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An absolutely fantastic game. The story was engaging and I cared for Nick and Noah and wanted to see how their relationship would turn out after the demo's ending. I'm so excited for the full version. ^^


An absolutely awesome game. It feels like the Amnesia of this generation! Really hope I can make a game like this someday, man. Keep developing and never give up!

Ever heard of the Creepypasta story, "The Theatre?"

That is what this game is about.

The Theatre 2D is a 2D demake  based off the Creepypasta game of the same name. (minus the 2D.)

Witness how the game changes the more you go on, and experience the story in a different dimension.

Thank you. Please enjoy the game.

Hello! I am a young pixel artist looking to contribute HUDs or GUIs for a game project. I wish to be paid 1 to 3 US dollars for each piece I contribute to your project.


If you wish to hire me, contact me here:


I've been on this site for a bit, so this introduction is a bit overdue lol.

Sup, I'm Giapet. That isn't my real name, but I just prefer to say it over my real name for privacy reasons. It is my dream to become a game developer someday. Currently, I use the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 software to make my games, and ever since 2014 I've been learning. Game development isn't my only skill. I also make music and art. So yeah, all the games I've released so far have been made by myself from the ground up in Fusion.

To be frank, Scott Cawthon is my hero. Ever since I learned about his story and how he became successful, he made me realize that making games is what I wanna do for a living. Now, I am working hard to reach that dream, and I hope to reach it someday.

I hope I can produce games that all of you can enjoy!

The Siren

You can do it! I believe in you!

I, love, everything about this. The art, the sound, the gameplay, the oh so sweet controls! I hope one day I can make game as good as this! Never give up and keep up your fantastic work, my friend!