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Thanks, much appreciated!

Thank you!

Nice game, it was fun to run away from the police and making escapes through disguises was also a good idea. There was obvious polish lacking in things like the AI and the tutorial (for example the heat mechanic would've been nice to know about as well as how some characters had icons like books and clothes hangers above their heads).

Nice game Slow, liked the level transitions and the music!

Looks good and has great atmosphere but the gameplay is pretty bland.

@Local Minimum. I agree the level design doesn't ease you in but it is a jam. If I had time for a tutorial and keybindings yeah I probably would've done it.

@Anton. In hindsight, arrow key controls should've been added in. Thanks, I'll check it out.

Took a look, you probably should've used the EMP blast (E) which stuns droids and turrets for 5 seconds. Would've made it a lot easier.

@Zarkonnen thanks for reporting it. Apparently the version of LWJGL we use + Java 7 isn't supported well enough on Mac. I've uploaded a Mac version that runs on Java 6.

Apart from the confusion at the start the game is pretty solid. I especially like how you can snap to any side of the buildings.

Thanks Slowpoke ;]

The music, the visuals and the overall feeling of the game are just superb. Really enjoyed this game.