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I'm a bit reluctant to call it a game as the content is very limited. It's free, integrates both, oculus sdk and openvr and works on windows and macOS. It doesn't have any written or spoken text and I could implement the FOVE SDK, but don't have a HMD to test with. Also it requires tracked controllers, which as far as I understand are currently not part of the FOVE package.

Unfortunately the game relies on DirectX 12, which requires Windows 10 :(

Do you own a VR headset and have it plugged in? Are you running windows 10? If both is the case, could you try the game on Steam or Oculus Home (it's free anyway) and let me know how that goes?


That's a very open ended question.

Basically using C++, the Windows SDK and DirectX 12 as well as a couple of libraries doing some of the work (such as Bullet for physics, OpenAL Soft for audio and both the Oculus SDK and OpenVR for the different VR headsets). There is also some code for Linux and macOS in place as well as some rendering with Vulkan and Metal.

I could write a lot about almost everything involved (window and swap chain creation, render pipeline in general, input, model loading, audio, shadows, multisampling, physics, maths, ...). There actually are some articles on a very outdated website about the engine: http://rayne3d.com/blog many things have changed since then, but some of it still works essentially the same. I also started writing devlogs for my next project on my website (only two so far, as I just got started): http://slindev.com

If you have a more specific question, that would make it easier to answer :)

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It's my own ;)

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I dug out an old prototype I made during Ludum Dare 31 in the end of 2014 and started polishing it into a more complete experience.

The game is obviously inspired by Blobby Volley, but instead of just controlling a blob, you control a tennis racket and ball and play against an AI blob, with similar rules to blobby volley. But because there is no scoring system, you can just set your goals yourself and have some fun playing ball on the beach.

The game currently requires an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers and is still under active development. While the gameplay is final (I may still tweak the AI a bit though), I am still working on shadows and some other details.

It uses a custom DirectX12 engine and requires Windows 10.

If you know what to do you can probably finish the game in less than a minute. Also while there are hints for the puzzles they are mostly trial and error...

I am really happy with the general atmosphere and look of the game, but not so much the gameplay ;)

It is a finished game jam project and I doubt there will be any future development going on. There is however a possibility that there will be another project using the code base we created for this one, with different story, look, setting and hopefully better gameplay. There aren't any plans yet though.