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thanks for playing!

very cool, just way too fast imo

exactly, it's far harder to control than most people think. it's getting better of course, but still it wont be able to make creative decisions for you. those will still need to be done by someone with good taste.

AI is a tool humans can use. It's can't replace humans because it's not conscious (at least right now).

Let us have a public counter for how many sales a game has made, with a goal amount and a bar showing how much progress is made.

I was told this feature already exists for a specific discount on a product, but I need it to be perpetual for the product, not temporary.

This would allow users to have goals at which they release/work on new features, which would help fund raise and improve popular products, as well as provide some transparency.

ah crap that sucks, would have been a very useful feature

like the kickstarting goal trying to reach a certain amount, with money earned from the games sales


i dont think the game is good/played enough for me to justify that

But you could get basically the same result by opening the page in Chrome, if you want it can be just the game page, then click the menu button, go to More Tools and click Create Shortcut. Check off Open as window, and hit create. You'll get a desktop shortcut which will open the game in it's own window by itself without any of the browser clutter.

it still works for me. it should show a popup asking to name them. perhaps you have alerts disabled in your browser. or you can check the browser console (f12) and see if there's any errors. or you can try a different browser.

that's quite vague

Funny idea, I'm not even offended by the simplicity! I just wish there was some sort of goal or end state such as getting all 3 numbers to 100 or something.

Cool game, team clicker! Love the character design and setting. Found it hard to afford the food and toys so I pretty much just made as much money as I could before he died.

Thanks for playing! that's definitely higher than I expected people to get, but it did go up faster than expected. I'll be honestly I don't really know what I'm doing, I've never made a clicker before, and most of it was guess and check and messing with math functions I don't totally understand. glad you enjoyed!

so damn cute, nice job

This was so fun, and polished, very nice!

I believe I have to add them manually, and to that I need the link to your game

Figured it out, turns out you need to do it on keydown as well:

window.addEventListener('keydown', e => e.preventDefault());
window.addEventListener('keyup', e => e.preventDefault());
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I have embedded my web game, but when the user presses the spacebar, the entire page scrolls. The alt key also doesn't not prevent default properly.

I have this on my game:

document.addEventListener('keyup', e => {         
    return false;     

But it does nothing and the page still scrolls down. Please to help.

glad to have you, it's looking amazing so far! if you dont finish before the deadline I hope you still complete it,, as we will still add entries to our website later on

I looked around but couldn't find any other way to export them, or convert the files you can export. So what I think you gotta do is to record the audio coming out of the program then save it as your preferred type. I've only done this with audacity, but im sure there are other programs that work. Essentially what you do is set the microphone to your computers output, then just hit record and play it.

this is awesome! and probably very useful for other participants!

Yeah sorry we should have standardized them a bit more beforehand. Hopefully I can get some input from devs this time and we can find a better default layout for default.

I would probably do WASD vs Arrow keys, though not sure about A and B. I guess A and B could stay as space/alt for player one, player two could maybe have 0 and . on the keypad? Though not everyone has a keypad. Maybe ctrl/shift for arrow keys?

Another keypad option is 8/4/6/2, and maybe 0 and . for A and B.

Your best bet it to probably support multiple layouts, or even input configuration.

The reason I didn't do a filesize limitation is because we want lots of people to be able to participate, and with everything using different libraries the challenge would be very uneven (and some would not be able to join)

Yes, as kieselsteini, in many retro systems, the in game sprites are made out of multiple smaller sprites, so you are welcome to do that here, it's just the limit of colors per 12x12 area really.

And to clarify, this rule is also optional.

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the controller limitations are required, but the keyboard layout is optional

Yeah sorry, they will be established ahead of time next time

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Since launch, we've made a few changes and added a few things to the jam page that everyone should be aware of.

If you haven't visited the jam page since launch, you should go check it out!

B Button Key

The required key for the B button has changed from backspace to Left Alt). You may support backspace or any other configurations in addition to alt.

Sound Chip Resources

We've added some resources and info about the soundchip, since it's not easy to create for. There are multitude of ways to create sounds that sound similar to the TIA sound chip, but sticking to simple waveforms and only 2 sounds at once is a good place to start.

Box Art

We would love it if everyone could create a box art image for their game/app. The image should be 400x300 pixels, and does not need to follow any image requirements, it can be a high res drawing or render. It should include the name of your game.

Optional Sprite Restrictions

We've added a few guidelines you can follow for an extra challenge, which will make your game look more authentic: make all sprites / tiles in your game at a multiple of 12x12 pixels, and in each 12x12 pixel block, use at most 4 colors + transparency


Web games may be scaled up provided they will also render properly in a 240x135 embed window. Desktop games should be scaled up by default, recommended 300%.


  • a reminder that we recommend you have a working prototype by the end of the week, so you can spend the second week fixing bugs and polishing
  • If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or in a new thread, or post in our active discord channel (where we'd also love to see your progress!)

that's fine if it's your only option. If it's for a web game you can crop it out with css.

I've just added some optional restrictions:

  • sprite size should be multiple of 12x12
  • 4 colors per sprite 12x12 sprite tile (including transparency)

You can use shaders to make it match the palette, they just cant add extra colors


Yeah i think we'll change that. How about B or Alt?

You can use the mouse buttons, but should avoid using the cursor position.

there's also this vst if you want to use a daw

found this so far:

there is an optional sound chip

Oh good point, desktop apps should probably be scaled up (though include a 1x version if possible)