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Wow - that's a huge time saver. I also wanted to create my one script to just do that.


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Glad you like my game. I will upload today a new version with a few fixes and improvments. 

Could you post a screenshot of your resolution issues? On which resolution do you play? For the jam I created all the UIs to fit on 1920x1080. It is possible that some elements get cut off on smaller resolutions.

I will not spend much more time on updating the jam-version. But I started to make a version with more features based on the same core mechanic. That means I rewrote the whole item/inventory/crafting system and added a new system to create much larger maps. Currently I am rewriting the player input system. 

Since the game will be much bigger and will have tones of items I even created my own editors inside Unity.

And of course - there will be a save system. Currently I save the inventory to a json file which can actullay be modified. This is kind of cheating but if players like to do so, that's fine with me. ;-)

Nice game! It looks a little like 2D Minecraft :-P

Had same issue as others mentioned - kept running out of ammo

Thanks for your feedback.

There are many things I could have done better but since this was my first jam I am happy with the result. ;-) I think my 2nd jam will be JamCraft 6 :-P

And as you already noticed - the post jam update is ready with fixes to all issues that were reported.

I will keep the music thing in mind for the next jam. 

I like to conecpt and also the graphics. I love the little guy with the headphones - looks super cute!!!

Nice relaxing game. I love puzzle games and as others already mentioned it remindes me also of 2048.

well done!

I found the issue with the pixel perfect camera. 

During the jam I was experimenting with a paralax effect with forground elements and changed the camera to perspective. Later I removed the forground and forgot to change the camera back to orthographic. :-(

I added this change to the upcoming update. It should look fine now.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. I am glad you like my game!

My goal was to create a full playable game with a (realy short) story so that the player now what's going on and what he/she is supposed to do. Of course I had tons of ideas I wanted to implement but 10 days is a rater short time frame. So I had to focus on one thing and make that one thing as good as possible with the risk that it gets repetitive and quickly boring. I see this game as a prototype to test the gem mechanics to get some feedback to see how players like it.

I wrote a short concept of how this prototype could turn into a full game - based on this core mechanic. I already started to work on the new version.

I noticed the lines between background tiles as well.  I am actually using the Pixel Perfect Camera but I am also using the Cinemachine package from Unity for camera moving and camera bounding box. And instead of the default renderer I am using the Universal Render Pipeline with the new 2D renderer. I guess the issue came in the combination of those things. I will fix it eventually. :-)

The game looks great and I like your art style. The maps are a to liniar and you can finish the levels with just running and dashing without any fight. :-P

Thanks - makes me happy to hear you like my game. 

I am really sorry, that you have such bad experience with lags.

The video I uploaded in the previous comment is from the update I will upload after the rating is over. I noticed lags as well in the browser version - but it was too late to fixed before submission ended. In the current version the entire map gets loaded and is active even the stuff the player doesn't see. The Windows version can handle the large amount of objects better. In the coming update I load and unload stuff dynamically and let you run the game at solid 60 frames.

You can try to download the Windows version - it should run with better performance, hopefully. 

the game looks gorgeous - I really like your art style.

it's an interesting simulation and also fun to watch how the "skill points" have an effect on the algorithm!

Good work!

Nice simple idea. The whole expire thing makes it quite stressfull :-)

Nice game - I love the intro: Wait what??? :-D

fun little game!

I also notice that we have the same understandig how an alien should look like - one colored with one eye... :-P

Cute aliens and nice animations. The sound is very relaxing! Good job.

But I couldn't find the orange rock. :-(

I had issues with the UI - the inventory go cut off at the top. 

I like the background music. It has a good vibe.

It has a very interesting mechanic - took me a moment to realize what to do. :-)

Here is a short update preview video with upcoming changes:

The update will be available on 4th of May 2020 with following changes:

* Massive performance optimization
* Game runs now on solid 60 frames
* Chunk system added for dynamic map loading
* Display amount of items in inventory available when crafting
* Decreased amount items needed for crafting * FPS counter added (F9 show/hide) 
* Custom mouse cursor added

OK, thanks. 

I added new hints on the ground. It might look a little cryptic - but it is basically the loot table with drop chance :-D


how do you mean - more indication?
I am working on an update right now - if you can tell me what you exactly mean, I can implement that as well in the coming update.

Thats a great game - I like it. 

Good job!

It's a nice game concept - the pulling physics works a little random/strange. It's hard to control and difficult to select the item needed. 

Sound and graphics are very well made! Good job!

I like the combination of mining ore and tower defense.

Well done

I am working on a huge performance boost. Since the game has tons of gameobjects (a few 1000 trees and rocks) it makes the level on slower PCs a bit laggy.

I created a chunk logic and load only objects that are actually visible to the player. On my PC I increased the frame rate from 50 to 640!!! :-P

This new version will be available after the rating period.

Thanks - I will upload a balanced version of the game once the rating is over.

Thanks - the idea was also to use the gems on the sword to fight different enemies. but I guess you already noticed - there are no enemies or swords (yet). :-)

Wow - thank you!!

I'm so happy that you like my game so much!

Thanks - unfortunately the 10 days past by to quickly and I had the reduce the amount of features. I will upload a post-jam update with a more balanced crafting mechanic.

very nice art style and the music is annoying as hell - that's a compliment. ;-)

My reaction after making the first toast and put it on the right thing: WTF  :-D

Awesome idea!!

Awesome game! I liked it a lot even though I am realy bad with rhythm games. :-)

I like the lovely art style!

I like the push-stuff-around mechanic. 

As others already wrote - the pacing is to slow. 

This is a amazingly well made game! I like the music, sound effects and the general atmosphere. 

It has a little too much backtracking for my taste.

Great work! I like your graphic style and especially the player animations. The game has a lot of details (like inventory window animations) that don't make the gameplay better, but the general experience is much better bevause of it. 

Thanks - glad you liked it.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making the game - even though I spent way more time than I actually wanted. :-)

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks - I am glad to hear you enjoyed my game.