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Usually I end up seeking out these kinds of games myself, or know what will happen going I was certainly pleasantly surprised when I realized what was going on partway through ^^ especially since npckc's other games are so innocuous! Had a lot of fun c:

Wow, this is really well put together!! You incorporated the Yume Nikki vibes really well, and the format of like, a "show and tell" approach where the player navigates the space accompanied by your narration, was really fitting and made me feel more immersed in the feelings.

Gonna be honest, I played Yume Nikki ages ago and liked how it felt, but mostly got lost and didn't stick through the whole thing x_x but I recalled enough of it to mostly get what you referenced in this game! or at least the important parts! so that's cool!!

Also gonna reiterate an earlier commenter about the part about taking pride in being empty, while everyone else sees you as mature and stuff, being like. Very Relatable. and that was *before* I started having gender realizations! I didn't get hit with the depressive part of it until after that, but yeah wow.

Anyway! Thank you for making this game it is very good!! <3

Oh wow, what a wonderful and sweet kinetic novel! I do wish the ending was a little bit more...drawn out? (At the very least, a fade to black before returning to the menu.) But it was still super heartfelt and had me gripped in the final couple scenes! (I definitely teared up at the end!!) Thank you for making it <3


Okay for real though: thank you for this delightful game, there's always room in my heart for more lesbian fluff <3

Thank you! ^_^

Hi! I greatly enjoyed my first playthrough of this game; it's cute, charming, and fun, and I like that the premise reminds me of Recettear :)

However, the part where you chase the "ghost" out of one of the rooms stuck in my mind, because Elinor uses the phrase "he or she" multiple times, where "they" would be more appropriate to refer to an unknown person. Besides "he or she" sounding awkward, it made me somewhat wary that the game would bring up something uncomfortable or borderline queerphobic later on (and I expect many other queer folks would feel the same way). That phrase is usually used by English prescriptivists preserving their notion of "correctness" at the expense of including or acknowledging nonbinary people, hence my worry (being nonbinary myself). Besides, the ghost is subsequently referred to as "it" again, despite you discovering the ghost is actually a person, which makes even less sense to me...

I hope you understand my reasoning. I don't bring this up lightly, as it does legitimately concern me, but I also don't mean any ill will towards the developer, or intend this as a demand. I just want to make this world a little cozier, and that includes making games feel more welcoming in small ways such as this.

Thanks again for the game, and thank you for reading! 💜

Frankly, this is the correct response

Haha thanks for calling me a nerd :')

Someone might have a use for this...

I think I've decided to...change the ending? We'll see. It just feels like...well, that would be spoiling things.

Have a nice day!

(btw chris is really cute)

Thanks for replying! I ended up playing through with my Steam Controller instead—it just behaves as a keyboard so I don't have the gamepad-specific problems, and the smaller analog stick is at least usable for this game, though (even having the silly touchpad as a dpad) it's still not a substitute for a proper dpad. Worked out just fine c:

Anyway, I finished the game a few minutes ago! It had a lot of neat puzzles, was very satisfying to explore even if I got stuck a couple times, and threw me some curveballs (especially towards the end). Also there's lesbians so that just makes it even better!! (I've had a good streak of selecting games with lesbians from the bundle it seems, intentionally or otherwise 🤔)

Was surprised to see that I missed so many palettes though, I only got 32/43! They must be well-hidden :o

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Quick update: unfortunately using the Steam configurator doesn't work super well with this game, since mixing keyboard and controller buttons causes the game to pop up "new input detected" anytime it gets input from one to the other, and it seems like the gamepad buttons are being detected regardless of if I'm overriding them :(

The controller UX stuff is pretty slick honestly, and it would be great if the controller already worked correctly, but once you want to use fiddly configs like this, it kind of falls apart a little... I think other games have worked around this by giving you the option to disable controller inputs, along with choosing your button prompts manually and stuff like that.

Hi, this game is really cute and I'm liking it a lot so far!! That said, I don't see any way to control movement with the dpad when using a controller? The hidden platforming puzzle in the first zone (the one with the timed doors) was pretty finicky to do with an analog stick, and I'd really rather be using the dpad for a game like this. I'll probably be fiddling with Steam's controller config thing to set that up.

Also, the game doesn't seem to be picking up the select button or the right stick on my gamepad at all? But I doubt that's something you can do much about, since frankly GameMaker's Linux support has never been very good (I'm on Fedora 32 and had to set up library symlinks like the other commenters).

Anyway, thanks so much for this game, keep up the good work!!

(btw I very much appreciate the inclusion of pride palettes by default :3)

Reposting my review as a comment since reviews don't show up in most places on here:

Shoot I'm crying. I wasn't sure how I was going to go at a couple parts, and I got anxious a little...but I pushed through it. and oh my god this is the best thing ever. There's just so much and it's so beautiful and it all feels so peaceful in the end. Everything turned out okay and it took all the time it needed to happen. I love this so much. Thank you, Zandra. <3 <3 <3

My apologies! Something clearly hiccuped somewhere, since restarting my computer has apparently solved the issue. Sorry for the trouble!

I haven't been able to get my Dualshock 3 controller to work on Linux. I've tried both xboxdrv and whatever PS3 driver ships with Debian (I'm using Devuan Ascii, equivalent to Debian Stretch). I have confirmed both drivers work in other games.

Happy to provide any other necessary info! Thanks in advance <3

Here I am, with more bugs :) (and nitpicks)

  • If you start charging a support weapon, and then Casie kills all the enemies in the current battle, Jack will automatically use the weapon at the start of the next battle. That probably doesn't make sense?
  • When attempting to eat a food item using the D key, the game says "Use as a weapon!", even outside of battle where you actually can't do that (and the eating succeeds). Small detail, but can be annoying.
  • Weren't there progress bars on the support weapons/items before? Did you remove that for some reason, or is that also a bug?
  • Having to press Enter to exit the shop feels odd, since you're using your mouse to navigate everything else in the checkpoint screen. It'd be nice if you could click the "Enter" box in the bottom right to exit, or just click outside the shop UI.
  • Holding Escape doesn't seem to exit the game!
  • I made it within 2 levels of the end of the demo this run, but once again I encountered a crash :( This time I was trying to reload a Range Rifle that was in the left-hand conveyor, but I also hit S accidentally while I was hitting D? No idea if that's related. The error message, for posterity:
    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of  Step Event0 for object obj_controller0:
    Unable to find any instance for object index '119630' name '<undefined>' at gml_Object_obj_controller0_Step_0

Still having lots of fun with the game, at any rate! Really appreciate your work c:

This is great!! Juggling everything around in the inventory is a wild ride, but I love it. The flavor text is on point, too!

Unfortunately, I ran into a couple bugs:

  • At some point, I ended up with a ticking noise looping endlessly in the background. It wouldn't stop. It got kind of annoying?
  • Sometimes, when the music changed, it wouldn't play properly, and got stuck in this half-second loop that sounded vaguely creepy. It'd do this until the next music change (usually a battle).
  • The game crashed hard when I tried to use the Field Guide on a Toltuga. Tortuga? I forget. Anyway, here's the gist of the error:

    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_textbox1:
    DoAdd :2: undefined value at gml_Object_obj_textbox1_Step_0

    It happened on the last level, too, so I never got to see how the demo ended :(((

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game! Congrats on the successful Kickstater, here's hoping you blast through all your stretch goals~

"God it's so late" - Gordon Freeman

Sounds like a good plan! From the looks of your devlog, you deserve it :) As game-breaking bugs go, the endscreen issue isn't particularly serious since it happens after your die, hehe.

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  • Found a couple more secrets! And now there are more enemies showing up in some levels, which makes leveling up a fair bit easier. I even hit Level 4 once! One of those secrets I only found by accident, though... (I'd played about 2 hours prior to this.)
  • The reload time of the shield-throwing enemies seems too long--sometimes I'm just sitting there, waiting for them to throw again so I can hit them.
  • The reverse-gravity particles could use some more contrast--they're a bit hard to see on gray backgrounds.
  • Mad props for making the ice platforms catch you at the ends!! Ice physics are much more fun when they're not screwing you over ^^;

I've been trying to think of a summary of my experience for like 15 minutes, so instead I'll jump straight into some bullet points. This is on the Steam version, on Windows 10.

  • The underwater pipes that blast you up could use some visual indication that they're "charging"--I tried jumping off of them prematurely, repeatedly missing the platform I needed to get to, and didn't realize you had to sit still on them. Maybe some sort of swirly bubble effect?
  • The cheats menu text is pretty hard to see against the dark background, and there's no indication of what options you've selected, which sucks if you don't remember what things you had on. Also, the colored bars are a little distracting, IMO? Maybe they could be slowed down a bit.
  • The little red bots that pop out of the tiny blue floor capsules seem a little unfair; they only give you a tiny fraction of a second's warning before they fire at you, which is not really enough time to react. What's more, it's impossible to predict when they'll actually pop up, since they only try to fire when you're in range. (And sometimes not even that--there's a bit at the end of one ice level where I climb up a ladder at the right end of the screen, and I need to shoot a turret to my left next to a teleporter, but even hovering near the top of the ladder won't make it shoot at me; I have to climb all the way up for it to eventually notice me, and now I have to resort to jumping to dodge it, instead of ducking down the ladder.) It seems like my only recourse here is to just spam bullets at them until they eventually pop up and get destroyed, which can suck if unlimited ammo is off.
  • Speaking of ladders, the climbing speed feels a bit slow to me. After doing the various ladder parkour sections multiple times, they become boring and almost lethargic-feeling, as I spend a lot of time holding Up and waiting until I get high enough.
  • I enjoyed the game without cheats, but after a good deal of gameplay I tested out a damage multiplier, then decided to just plow through the game and disabled my own damage and maxed out my damage multiplier. However, all this time I had only gotten to Level 2 a few times, and although I reached it more often now, I still only hit Level 3 once or twice. I found myself wishing for a cheat to modify how much of your level gets taken off when you take damage, which I might have used in place of a damage multiplier earlier on. Basically, this cheat would only take down part of your level bar when you take damage (think Cave Story), and at its fullest extent would prevent you from losing levels at all.
  • I never used...what was it, Hyper Blast? I don't even remember the name now ^_^; Basically, reaching Level 2 alone was already fairly infrequent, and I always wanted to hang on to it for as long as possible before I inevitably got hit. I didn't see the need for spending it just to get invulnerability and extra damage for a bit (though maybe I should have?).

Okay, that's enough specific criticisms! In general, I had a lot of fun exploring the levels and blowing up enemies (I really like the artstyle!). Having cheats available without judgement was nice too--I probably would've left the game alone after a while if they weren't around. It's especially satisfying when cheats are on and I can blow up those damn purple ceiling turrets in one hit, and they give off a giant explosion!!

I only found one secret, I think? I wanna find more. In fact, now that I've had a long break, I think I'll go try that again ^_^ I'll try not to accidentally graze a spike 4 bosses in this time...

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I'm playing the Steam version on Windows 10, and for some reason I can't seem to take screenshots, no matter what button I assign to the task. I can open the Steam overlay fine, but pressing the screenshot button does nothing. In fullscreen, Print Screen just gives me a white picture, too, so that doesn't help.

I also encountered the broken endscreen bug a couple times, which seems like it's a known issue. It was pretty rare, though.