't be able to work on this 24/7, but I should be able to get enough time in to get things done.

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Thanks, I'll take a look when I can and hopefully get it fixed. Might take a while though, not sure yet.

Are you using the latest version of macOS?

For the moment I'd recommend you to install it from Steam. Apple changed their API and while I recently fixed the Steam Version, I didn't update the one here and I made a lot of changes to my engine since then...

I'll try to get it updated, but it may take a while.

I'm a bit reluctant to call it a game as the content is very limited. It's free, integrates both, oculus sdk and openvr and works on windows and macOS. It doesn't have any written or spoken text and I could implement the FOVE SDK, but don't have a HMD to test with. Also it requires tracked controllers, which as far as I understand are currently not part of the FOVE package.

Unfortunately the game relies on DirectX 12, which requires Windows 10 :(

Do you own a VR headset and have it plugged in? Are you running windows 10? If both is the case, could you try the game on Steam or Oculus Home (it's free anyway) and let me know how that goes?


That's a very open ended question.

Basically using C++, the Windows SDK and DirectX 12 as well as a couple of libraries doing some of the work (such as Bullet for physics, OpenAL Soft for audio and both the Oculus SDK and OpenVR for the different VR headsets). There is also some code for Linux and macOS in place as well as some rendering with Vulkan and Metal.

I could write a lot about almost everything involved (window and swap chain creation, render pipeline in general, input, model loading, audio, shadows, multisampling, physics, maths, ...). There actually are some articles on a very outdated website about the engine: many things have changed since then, but some of it still works essentially the same. I also started writing devlogs for my next project on my website (only two so far, as I just got started):

If you have a more specific question, that would make it easier to answer :)

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It's my own ;)

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I dug out an old prototype I made during Ludum Dare 31 in the end of 2014 and started polishing it into a more complete experience.

The game is obviously inspired by Blobby Volley, but instead of just controlling a blob, you control a tennis racket and ball and play against an AI blob, with similar rules to blobby volley. But because there is no scoring system, you can just set your goals yourself and have some fun playing ball on the beach.

The game currently requires an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers and is still under active development. While the gameplay is final (I may still tweak the AI a bit though), I am still working on shadows and some other details.

It uses a custom DirectX12 engine and requires Windows 10.

If you know what to do you can probably finish the game in less than a minute. Also while there are hints for the puzzles they are mostly trial and error...

I am really happy with the general atmosphere and look of the game, but not so much the gameplay ;)

It is a finished game jam project and I doubt there will be any future development going on. There is however a possibility that there will be another project using the code base we created for this one, with different story, look, setting and hopefully better gameplay. There aren't any plans yet though.