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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by MOKKA created 267 days ago Views: 171 Replies: 17
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If you run into bugs or glitches, please post them here.

If the game crashes, it usually displays some kind of message as to what exactly happened. If possible, please post the content of that message, since it would make it much easier for me to fix it.

Generally speaking, try to post as many information as you can: Where did the bug happen, when did it happen, what operating system you are running as well as your general specification.

This is especially important to me, if you're running this game on Windows 10, because I don't have a Windows 10 PC myself, which makes finding and fixing bugs exclusive to that platform rather difficult.

I just died when enternig the anti-gravity-field in the level with the many "things that shoot from the ceiling" O.o


which antigravity field exactly? The one between the first the horizontal and vertical section, or between the second-to-last and last screen?

The first one.


thanks! It never happened to me, but I'll see what I can do. It never happened to me, so I need so check what might be the problem there.

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The camera gets displaced after falling down from the highest level in of the ladder-tower, at least in the ice version.

(my level descriptions are somewhat strange)

Edit: the camera is only displaced when it already moved to the right while being on the highest level

I don't know why, but I just had a robot shooting while jumping again.

In the level with a lot of robots, the one that jumps from one to the other side of a spike-filled pit with a platform over it. I had it not really in-screen.


Oh yeah, I had this happen this weekend as well. I'll probably just re-do them completely at this point.

I just played two or three times without MUSIC and without SOUND.

Apparently there have been some sounds :)

I guess it is a "per enemy"-variable, which sets the sound and it is not set properly for some enemies.

After I died at a bossfight, I now have music playing twice. Ok, I killed myself and one of them stopped, but when I got back to the menu, a new one started and the one from before continued. Seems like one music layer wasn't quite interested in ever stopping.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

fixed it (I think). Update will be available in a few minutes.

Edit: And the Update is live. let me know if the problem still exists. Otherwise I will be re-doing the whole audio system fairly soonish anyway.

Is it intended that the secret exit sometimes doesn't lead to the secret area?

Oh, and the house at the start of that one level with only jackhammers doesn't have a backwall, which can be seen by walking back to the left after walking to the right.


secret levels can only be completed once per run. Thanks for notifying about the missing wall. I put it on my pile of about half a dozen other cases where the camera scrolls past the stuff that I've built.

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I'm playing the Steam version on Windows 10, and for some reason I can't seem to take screenshots, no matter what button I assign to the task. I can open the Steam overlay fine, but pressing the screenshot button does nothing. In fullscreen, Print Screen just gives me a white picture, too, so that doesn't help.

I also encountered the broken endscreen bug a couple times, which seems like it's a known issue. It was pretty rare, though.


Never tested the screenshot function myself. Going to look into that at some point.

The endscreen will now get fixed, since it's seems to be a real issue for people that are not me. I still have no idea what causes it though.

Generally speaking though, it might take me a bit until I get around to it, because right now I'll have to take a step back for a bit and try to rest.

Sounds like a good plan! From the looks of your devlog, you deserve it :) As game-breaking bugs go, the endscreen issue isn't particularly serious since it happens after your die, hehe.

I just had one of the never-working jumping robots just jumping up landing right where he stood before (in the "five levels in one-level").


*picture of someone flipping a table and running away shouting*

I reduced the amount of weird stuff they do by a lot, so I think I'm going to leave them alone now.