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Glad you like my game. I will upload today a new version with a few fixes and improvments. 

Could you post a screenshot of your resolution issues? On which resolution do you play? For the jam I created all the UIs to fit on 1920x1080. It is possible that some elements get cut off on smaller resolutions.

I will not spend much more time on updating the jam-version. But I started to make a version with more features based on the same core mechanic. That means I rewrote the whole item/inventory/crafting system and added a new system to create much larger maps. Currently I am rewriting the player input system. 

Since the game will be much bigger and will have tones of items I even created my own editors inside Unity.

And of course - there will be a save system. Currently I save the inventory to a json file which can actullay be modified. This is kind of cheating but if players like to do so, that's fine with me. ;-)