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I'm playing the Steam version on Windows 10, and for some reason I can't seem to take screenshots, no matter what button I assign to the task. I can open the Steam overlay fine, but pressing the screenshot button does nothing. In fullscreen, Print Screen just gives me a white picture, too, so that doesn't help.

I also encountered the broken endscreen bug a couple times, which seems like it's a known issue. It was pretty rare, though.

Never tested the screenshot function myself. Going to look into that at some point.

The endscreen will now get fixed, since it's seems to be a real issue for people that are not me. I still have no idea what causes it though.

Generally speaking though, it might take me a bit until I get around to it, because right now I'll have to take a step back for a bit and try to rest.

Sounds like a good plan! From the looks of your devlog, you deserve it :) As game-breaking bugs go, the endscreen issue isn't particularly serious since it happens after your die, hehe.