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Create and edit pixel fonts, and export them to TTF · By Sergi Lazaro

PixelForge 1.0 Wishlist

A topic by skeddles created 58 days ago Views: 102 Replies: 1
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Love this tool, and hope it's not abandoned. I will gladly purchase v1 if you release it.

Here are some of my hopes for future updates:

  • selection tool
  • copy / paste
  • set font weight class / width class
  • manage font metadata like unique id
  • tabs instead of dropdown for multiple fonts
  • list font subfamily name in tabs
  • quick copy base letters for latin variants
  • guidelines
  • character set for "all current glyphs"
  • indication on glyph dropdown for which sets are complete
  • better naming of glyph sets (Example)
  • better default font that can show all glyphs
  • example glyph to compare it to while working, with guidelines, custom font
  • better splash page with list of recent projects

A marquee select, copy/paste, and guides are borderline required features. With those, this would be a killer app, no question. As is, it’s still really, really good.

Since there are no keyboard shortcuts for tools, it would be extremely convenient to use the keyboard to switch to a glyph. That way, you could toggle between the glyph you are currently working on and others with similar elements without moving the mouse off the canvas. I know left/right moves through the glyphs, but I mean flipping between “w” and “m,” for example.